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Is Ambit Energy a Scam? – Have any doubts? – Find out the shocking truth!

Have you heard of a gas and electricity selling company which provides you with several job opportunities? If that is a yes then the name of that company should be Ambit Energy for sure. To the outside world, this company looks like a little bit secretive company. They consider themselves as a Multi-Level Marketing company which sells electricity and gasses best for the people who have the recruiting ability along with good knowledge as well as a well-experienced background in gas and electricity systems. When you come across this kind of company one of the first questions come to your mind is ‘’ Is Ambit Energy a scam?”. Well, this is for you to clear your doubts.

Is Ambit Energy A Scam

What is Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy belongs to Multi-Level Marketing company stream. The main focus of this company is selling energy as well as gas.

There are two founders in Ambit Energy. Chris Chambless and Jere Thompson Jr. This company started in 2006 in Dallas, Texas. Still, they have their headquarters in Dallas. After ten years of their opening, they became the gas and electricity product and service provider for 17 states in the US. They considered as one of the biggest solar energy service providers in the states. They were at the top of their field.

Marking their success to the world they joined to the billion-dollar club in February 2013 along with several other multi-level marketing companies such as; Primerica, Team National, and Melaleca.

What are the Products of Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy is proof that larger energy companies can’t dominate the business for a long time. Ambit Energy has its own distributors to distribute their services. These people are called as Consultants or Independent Contractors.

Is Ambit Energy A Scam

At the present Ambit Energy has become the provider of power and natural gasses for 17 states in United States America. Their sales variate from state to state. Their biggest competitors are other energy supplying companies such as Enagic Kangen Water and ACN.

You can see a list of their products and services below.

  1. Commercial services

Regardless of whether it is a small business, or a large business Ambit Energy always try to cut their unnecessary energy costs. They have been doing this for more than ten years now.

They have a group of commercial experts with them who help companies to cut down their unnecessary energy costs by providing competitive prices with special benefits.

  1. Ambit Energy and Green-e Energy

Today the world is always looking for eco-friendly energy methods. Ambit Energy plays a special role here by using Green Plans. They have their Green energy services which are highly trending these days. But this energy service is limited to some areas. So this limitation impacts some of their contractors who have the ability to recruit.

Is Ambit Energy A Scam

  1. Solar Savings

Here comes another environment-friendly service of Ambit Energy! It is called Solar Savings. They have built a partnership with a giant provider of solar energy called Sunrun. Together they are now providing eco-friendly solar energy services to 6 states out of their 17 energy supplying states. This is a big win. But still, it is limited to only six states.

Are their products working?

According to the way you think since Ambit Energy is a Billion Dollar company it might not have any customer complaints. Well, you will be surprised! Within the last three years, the Better Business Bureau alone had around 600 complaints regarding Ambit Energy.

According to the analysis done most of the customer complaints are related to two topics.

  • Complaints regarding their products
  • Billing system complaints

Is Ambit Energy A Scam

Let us make money with Ambit Energy!

The main task of Ambit Energy is to supply cheaper energy for you. Other than that they provide various business opportunities for their customers in the field of multi-level marketing.

After joining with Ambit Energy you are provided with three occasions to earn money.

  1. Make up the mind of the people to change their present energy providers and join with Ambit Energy.
  2. Work as a recruiter for the business and earn a percentage value from the profit of your recruited people.
  3. When the people you recruited are also recruiting other people you can earn money.

The main focus of Ambit energy is to expand its business circle by recruiting people. You can build a network by recruiting people and these people will also recruit other people and thereby your business network will grow. The more your downline is growing the more you can earn.

Let us start!

Earlier you had to simply pay $429 to join with the company. But now they have reduced that amount to $75. This is a onetime fee. Apart from this fee, you have to pay a monthly fee of $24.95. you are paying this to maintain your personal website.

Now it is time to go through their compensation plan!

They have a written compensation plan for you to read and understand. Other than getting cheaper energy you can have other advantages also by joining with this company.

  1. You can get a chance to have free energy

You only have to do is enroll 15 customers for the company to get their energy service. Free energy is the reward for you.

  1. There is a chance to get travel rewards

There is a point rewarding system at Ambit Energy. If you refer your customers then there might a chance that you will get reward points. You can exchange these reward points for tips.

Is Ambit Energy A Scam

There are another three ways to earn money from this business.

  1. Customer and team bonuses

If you enroll four customers for the business you can earn $100. This is a quick way to earn money.

  1. Residual commissions

If you are able to build a downline with 6 network levels then you can earn these commissions.

  1. Leadership bonuses

When you sign up a new marketing consultant and when that person is able to earn four customer points in his/her first week you are getting paid by these residual bonuses.

Find out the ugly truth!

 There are several negative facts in Ambit Energy. Sometimes below details will give you the answer to the question: Is Ambit Energy a scam?”.

  1. Their compensation plan is terrible

The compensation plan of the company is not that much impressive. It clearly raises the doubt whether you can really earn money from Ambit Energy. This is because they are hiding the actual figures from their plan. Also, the only way you can get information from their website is through their video.

Is Ambit Energy A Scam

  1. No true income disclosure statement

One of the major requirements of an MLM company is its transparency. Ambit Energy doesn’t disclose their income to the public.

  1. They are operating in some limited areas.

They are providing their services only for 17 locations.

  1. High complaints rate

The complaints against Ambit Energy make the company looks bad.

  1. They had to settle an A-class Action Lawsuit

This is a big black mark for Ambit Energy. They had to pay $26.5 million for overcharging from their New York customers promising them a guaranteed saving plan without any appropriate authorization.

  1. More focused on recruitments

They are more focused on finding the next new customer instead of finding the best customer they have.

There is some good about Ambit Energy too!

  1. You can join them easily by paying a cheap price
  2. They are able to supply their customers with renewable energy.
  3. The product there are selling is a necessity to day to day life.

Video Lead

Is Ambit Energy a Scam?

Now it is the time to answer the question “Is Ambit Energy as a scam?”. The answer is a big NO. Yes, we cannot say that it is the greatest MLM company. It has issues. But it is not a scam.

They have a good product line and you can easily understand their compensation plan without getting the help of their consultants.

The major issue with this company is their lack of transparency. This issue prevents it from recommending for others. They are not revealing their real income statements and it creates doubts about whether their consultants making real money or not. Also, the increasing number of complaints daily is a huge barrier to their consultants to market the company.

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Is Ambit Energy A Scam

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