Is 24Option a scam? | What you need to know before you sign up!

If you are already doing Forex Trading or any kind of trading and you want to level up your trade gaming, then you might have heard about 24Option.

24Option is one of the most well-known trading platforms and have received a lot of awards because of it and was claimed to be one of the most secured trading platforms to date.

Of course, I know you want to check if it’s a legitimate one or just another scam.

Don’t worry because I am here to do a review for you and to make sure that all your questions are answered especially to know if it’s legit or not.

Now, I might say that I am not connected with 24Option in any kind of way and I don’t do trading.

Currently, I am happy with what I am using right now that is giving me my 4 digits passive monthly income thru Affiliate Marketing and I am happy with this type of business model.

With this review, I will let you know what’s inside 24Option and what to expect with this program. This is to make sure that you’ll be successful in your choice of program or business in earning online as I do.

So without further adieu, here’s my 24Option review!

What is 24 Option?

24Option is an online broker, based in Cyprus and London, England, for binary option and Forex Trader. Owned by Rodeler Limited that also created GrandOption, QuickOption, and 24FX brands.

They first started out fully focuses on Binary Options trading since 2010 and expanded their services like Forex Trading, CFD’s, stocks and indexes and commodities.

2017 is when they fully focused on Forex Trading and CFD’s. They removed Binary Options Trading in their services.

They are also regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission or CySEC under license number 207/13.

If this doesn’t sound legit to you, I don’t know what else does.

What’s inside 24Option?

We all know that 24Option started with Binary Options Trading and they are also telling everyone that they are one of the world’s first binary options brokers, but what are the other services that they are offering?

When they stopped Binary Options Trading they focused on CFDs and Forex Trading.

CFDs are widely used by a lot word’s biggest economist. 24Option’s list of assets includes CFDs on equity indexes from these well-known companies; Dow Jones Industrials, NASDAQ, DAX, FTSE, MICEX, and TADAWUL.

CFD’s are also offered on popular US tech companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook as well as stocks of the largest banks in Europe and Russia like Barclays, Deutsche Bank, and Sherbank. ?

Aside from CFDs they are also offering trading in major and minor currency pairs that include key currencies like UR, USD, CHF, AUD, GBP, and JPY to name a few.

How do 24Option earn? Well, they rely on widening a currency pair’s dealer spread to earn from their clients rather than charging their commissions.


24Option developed their own trading platform that includes many features not available to other platforms. ?

This trading platform combines the company’s binary options trading facility with its new ability to trade Forex, CFDs, and commodities.

Mobile Trading

If you are always on the go, you can use your mobile phone to do trading.

24Option developed a mobile application for trading and can be downloaded by iOS and Android devices.

This is to make sure that you’ll be able to monitor your tradings even if you’re not in front of your computer.

Bitcoin Trading

Ever since the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, 24Options included Bitcoin trading in their services and they are on top of their game on it.

Their Bitcoin Trading started in July 2017 due to their client’s recommendation. Now, clients can trade Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more on 24Options? CFD Platform.

24Option Deposit & Withdrawals

Due to 24Options accessibility options, you ‘ll be able to fund your account no matter where you are. To make sure that they can accommodate different traders all over the world they have these methods to deposit Funds:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Wire Transfer
  • CashU
  • Skrill
  • MoneyBookers

Withdrawals, on the other hand, can be done the same way as to how deposits are made, but first, they need to verify their account by submitting the necessary documents.

If funding was done thru credit card, then the withdrawal will be executed through his credit card up to the amount that was deposited.

Any excess balance of the withdrawn amount will be transferred via wire transfer to your bank account.

How to Start at 24Option?

When you apply for an account in 24Option your account type will depend on an account manager’s evaluation.

Here are the account types for 24Option:

Basic ? The 24Option Basic account requires a minimum deposit of EUR 250.

This offers access to their trading platform and company?s Web client platform for one-click trading as well as access to the mobile app and 24/7 customer service access.

Silver ? Includes all of the features of the basic account plus the minimum deposit is EUR 2000. ?You’ll have additional features: Trading Alerts and a Personal Trading Coach.

Gold ? Includes all of the features above in addition to a minimum deposit of EUR 25,000. Additional features are SMS and email alerts as well as an extra 2 percent return on every trade they make.

Platinum ? Includes all features listed above in addition to the minimum required a deposit of EUR 50,000. Additional features are access to a research website and Live Training session. They also get an extra 4 percent return on every trade they make.

Diamond?? Includes all of the features from the other account types in addition to complimentary tickets to Juventus FC soccer matches in Europe and customizable trading platform. There?s no minimum deposit specified and has to be set up with 24Option?s account managers.

What I Like About 24Option?


If you can remember, 24Option developed their own trading platform. This platform is designed to be easily used by their clients so they can switch between different forms of trading.

Currently, the site and platform are continuously being improved, now it’s available in 12 languages. The platform is translated into 22 languages as well.

Safe and secured

Since 241Option is already an established platform for trading expect that they are heavily regulated using the country’s regulating body and agencies.

Especially, when a company operates in a different country they are required to register with their financial regulatory agencies before any transaction can be done. 24Option is completely registered to those agencies.

This proves that 24Option is safe and secured for all those traders who wanted to join and invest in them.

Demo Accounts

Trading platforms usually have demo accounts. This will give you demo funds and will include live market data. This is for traders to be familiar with their tools and trading.

You can use your demo account for practice to lessen your percentage of loss when you invest since you are already familiar with it.

24Option’s demo account will provide you demo EUR 100,000 in trading funds for you to practice with and you can easily switch between Demo Account and Real Accounts.

24/7 Customer Support

24Option have 24/7 Customer service that you can contact thru chat, email, and phone. This is available in 12 countries and they also can provide a wide range of educational materials.

These materials include daily market news and updates, interactive books, videos on demand, and webinars to their traders.


…What I don’t like with 24Option

To be honest, I tried looking for reviews about 24Options and all I saw are success stories and positive feedbacks.

I saw a few negative reviews but I don’t think it’s legit since they are just requesting for a refund but I don’t think it’s that easy since they have a strict policy for refunds and it’s made by their legal and compliance.

Basically, there’s nothing wrong or bad about 24Option which is good news for us.


Is 24Option a scam?

I am so confident to say that this is not a scam. 24Option is a legitimate, fully functional and secured trading platform.

They are heavily regulated and is accessible everywhere. Their security level refrains them from any fraudulent activities and to make sure that it is a safe trading environment.

If you wanted to be successful with your trading or you want to take your trading to the next level, then this is the platform for you. Everything that you need will be here, the platform is user-friendly and they have 24/7 customer support.

You can take advantage of their demo account to make sure you are already familiar with everything.

However, this is not recommended for beginners or those who are starting yet with trading. This is for those who already know the basics and have been trading for a while now.

Is this worth it? ?Yes. This will be a good investment for you. Signing up for a legit and great trading platform will lessen your risk of losing your money. As we all know, Forex Trading is risky, so having this type of platform will help you with your success.

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And again?

Wishing you the best of luck with your HUSTLE!


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