There is an old joke in the entertainment business. It takes the form of the backhanded compliment that you have a face for radio. The joke is that you have a great voice, but you aren?t attractive enough for the small screen, much less the big screen. The greater challenge for many is being a narrator.

They may not have a voice for radio, audio or any other medium. Others have a lovely voice when they?re speaking conversationally, but they stutter and strain to read from a script or give a presentation in front of an audience, though they want or need to share information. They cannot abandon the value video brings in engagement and conversions. Fortunately, there are a variety of methods to those who need to know how to make YouTube videos without talking.

Easy Hacks For How to Make YouTube Videos without Talking

Hire a Narrator

How to Make YouTube Videos without TalkingSuppose you want to give a product demonstration to your audience. Or you want to write out a detailed flowchart on a whiteboard to convey advanced concepts. Instead of distracting yourself by trying to talk while you work, simply work. Come back and write up a script of what should be said at each step. Then hire a narrator to say what you want to be said.

They know how to convey the appropriate emotion, where appropriate, and speak at a steady pace so that the audience captures every word.

You can hire narrators from Fiverr and Upwork.

Let a Computer Do the Talking

You may have already seen a recommendation on how to make YouTube videos without talking by inputting a script and letting a computer do the talking through a TTS or text to speech software application.

There are a number of benefits to this approach. One benefit is that it anonymizes your voice. It may let you hide your identity when you post a politically incorrect comedy skit.

Conversely, the computer can mimic a range of voices. Instead of you trying to imitate a middle-aged woman and little boy, the computer can generate a reasonable facsimile of those voices without coming across as condescending. Tools Like Content Samurai does that job including video creation in a few minutes. (You Can get the free trial and test the tool)

The voice synthesizer won?t be able to properly pronounce every scientific, technical or cultural term, but it may be better understood by your audience than you would be with a stutter or accent.

On the flipside, the voice synthesizer may be better able to rattle off long words and foreign terms better than you would. Nor will software get tired, become ill or go on strike. Simply upload your scripts, create audio files, and sync them with your videos on YouTube. You?ll never have to say a word that the public hears.

Use Silent Slides

How to Make YouTube Videos without Talking

This can take several forms. If you want to convey intense emotions without your voice cracking in anger, fear or grief, you can rely on ?silent slides?. These videos tend to show someone holding up a title slide or written a note at the start of the video.

They put the first one down to show the next piece of text. They move through the slides until the message is conveyed. This method of sharing information spares them from the need to speak or their voice distracting from the message. Because you?re showing multiple slides in a video, each one can be captured and shared in a screenshot.

However, your starting point is a video that holds people?s attention better and longer than a series of pictures on a discussion thread.

Silent slides can be done in other contexts as well. You can create a YouTube video based on slides, whether you have typed notes under each image or the YouTube video is essentially a PowerPoint slideshow.

How to Make YouTube Videos without Talking
Note that humor doesn?t work well in this format most of the time. Keep each slide?s text as short as possible. Be careful with the timing of the slides, since you don?t want to move past a slide before the average viewer had a chance to read it.

A side benefit of this approach is that you don?t have to find the text to speech applications or rely on the questionable output of TTS applications available on the internet. Nor do you risk detracting from the video because you put in too many words with emphasis and false breaths to try to make the TTS output file sound like a real human was speaking.

Create Videos That Don?t Need Narration

Not many people can create a large number of videos this way, but most of us could create one or two. You could show a recipe, then all the ingredients in their cups, mix them in order, bake, and present the final product. As long as you have decent note cards explaining each ingredient and a title slide that says what you?re doing at each step, you don?t have to do anything at all.

This same strategy can be done in other how-to videos. Start with a title slide mentioning what you?re going to do. Demonstrate the task step by step, using title slides to explain what is about to happen.

You can use title slides to fill in for long waiting periods, as well, such as ?cook for 20 minutes at 350? or ?leave out to dry overnight?. Treat each title slide as if it were a PowerPoint slide ? no more than four bullets, no more than ten words per bullet, and shorter is always better.

Short animated clips of simulations and 3D models may not need a voice-over. Simply show an introductory slide that explains what you?re going to model or demonstrate, then play the simulation. Note that you can add narration or music later if desired.

Many people forget that some types of content require no explanation at all. Funny videos featuring the antics of children and pets require no human narration. If you?re working as an amateur reporter, you could show a title slide naming the date, time and place of an event before showing the footage you captured of the event.

Unboxing videos may or may not need explanation, and screaming of excited recipients can certainly relay the desired level of excitement.


Saying What We Cannot Say Ourselves with Music

This can take a variety of forms. If you?re capturing personal memories or exhilarating adventures, you can still save yourself the need to narrate later by using music to convey your feelings. If you?re recording nature videos, you could add a soundtrack to add depth and keep viewers engaged.

This is a good approach to showcasing drawings, paintings, and other still arts.

Important- If you are trying to make music related videos, You have to use copyrighted tracks. It can lead your channel to be banned.

Check some of the ways to download copyrighted free music tracks


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