The 7 Ultimately Best Ways You Can Invest in Yourself as a Woman

how to invest in yourself as a woman
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Have you ever seen one of those women in their later period of life, struggling with health issues while taking care of their family, sacrificing all but barely scraping by? Or those women in their younger years, letting people walk all over them, and you would think: “Why? But she is so beautiful, so hardworking! Why doesn’t she appreciate herself?”

There is a straightforward answer to it. These women worked hard, but not for their good, but other people’s. They invested in other people’s priorities before they invested in their own. But, if you want to be worshiped, fulfilled, and loved by yourself and others, you need to know how to invest in yourself as a woman and hold up your value throughout any hardships life throws at you, and exactly this is probably what is the greatest investment in life.

But What Does Invest in Yourself as a Woman Mean, Though?

First, we need to get deep into invest in yourself meaning. How to invest in yourself as a woman does not mean getting a manicure and pedicure, buying some new lashes, and that Chanel fragrance you’ve wanted. While all these things can offer you some comforting feeling and should be practiced as often as your circumstances allow you, most times, it’s only a short-term fix.

But what is the most significant investment in life is something that will make us feel good persistently and over a long period. We need to invest in something that will make us proud, more secure, and healthier physically and mentally each day.

Knowing this – have you been investing in yourself lately?

If you haven’t, it’s about time you start. The benefits of investing in yourself are immeasurable. You will not only become a healthier and more prosperous version of yourself, but you will gain self-love and self-respect, which are crucial for success in any area of life.

But How to Invest in Yourself as a Woman?

As a woman, it’s hard to think of specific ways to self-improve. Besides, how to invest in self-improvement? Most times, what you’ll be investing is not money but your time and energy. How to invest time, you wonder? In this article, you will learn the best possible ways to self-invest and best utilize your time and energy, regardless of your present abilities, circumstances, or financial situation.

Be precise with your goals and organize the path of your success.

This is probably the easiest way of how to invest in yourself as a woman. We all know that women are known as excellent multitaskers and very skillful in their organizational skills. So, why don’t you make use of it?

The steps you need to take are:

        Set precise goals.

We all have plans like getting leaner or earn more money, spend less and travel more. Well, the reason why it’s hard to reach all these points is that we don’t make them more clear-cut. But how to invest in yourself as a woman in regards to your goals?

Let’s say you want to get leaner – set a deadline to reach a target weight loss by following a specific diet. You want to spend less – set a strict limit to your weekly spending. There are many apps that can help you regulate your spending budget. You want to travel more – set a specific place and date for your travel. Want to earn more – set a concise way in which you can make more. Find another job? Get a side job? There are so many ways, and you need to find the right one for you.

      Make a detailed plan of how to achieve them.

Do you already have a precise goal in mind? Now get to the details! What foods do you need to eat to get leaner? What types of exercises would you need doing, and how often? Where do you need to do cuts on your spending? Would you need to ask for free days in advance for your traveling, if yes, when will you need them?

These are only examples of the many types of questions you can ask yourself to delve deeper into your goals. The more exhaustive you make them, the easier you will get to them.

     Develop a flawless routine

Make a routine that it’s impossible to get out of. If you want to know how to invest in yourself as a woman – adapt your daily chores to your needs and wants. Think of all the ways you can fall out of it, and find alternatives to help you quickly get back on track.

Read about how to build a routine.

      Stick to it!

I know this seems like a lot of work at first, but believe me, it pays off. The two hours you would spend on Sunday night organizing and revising can make you blossom the next three weeks, and in an effortless sense. Also, the more you do it, the easier it gets, and the less time you’d need to do it again.

Remember to watch your progress over time, measure the results you’re getting, and make adaptable changes along the way.

Expand Your Mind – in as Many Diverse Directions as Possible

A crucial way of how to invest in yourself as a woman is to expand your mind. Developing your intellect is necessary for any progress in any field, but it does not end there. Not only should you keep studying throughout your life to expand your knowledge, but you should also exercise the muscle of your mind. Exercising your brain will not only make you smarter, but it can also make you more creative, emphatic, and flexible, and even improve your logical thinking. So how can you strengthen your brain muscle?

Read more about what interests you specifically. We all know the benefits of reading, but somehow it is still hard to do it in our free time. Next time, instead of reading something someone told you to, pick a book that sparks your interest. Maybe a book about herbs and spices? It doesn’t even have to be a book. What about an article? Or a comic? The important thing here is to read written words and choose paperback whenever you can so you can enhance its benefits while keeping your eyes healthy.

Engage in podcasts of great thinkers. It’s hard to think outside of the box while being surrounded by the same people and the same information every day. Listening to podcasts of knowledgeable people will open up your mind in ways you’ve never thought of.

