I am Disabled And Need Money

i am disabled and need money

If they can do it,You can do it too….

If you?re at home on disability, you?re often stuck in an impossible situation. ?I am disabled and need money, but there doesn?t seem to be anything I can do.??

You need income while waiting for disability to kick in, but there are few jobs for disabled people at home, much less legitimate ones. Nor can you return to the job you once had, whether it would interfere with your recovery or you?re simply unable to do that type of work ever again.

Contribute to Medicine and Get Paid for It

i am disabled and need money

You may hear that volunteering for medical studies is a good way to raise money.

There are several issues with this. First, it is hard to find a medical study that you qualify for that is worth the time and hassle. Second, it may interfere with the medical treatment you?re receiving for your disability.

If you want to help advance science, sign up for a site like Amazon Mturk instead and get paid anywhere from ten cents to ten dollars for filling out psychology surveys.

If you live close to a college campus, you could get paid cash for answering the same surveys or joining in other sociology experiments

Donate Plasma

i am disabled and need money

This is one of the easy jobs for disabled if you?re eligible to be a blood donor. You can donate plasma for $20 to $50 per donation up to three times a week.

Go with some friends, and you don?t have to pay for the travel costs and you could get bonuses for the referring them to the clinic.

Sell Stuff

How can a disabled person make money from home?

A good first step is selling unwanted items you already own for money. That income isn?t going to count against you in any way.

There are a variety of platforms you can utilize to sell items from clothes that don?t fit anymore to china to furniture to books.

Put your unwanted furniture on Craigslist?or Nextdoor.com. If you?re able to clear decent money doing this and like doing it, you could start picking up items at garage sales, estate sales and flea markets to sell online.

A few people have even learned how to identify under-valued items online through mis-categorization or misspellings in the title, paying to have it shipped to their home, and then relisted online and sold for a profit.

Depending on local regulations and your own abilities, you may be able to sell items you make online. If you can cook and local rules let you sell modest amounts of home-made items, you could sell muffins, cookies or pickles to neighbors.

Or you could try to sell various handicrafts online. If those sell well, you could make more to sell. Be careful not to pour too much time into making handicrafts that don?t have a market. Visit?Etsy and see what are the trending handcrafts that you can start with.

Life for Rent

One possible strategy is renting things out instead. If you want to know how to make money while waiting for disability, you could start looking around for items others rent on a regular basis.

You could rent out your car by the hour on some platforms, and that?s aside from the possibility of earning money as a driver yourself.

You might be able to rent out your driveway as a parking space if you?re close to a major employer. You could rent space in your garage or shed as a storage spot for someone else?s stuff.

You need to read the terms and conditions on sites that let you do this, and you?ll want to check your own insurance policy. For example, you might lose your auto insurance if you?re renting it out often for others to drive.

And your HOA may fine you if they find out you?re renting space in your backyard for others to store stuff up to and including RVs.

Depending again on the rules and regulations where you live, you could rent out a room by the night or to a long term roommate for extra income.

Promote Products And services.

Yes! Its possible that everyone can be marketer with help of internet.

Here im talking about affiliate marketing. You can promote any product or service and earn commisons.

But don’t stuck with YouTube Videos that claimed they made millions of Dollars. Most of the strategies are nonsense. Only they are trying to get more views by putting attractive headings.

Important is get a basic knowledge of online marketing and take action.

There are simple basic training that help to start own online business and providing tools and endless supports. Also, I have observed that many retired, disabled are take training and start their own online business.

Online world possibilities are larger than your disability!

Start Today!

Get Paid by the Task

Sites like Taskrabbit and Upwork have popped up to let people hire others by the task.

You simply have to decide what you can do, want to do and can find others to pay you to do. Depending on your skills, you could create ad copy for others, be paid a few cents per social media share, edit someone?s manuscript, or walk their dog.

You could take pictures of certain sites or events on commission. This is certainly more certain than taking pictures and posting them on sites that license their use to third parties since there is a chance no one would choose to do so.

Remember that there are traditional gigs you could take, too, such as holding a sign in front of a restaurant or working a single afternoon.

The key here is to not take tasks that are too physically demanding. If you have limits on what you?re allowed to lift, you can?t work with a moving company or try to fill in as a server with a catering company. Conversely, you could work for a temp agency answering someone?s phones.

And you could probably find work as a virtual assistant doing research and making phone calls for someone else.
A good way to start is by making a list of what you can do ranging from what you?re trained to do to what you like to do to what you sort of know how to do.

Then check these skills and tasks against the services others offer on a site like Fiverr. You may find people willing to pay for personalized poetry as an anniversary present to their loved one, funny jokes to include in a speech or prank phone calls.

Get a Job That Suits Your New Life

We already mentioned that you could become a virtual assistant for a particular task.

Did you know that there are companies that hire agents working at home, whether they?re customer service agents or tech support? You could find a part time or full time job that lets you work from home.

Look at the jobs you might be able to do from home in the real world, too. Could you watch two or three children after school before their parents get off work? You?d be paid for part-time childcare with kids that don?t need to be chased.

Their parents might pay well for homework help. Or you could offer pet-sitting services. This could be easy money if you don?t mind scooping the poop in your own yard or litter box.

?I am disabled and need money.? That doesn?t mean you have to abandon your old career. If you can?t work as a construction site supervisor anymore, can you retrain to become a site inspector?

If you cannot work as an engineer anymore, could you work as a drafter instead?

Nurses and doctors can earn good money with tele-health sessions.

If you know a language, you could be paid per translation task or per hour as a language tutor.

Just be careful of telecommuting job listings on job sites, and beware of scams. If they ask you to receive orders before sending it to a third party address, avoid it since this is so often used by scammers to launder stolen goods and money.


Regardless of the nature of your disability, technology has opened the door to many working from home or finding gigs that suit their abilities, interests and schedule. Consider this an excellent time to opportunity to explore a variety of paths.

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See You Again!

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