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Is ACN a Scam

If you are interested in telecommunication and capable of networking as well as recruiting, then you have come to the right place. Maybe you have heard the news from somewhere that there is a way for you to earn some residual income. Are you wondering whether it is true that you can earn money every time when someone is surfing the internet, watching television, swiping a credit or debit card somewhere, texting or when using electricity or natural gasses?? Yes! ACN does the trick! ACN provides the opportunity to earn money using your capabilities. It is all about Multi-Level Marketing and telecommunication. But there are some hiccups because some people have several doubts this company belongs to the pyramid system. So this review is all about identifying the truth of CAN company and clears your thoughts on IS ACN a scam?

Is ACN a Scam

What is ACN?

Now you might be curious thinking about what type of business this ACN company is conducting. The meaning of the ACN is ?American Communications Network?. Well, it is a Multi-Level Marketing business based in North America. It has the reputation of being the world?s largest energy, telecommunications and many other necessary services sellers for households as well as business units. They are direct sellers and do not have any third parties.

This company is founded by several people in 1993. They are; Robert Stevanovski, Cupisz twins and Greg Proven. Since 1993 up to now they have expanded their company across 25 countries including North America, Europe, Pacific, Latin America, and Asia.

Mainly they provide services such as; phone services, highspeed internet services, television, premium technical support, video phone services, wireless, home security and automation and energy services.

Is ACN a Scam

It is time to make money with ACN!

Quite similar to other MLM businesses ACN also gives you two main options to earn money by joining with them.

  1. By selling the services provided by ACN to people and earn profits according to their usage of services you sold.
  2. By recruiting people and making your own downline. From this way, you will get qualified to bonus income and other residual incomes.

Before we discuss further on your income stream first we should know how to join and get started with ACN as a newcomer.

  • Let us begin!

Before beginning, there is a small warning for you! Your start-up cost is going to make your forehead wrinkle! According to their business rule, you should invest first before you start to earn anything. First, you shout become their (IBO). That means the independent business owner. They use this name for their distributors. In order to become an IBO, you have to sign up first by paying $499. This is a onetime fee. You have to pay that amount to get their basic training and the supportive materials they are providing you to work with them.

As a result of your signup fee, you will get a custom ACN website. Through this website which is owned by you, the customer can directly purchase the services of ACN from your website. Every time a customer joins or purchases a service from your website you get the chance to earn the commissions.

Is ACN a Scam

Besides the signup fee, you also have to pay $149 annually as the renewal fee. ACN describes this fee as the cost of service of your business. If you think hard on that paying such amounts annually just for the training and some supportive materials might look unreasonable to you.

There is more to it! Don?t think that they will end charging you after you paid above fees. It is not over yet. Once you become a member they will ask you to purchase their upsells. It is called ?Your Business Assistant?. They will tell you that you will learn everything you need to know to become a success in this business by purchasing this upsell paying $ 39.99 for a month.

This never-ending money charging of ACN will cost you more money as an IBO because you have to pay this additional fee of up to $10 for a week just to participate in their online meetings. It doesn?t end there! They have these training events for you to attend in certain locations. These events will cost you around $159 and you will have to pay your share for the foods, travel, and accommodations. This is another additional cost for you.

All this sound ridiculous right? Even though every one of us to have to pay some amount of money to join with MLM businesses, what ACN is doing is making no sense at all.

What is the compensation plan of ACN?

Like any other MLM companies, ACN also has a compensation plan for you. They are giving three occasions for you to get your money back.

  1. Customer commissions

When you recruit a new customer to get the services of ACN every time that customer pays his/her bills you are getting between 1% to 10% of commissions from that money they are paying. The percentage amount you are getting depends on the customer points you have earned.

  1. Overriding Residual Commissions

When you have a downline you can earn commissions through your downline members when they make their own sales.

Is ACN a Scam

  1. Customer Acquisition Bonus

You can get these bonuses when you achieve the goal of making a certain amount of downline members for a given period of time.

ACN Ugly truth Revealed!

It is time to explore the dark side of ACN. These facts will reveal the truth to the question is ACN a scam? There are several facts.

  1. It is hard to get money from their compensation plan

Even though ACN rewards their members when their recruiters’ purchase ACN service, the amount they are paying for you is not that much. In the beginning, it will be 1%. Even though you sign up more people to the business still the commission you are getting is low.

  1. The Hype

Even though ACN provides a lot of training to their members it actually lacks the actual training required. Though they focus on motivating their members on a big scale it still doesn?t give them necessary training related to the real business situation.

  1. The starting cost is ridiculously high

As you learned earlier the cost they are charging you is ridiculously high and also mostly for unnecessary things.

  1. It has a very low success rate

The success rate of ACN member is 1 out of 100

Is ACN a Scam

What are the positive facts?

  1. Easy sale

Since it has household and business-based day to day services it is easier to sell their services.

  1. They have a long history

ACN is in the field since 1993 and a member of DSA.

  1. Residual income

Is ACN a Scam

Does ACN belong to the pyramid scheme?

The answer for the above question is No. the true meaning of a pyramid business is that when they are recruiting members they promise payments to the people who are enrolling new members to the business. No one has to do any investments to join or sell the products and services of the company.

True pyramid system pays its members according to their recruiting number. But in ACN rather different thing happens.

  1. It offers its services to the customer
  2. The reward system of ACN is based on their sales. Not on recruitments.

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Final Conclusion ? Is ACN a scam?

If you have been through this review you might have a pretty good answer to the question ?Is ACN a scam?? by now. It has been in the field for 25 years now and also a member of DSA.

As some people think if it is a scam or a pyramid business then it could have been shut down by the authorities a long time ago.

It is not a scam, but it is not a proper business opportunity for you also. You can?t make loads of money from it as you expect. You can make a big amount of money if you are capable of recruiting thousands of members to make a big downline group. To many people, this is an impossible task to do.

ACN is a completely legitimate, not Pyramid, MLM business. But it is not much suitable for someone who is focusing on earning money.

Instead of ACN, you can try out affiliate marketing!

As we all know the online world is full of various types of making money online websites and programs. A lesser number of them are legitimate and the majority are scams.? There are legitimate programs like ACN but this kind of programs cannot generate piles of money.? But, they make bigger dreams of newbies who enter the online world.

Here, my advise is that it is wiser to study about any chosen online business model in detail before starting! Affiliate marketing is such an effective online business model. If you are dreaming to become a successful affiliate marketer, of course, it is perfect you can have proper training. In my journey in the online world, I joined with the Wealthy Affiliate and follow their training program. As a 4- figure monthly income generator I would like to highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate for anyone who does not have much time for self-studying about the affiliate marketing business model.

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