The competition in the e-commerce space is heating up. You no longer just have to sell the products cheaper to gain buyers. You have to find the right niche products which are in the trend. When you do so, it will be easier for you to rack up the sales and increase your ROI. The only problem is that it is not possible to manually to go through thousands of different products to find the right one. Also, it is tough to pinpoint a product which will sell and list it on your store.

Fortunately, there are many tools available when it comes to product research. These tools use various metrics to pinpoint the products which are in the trend and which are selling well. One such tool is Intelligynce. Basically;?Intelligynce is a product research tool which automates the process of finding the right products. It is a cloud-based app which keeps a watch on other eBay, Amazon and Shopify stores. It helps you find the best selling products on these websites. You can also use Intelligynce to find the suppliers of those specific products on Aliexpress. With so much on offer, it is time to find out whether this app is worth it.

We are going to share with you our Intelligynce review to help you understand whether the app is effective or not.

What is Intelligynce?

Intelligynce is a tool which allows you to spy on more than 200000 Shopify stores. Additionally, you can spy on Amazon and eBay listings as well. Shopify stores alone sell over 1 million products. You can use the various filters to find the products which are in high demand in these marketplaces.

The best part about intelligynce is that you need not do the research manually. It is impractical to go through various Shopify stores to find the best products. Intelligynce will save you a lot of time when it comes to selecting the right product to sell.

We will below go into the features of Intelligynce to help you decide whether it is any good.

This is what the Intelligynce team talks about the software:

Intelligynce review

Features of Intelligynce:

Some of the highlights of intelligynce which help it stand out are:

? Estimated sales:

With the help of this feature, you can view the different products on the store and determine the kind of sales which you can generate by promoting those products. It provides you with three different amounts which stand for low/mid/high-income estimates. You can gain an insight into the type of product which the store sales and how much you would make if you sell the same products.

? Search tools:

You can go through the 200,000 different Shopify tools with the help of intelligynce search. You can filter the stores as per your requirement.

Intelligynce review

? Search for the right products:

If you want to research your competition and find out how many stores are selling the same product which you plan to sell, you can use the search option to go through 1 million products. There are various filters which will allow you not just to find the bestselling products but also the stores which are selling the same product which you plan to sell.

? Lots of filter options:

Intelligynce has a plethora of filter options. You can even filter the stores by the Facebook conversion pixel. It will allow you to find the stores which are marketing on Facebook. Similarly, you can filter them according to the Facebook page or Twitter profile or currency or even max price. The number of filters available are plenty. You can precisely find the type of stores which you are looking for.

Intelligynce review


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? Bookmarks:

It is not a wise idea to search for the information, again and again, every time you need it. You can easily bookmark the products and the stores in your folder. The next time around, you want to gain access to your research, you need to visit your bookmarks.

The only bit of problem with Intelligynce is that it helps you spy on other stores. You can find the products which the stores are already selling. That is why the competition in those products will be high right away. A better option is to go with Pexda which allows you to find relatively undiscovered products from Aliexpress. You can master an upcoming trend rather than follow the herd with Pexda.

What extras come along with Intelligynce?

An additional feature of intelligynce is the store inspector. It allows you to gain vital insights for any of the Shopify store. The characteristics of the store inspector include:

? Basic store information:

You can see the basic store information like the Shopify theme which the store is using, the last update and other such things. It allows you to gain an idea regarding the functioning of the store and the type of products which it sells.

Intelligynce review

? Sales information:

You can also find the estimated daily sales amount of the store. It will provide you with an idea regarding the popularity of the store.

? Social media accounts:

The tool also provides you with the details of the social media accounts of the store.

? Installed apps:

The installed apps can give you an idea regarding the functionality of the store. If you want to induce the same functionality in your store, now you will know right away which are the apps which you should install.

? Traffic analysis:

The store inspector also provides you with some insights into the traffic of the store. It also bifurcates the traffic volume by the country. You can view stats of paid traffic and organic traffic. You can use this information to build up your Facebook campaigns to increase the conversion rate.

Intelligynce review

Thus, store inspector is a nice little feature which allows you to gain more insights about any particular store.


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Chrome extension:

Intelligynce also has on offer are chrome extension. The features of the chrome extension include:

? Activity view:

With the help of the activity view, you can find out which are the products launched by a store. You can also find out when did the store launch those products. As a result, you can delve into the latest products which are being promoted by the store.

Intelligynce review

? Bestselling products:

The chrome extension also offers you information on the five bestselling products of the store.

? Apps:

The chrome extension also highlights the number of apps which are in use in the store. It will allow you to spy on the competition and find out which apps are useful for increasing your sales.

? SEO:

You can gain more insights into the traffic of the store with the help of this feature. It will also bifurcate the sources of traffic to provide you with vital insights.

Intelligynce review

The only bit of problem with the cloud-based app as well as the chrome extension of Intelligynce is that Aliexpress support is pretty limited. It allows you to find a particular product on Aliexpress but nothing more than that. On the other hand, Pexda enables you to find undiscovered products on Aliexpress. It lets you know about the products which are in the trend right now and also provides you with links to the suppliers on Aliexpress. Thus, you can stay ahead of the curve rather than competing with others with the help of Pexda. In our opinion, Pexda is a better tool if you want to remain ahead of your competition.

Cost of Intelligynce:

The cost of intelligynce is $ 197. It is a onetime payment.

Intelligynce review


Or else you can use the Intelligynce for paying 19$ per month. Isn’t it a good deal?





Depending on our opinion, Intelligynce?seems to be a extremely useful tool.Intelligynce is very advanced tool compare to other tools in the market and it helps you to compete other stores and get you ahead of the curve as explained in our Intelligynce review above. If you want to find undiscovered products,products trends ?with little or no competition, Intelligynce is a much better option at a much lower monthly fee.

Its Better to try tools without burning your hand.

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