15 Ways How To Make Money When Your 15

how to make money when your 15

Are you among of the teenagers today that want to help their parents but don?t know how to start?

If you’re really willing to have a side business even you are still young, there are some ways to do it. I know it’s difficult for you as a teenager to engage on this but there’s definitely a lot of opportunities nowadays.

Our modern technology has a big impact on our society. Post-millennial or those who are born in the year 1997-2005 is now reaping the advanced technology that we have.

During my teenage years, the only thing I’ve done in my life is to work in a fast food chain as a service crew, but I was 18 then. When I was 15, there’s only limited job unlike now, you can make money online as our technology is improving.

These youngsters also born during the Global Financial crisis. So, some are mature enough how to manage their life. At the age of 15, you are now in high school and preparing for your future as you start studying in college. Getting ready for adulthood is not easy. I have here 14 ways on how to make money when you’re 15. This will serve as your guidelines.

How To Make Money When Your 15


how to make money when your 15

This is one of the easiest way to earn money. Even at your youngest age you can pick and recycle the materials that is still useful. During my teenage days, I remember picking up empty bottles and keeping old newspapers or boxes and sell them in a junk shop. In this way, you can earn at least weekly in your own way.

However, this is just only an option. You don?t have to go to the garbage and pick all those empty bottles or newspapers. Just in case that a member of the family is fond of reading newspapers or you owned a grocery store and has a lot of boxes, instead of throwing them away, why not sell them in a junk shop?

2.How to use social media

how to make money when your 15

Although most of us have a Facebook or Twitter account. But there are many social media in the world. There are people who don’t know how to use it. This is the people coming from the group of baby boomers and the Generation Z. They wanted to learn and use social media as the way of communication to their loved ones. You can teach them and earn money at the same time.


how to make money when your 15


Fiverr is the website for freelancers. You have to at least 13 years old and older with a parents consent. Writing, editing, graphic design are one of the things you can do on this website. Thanks to our modern technology you can do a side business online.

This is one of the ideas on how to make money as a teenager online. In this website, you need to sign up the different jobs or work and you can earn for not more than 5 dollars. You can get the payment through PayPal or bank transfer.

If you think you don’t have much idea to provide a service in Fiverr go to Udemy and do a training for cheap.If you require tools for your Fiverr service you can get lots of tools from Free tools section.


4. Babysitting-

how to make money when your 15


Be a nanny or take care of kids the whole day. This may seem a low-paying job, however, there are many unique ways for some people and drive business to earn money on their own.

This is just one of the examples that you may consider. If you have a younger sister or brother ages 5 years old and younger, as 15 years old you can take care of them instead of your parents hired another person just to take care of your siblings.

The reason why many families need a babysitter because they don?t have time in handling their own children because they are going out for works.

5. Start a YouTube Channel

how to make money when your 15

Make your own channel and choose what topic you may discuss. Know who’s your prospect and you have to be engaged with them. You have to communicate with them and know how to get them to visit your channel. You can make video blogs like for travel, prank videos, music videos, and other videos that can entertain people.

YouTube will go to pay you on this if you got a lot of subscribers and advertisements will come that is usually pop up during your video plays.

But the common problem is many of you are not ready to face the camera. For that, you can use tools that help you with creating videos, providing auto voices, music etc…

Content Samurai is one of the tool?that helps you with creating a Youtube channel without facing a camera. Also, there are many tools similar to content samurai.


6.Pet Sitting-

how to make money when your 15

You might consider the place first. If you’re living in a subdivision where most of your neighbors has their own pets, they might be needing someone who can take care of it while they are away.

Some people who go to work everyday can’t take care of their pets and don’t want to leave them alone so they hire a pet sitter.

7-Affiliate Marketing-

how to make money when your 15

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make side income for teenagers. Most of the time you might see the Youtube Hype about making money online. Affiliate marketing or make money online is not as easy as you think. It needs lots of hard work but guaranteed that your hard work will pay off. This is one of the successful passive income way that pays you while you are sleeping.

If you interested in Affiliate marketing Follow Good Training for an affordable price and start your work. You might not see the quick result with this business model but hang on until it gets successful.


how to make money when your 15

This refers to any activity that changes the characteristics of a land portion such as living elements, including flora and fauna. This is usually known as gardening, where you can create a unique art and craft of plants that are growing with an aim of providing beauty within the landscape.

9-Code Academy-

how to make money when your 15

Code Academy is an online site that offers free coding classes in 12 various programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby Java, SQL, and also mark up languages CSS and HTML.

This site offers a paid ?pro? as well for an option that provides users to use a personalized learning ideas, realistic projects, quizzes, and seek help from advisors. This site teach you how to code without any charge. They will help you how to build a website.

After your training, you can do freelancing jobs and make good money by designing and creating websites.

10-Sell products on eBay or Amazon-

how to make money when your 15

If you’re good at selling products especially in an online shopping website, you may offer a service to other people to sell their products.

However, this is usually a commission-based job with earnings between 30 to 50 percent on top of the price of the item. You can use as well your skills in selling on those free items that you found.

11. Start a blog-

how to make money when your 15

There are many online jobs for teens. If you’re interested to earn during your younger years, you’re not alone. There are a lot of teens searching for ways so they can earn to save and cover their expenses. Make your own blog that can attract your audience.

Choose what topic is trending. If you’re good at writing, you can create a blog on what specific topic you prefer. You have to be fluent in English especially you should possess skills in writing. You can find people who owned a website and offer your service or sell your writings to them. Youre lucky if you may get regular readers who are always read your post.

Read some cool ideas about blogging and make money.

12. Become a Tutor-

how to make money when your 15

Don’t worry if you’re still 15 years old because to become a tutor doesn’t need to be a professional teacher. Begin with your younger siblings or ask your neighborhood. They might need you to teach their kids. You can do it by going to their house or you can do it online. Yes, you read it right! You can do it online as well. As long as you have a webcam, desktop or laptop and headset you can start anytime. But make sure that you would catch their attention and listen to you.

13. Wash and detailing cars-

how to make money when your 15

Even if you don?t have a car wash business and a place, you can start anytime by offering your service to those have a cars but don’t have any time to go to the car wash to have their car clean. As a teenager, this is an easy job for you. You can clean their cars at least twice a month. By doing this, you can gain regular customers and earn a lot of money too.

14. Running Errands-

how to make money when your 15

Some people are willing to pay the youngsters to do their errands for them. The amount of money that they will give depends on the work that you have done. If your house is near in grocery stores, they can ask for your help to carry groceries or to pick it up for them.

Another example is to pick up or drop off their dry cleaning or go to the post office to mail a package.

15. Most importantly keep going-

how to make money when your 15

Never stop being creative. Don’t let other people tell you that you cannot do something. Don’t quit and always look for a bright side. Don’t engage yourself in bullying, vices such as smoking and drinking alcohol, sex and dating. Know your limitations. Don’t follow the path. Make your own trend.

The above list is just only examples of how to make money when your 15, you are now preparing for adulthood and thinking about your future. To those teenagers like you that are interested in getting a side job, hats off for you guys!

You’re not only making your parents proud, you’re a good role model too. Do not be discouraged. Try to spread your wings and do not afraid to learn something new. If you already know how to play cards while you’re still young, success will come in your way. Life is too short to be wasted. Save money and save your future.


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