Start learning a new language. This skill also contributes to your overall brain performance. You can learn all about it here.

Exercise your mind with mindfulness. Meditation has its own different story, and I would probably have to write a whole separate article on its beautiful effects on brainpower. Omwana is my favourite meditation app that I ever used.

Get Out of Your Professional Comfort

When thinking about how to invest in yourself as a woman professionally, you should focus on getting out of your professional comfort zone. Whatever you are working on right now, no matter if you are satisfied with it or not, you should always aim for professional growth. This does not only mean climbing the ladder in your company but also getting better at other skills or even learning new ones.

Think about a having side job. You don’t have to start working a second job immediately, but start thinking of other ways to earn money, maybe involving yourself in some creative projects? Do you have a skill from your past that could get you some extra cash? Is there an option to make your hobby into a moneymaker in the future?

Here is some advice if you are looking for a new job. Hope these job interview tips will help you.


Find a mentor/Hire a business coachIf you already have a spare budget and wonder how to invest in yourself as a woman, why not ask someone experienced to help you expand your professional competence?

Build an Online Business

Are you ready to take control of your life? One way of how to invest in yourself as a woman is starting an online business of your own. In this way you can earn money for yourself, you can adjust your working hours to your needs, and you can go in any direction you want! There are tons of different ways and ideas for an online business.

Establishing a personal brand can seem a complicated task, but lucky for you – there are online communities that support women and show you how to invest in yourself as a woman.

Read my story about how I built my online as a beginner. It was not easy but it was possible.

Magnify Your Network

If someone asked me what I wish I knew earlier in my life – I would say the power of making contacts. Good networking is probably one of the best ways how to invest in yourself in your 20s or at the beginning of a career, but it’s useful at literally any point in your life. How to invest in yourself as a woman socially?

Attend seminars and conferences. In this way, you can meet people with similar interests as you and people going in the same direction as you, from which you can learn and communicate when you need help.

Build your online presence. Today, an online presence is much more important than ever before. Work on your social media strategy, regardless if it’s connected to your business or not, and build an online portfolio that will captivate people’s interest. This is where people would find you essentially. If you want to start your online presence as a YouTuber here are some youtube video ideas for girls.

Become a part of a community. Being a part of a group will not only help you in your professional progress, but it also has some psychological benefits. Sense of belonging is not something to undermine; there are whole cultures built on this belief. It gives you self-confidence and security, which make your life so much easier. If your circumstances do not allow you to be a part of a community in your local area, there are many communities you can join online.

Resolve Your Addictions and Find Your Healthy Personal Lifestyle

The most important way of how to invest in yourself as a woman is investing in your healthy womanhood. A healthy lifestyle is not a diet that you need to follow, but a holistic approach to living in your healthiest self – both physically and mentally.

Addictions can vary from persistently scrolling down social media to not being able to resist buying those new cosmetic products at your favorite store. Almost all types of addictive behaviors are unhealthy, primary for our self-control and self-image. They can also inflict our financial situation and can harm other areas of our lives.

What you need to think about is – is this habit benefiting or harming me long term? If it’s the latter, try your best to remove it. Getting rid of your addictions is one of the best ways how to invest in yourself as a woman, leaving you happy and grateful.

And don’t forget to watch your reproductive health. As women, a lot of our body processes are dependent on our hormone regulations.

Set Your Mind at Ease, as Much as YOU Need To

The last thing to know of how to invest in yourself as a woman is to know how to be stress-free. With all the unnecessary stress in our surroundings that we have no control of, we must have a way to break free from time to time to keep our health and sanity.

Get off social media – or at least minimize it. If your job depends on it, I understand, but if you have a choice not to use social media as much – take it! It takes a toll on our dopamine centers in our brain, it wastes our time, and the more we use social media, the more it makes us feel lonely, envious, and depressed. A month with no social media can fill up your batteries like never before, and it’s a completely free way of how to invest in yourself as a woman.

Leave toxic relations behind even at your most vulnerable and lonely state – especially then! Keeping unhealthy relationships can drain our energy, and it’s probably the best way how to invest in yourself as a woman. It’s hard to break off relationships we had for such a long time, and it will suck at first, but it will make us more stable and independent long term – plus, it will make space for healthy ones in the future.

Work on the connections that fill your energy tab. Have you been feeling energized you feel after having a talk with that person at your workplace? Does the small-talk with that Starbucks barista always leave you with a smile? Well, reach out and befriend them! Life is too short not to have beautiful and strong friendships.

If you are a teen, read some business ideas that can work for you.

Now that you know all the ways of how to invest in yourself as a woman make sure you use all the female power you have inside and get to work!

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