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Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a scam? Have any doubts? Find out for what you are paying for!

Are you interested in Multi-Level Marketing? Or are do you have the ability to market various types of training programs as well as books? To those who are interested and have the ability, well now you get the opportunity to sell books related to MLM business. Yes! Such kind of businesses does exist today. Maybe you have heard about such business earlier and wondering whether it is a scam or not. Well, this review is about another such business which is “4 Corners Alliance Group” and it is time to clear your thoughts on is 4 Corners Alliance Group a scam?

Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a scam

What is the 4 Corners Alliance Group?

Now you might be curious thinking about what type of business this 4 Corners Alliance Group is. Well, it is a Multi-Level Marketing business which is created for the people who are interested in marketing books and training programs. It is founded by David Harrison in 2013 and he is doing the business with several other business partners.

The main focus of this program which is shortly known as 4CAG is to provide various types of financial literacy training and books for the users.  These literacies are the creations of former marketers, financial expertise and business specialists in the field.

They currently use Nevada and Las Vegas as their operation hubs up to present day.

What is the product line of 4CAG?

They have a very unique product line when compared with other related businesses. Yes, mostly those are books! They have a library full of e-books related to various financial topics. The subject range goes as far as from the introduction to alter your mindset in the financial area while motivating you to not to give up your education on finance. The aim is to give something worth in return for the amount you spend.

These books have different price ranges starting from $10 to $100. Below you will see the price ranges in detail.

  • Level 1 – price range – $10

This is all about learning metal investments. Here you are getting two more books additionally.

  • Level 2 – price range – $10

You are provided with two books on Bitcoins and Binary Options.

  • Level 3 – price range – $25

You are getting three books here. Credit card debts, Exchange-traded funds, and Economics.

  • Level 4 – price range – $60

Now it is six books! Multiple Income Streams, Swinging trading, Binary Options, Hedge Funds, and Debt.

  • Level 5 – price range – $150

This level comes with 8 books. Forex trading, Momentum trading, Real estate, and American Depository Receipts.

  • Level 6 – price range – $300

Well, 27 books! Including investment types, ETF trading, Forex trading REITs and Options trading.

Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a scam

Are these products working?

Well, the Los Angeles Times gives a supportive answer for the above question. According to an article there, 72% of adults in America have read a book in 2015 and 80% of youngsters between the age of 18-29 have already read at least one book.

4CAG is all about providing a training program filled with books. As you can see in Level 6 they are providing 27 books. Do you honestly think that people will buy a training program which they have to read loads of books to get pass each level? Actually, no one will want to spend their entire time reading books. No one pays such amount of money for a training program just to read books!

People need visual aids, video clips, and webinars through their training programs. They are expecting those kinds of things.

Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a scam

Always there are three questions asked when it comes to these types of training programs.

  1. Have you actually earned money by using the tactics you learned from the training program?
  2. Did this training actually change your mindset?
  3. Have you achieved your goals through this program?

Well, the real question is although you are able to achieve success through this training program, what is the amount of contribution this program gives to your success? Are those expensive books really playing a big part in your success? Most probably not!  Some books don’t even have proper authors. Also, you can find the related books for a much cheaper price from Amazon.

How to make Money with 4CAG?

Like any other MLM businesses 4CAG also give you two options to earn money by joining with them.

  1. Earn money through retail commissions.
  2. Earn money from residual commissions as well as bonuses.

Same as other related companies they also use the same methods to attract their customers.

  1. Verbal marketing
  2. Marketing according to the traditional methods
  3. Marketing through social media.

These are the ways that anyone gets the news about them. If you get the chance to hear about a program which you can earn money by reading books, yes, you will definitely get curious.

Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a scam

Let us begin!

As a newly joining member of the program, you have to pay below amounts.

  1. One-time membership fee – $18
  2. Level 1 books purchasing – $10
  3. One-time enrolment fee – $8
  4. Sponsor charges – $4
  5. Newsletter – $27

According to the above list, you have to pay $67 initially when you are joining the program. Then come upsells. To purchase those e-books from level 2 to 6 you have to pay a total amount of $545. Pretty expensive, right?

And after that, they are providing you with a compensation plan.

  1. Instant commission

You earn this when you are able to sell product from level 1-6.

  1. 100% Match Commission

You can get this when one of your sponsored members earns a commission from one of his sponsored members.

  1. Newsletter commission

When one of the members who is recruited by you subscribes to the newsletter you are getting a commission from that.

ACAG – Ugly Truth Revealed!

It is time to discover the hidden side of this program. These facts might even answer the question Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a scam? There are several undiscussed facts.

  1. The income is low

As discussed earlier you can’t earn a big income from this program. If you check with their income statement you will see that the individual business owners are earning an average amount between $500 – $2000 for a year. If you simply calculate those amount that you will realize that your monthly income will be less than $166.67. that means $5.55 for a day.

  1. Lack of training and support provided

Even though the main products of them are books, the training and the support provided are very low. You can’t get any detailed information from them.

Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a scam

  1. Products are unnecessary expensive

It will cost you around $600 to purchase their products. It is not possible to market such expensive products when there are much cheaper similar alternatives are already in the market. If you surf in Amazon, you will find much cheaper books which have similar contents. So paying that much of amount is not worth it.

What are the positive facts?

  1. Unique product

Well, let us look at the bright side. Despite all those facts regarding low income, lack of support and expensiveness products of this program are unique. Those are books related to financial literacy.

Final Conclusion – Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a scam?

Now it is time to answer the question Is 4 Corner Alliance Group a Scam? Well, the answer is no. this training program is 100% legal. You are provided with some decent opportunities through this program.

Their products are unique but expensive. The unnecessary expensiveness makes it difficult to sell or market their products. If you search on Amazon, you will find much cheaper products with similar content. There is no difference and people will definitely go for much cheaper products.

The income you are getting from this program is sadly low and you will not be able to cover all the expenses you had for this program from the income you earn.

Why don’t you try out affiliate marketing?

Engaging in the affiliate marketing business throughout the years, what I realized was that Multi-Level Marketing is not effective than affiliate marketing. If you check out my income proofs, you will see that I am a 4-figure income generator at this time. To be honest with you, I make all this money via my affiliate marketing business.

Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a scam

One thing that I need to emphasize here!

I was not able to reach the current stage within a few days. Yes, I spent a considerable period of time studying the affiliate marketing business model. Since it was difficult to engage in self-studying, I chose the affiliate marketing training program which is conducted by the Wealthy Affiliate.

Even you can make a try with them out!

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