Is Bitcoclix a scam? Or is it legit? The official Bitcoclix review just for you!

is bitcoclix a scam

You must have obviously taken your time to research a few online earning business models. If not, you will not be reading an article about them. And in that search, you should have come across Bitcoclix. A PTC website that helps you earn through an online stay at home jobs. But, the question so popular in regard to all these websites applies to it as well. ?Is Bitcoclix a scam??

is bitcoclix a scam

Before deciding on the legitimacy of this website, it is better you understand what it actually is.

Because saying that a website is scam could be easy, but knowing the reasons for that decision is important.

The scam could be a whole different concept in someone else?s mind that it is in my head. Some would say a website that does not pay enough scam. But others might say it is legitimate but not worth the effort.

So, at the end of this article, you will be able to come up with your own review of Bitcoclix. The answer to the question of whether it is a scam or a legit site will be all yours to decide.

Take a look at what is Bitcoclix before deciding is Bitcoclix a scam?

Simply given Bitcoclix is a paid to click platform. It is built to make people like you work from home, without the need for any specific skills.

You will the middlemen between the advertisers and the websites. Your main task will be to go to websites and click on ads. You get to click on ads one after the other, and you get paid to it. most of the advertisers hate this. Because the put ads to attract lots of people but all they get is a single person clicking them. And getting paid to do it as well?

Well, people think that when they click on ads they get charged or have to purchase. But it is an official ?No?. You do not have to spend a penny. It is for you to earn, not to spend.

So Bitcoclix in no means expects you to buy anything. (But you can always buy if you think you like it or so.)

Well, this website is free. But there are paid upgrades, which will be discussed later in this article. However, think twice on pitching your money onto websites that claim to help you earn more money.

And another most important fact that you need to know is that they pay in Bitcoins.

A rather attractive way to convince you that they are a newly trending website, upgrading with the technology.

is bitcoclix a scam

How does Bitcoclix work?

When you sign up Bitcoclix you will be offered with the free plan.

The free plan is tempting because it is a lifetime membership. But the rewards are very small considered with the other paid upgrades.

With the free plan, you will be able to check how they work, without spending.

But, as soon as you log in with your free account, they start sending you notifications. Their point is that you are not into earning unless you upgrade.

The free plan is just a trap so that they can make you upgrade.

Their offers are higher with the paid plans, but the amount you have to chip in is highly doubtful.

How to make money with Bitcoclix?

As mentioned above you should take note of the fact that you cannot earn real money with Bitcoclix.

Here, you will receive a small commission to each of the ads that you click.

The process seems to be easy. But imagine having to click on an ad after ad for hours. Yes, it is going to be a very hectic task indeed. And the time that you will have to spend is high too.

Frankly saying none of the PTC websites pay you a handsome amount of money for a click. Some pay for a thousand ads that you click on. And some pay per each ad.

is bitcoclix a scam

But the amount of money will not make you rich?

In Bitcoclix, you get 0.0000001 Bitcoin per an ad you view. At most, you will be paid 0.0000008 Bitcoin. If you consider the current value of Bitcoin 1 Bitcoin is about $3300.

So, a 0.0000001 Bitcoin will get you roughly about $0.0033 in USD.

Still, believe that these sites will take you places?

You will be able to pay for your coffee or your Netflix account. But it is doubtful whether it is worth the hype.

is bitcoclix a scam

The truth about Bitcoclix revealed! The good and the bad?

Before becoming judgemental about Bitcoclix it would be better if you knew everything that was to know about it.

The good:

For a starter, the fact that they actually pay is pretty good. Because unlike those sites that never pay, Bitcoclix pays whatever the amount you earn.

The job is really simple. You can have your 12-year-old do it while you do the household chores.

It is completely a no-brainer. You need zero thinking, zero skills, and zero knowledge. If you can read, and press, that is pretty much it.

With the current increase in the value of Bitcoin, this could be a good investment. But the possibilities of fluctuations and total collapse in digital assets should be considered. And you will need to have a Bitcoin wallet before starting. Because they only pay in Bitcoin.

When it comes to supporting, they are responsive in an appreciable manner. They have a 24/7 support system, for all your questions.

Moreover; they also have a live forum for your consistency.

They try to help you in every way they can. Have to give them that!

is bitcoclix a scam

The bad:

The payment system is a pretty highlighted point in this regard.

A very brief insight on the upgrades and the possible outcomes are given below.

  • Standard – $0

This is a free plan. You give no money and almost get nothing in return. A 1% commission is given with the referral program. But this scheme is almost as if you work for them free.

  • Premium – $40

So, it goes straight from 0 to 40! The ad referral program will bring you 2%. And you have to upgrade the scheme every 30 days by paying 40 bucks.

  • Golden – $120

The ad referral program remains at 2%. But you have to pay the fee every 90 days.

  • Golden ring – $197

Ad referral commission is 3% at this stage. And your payment structure becomes every 180 days.

  • Golden crown – $315

You get a 4% ad referral commission and have to pay the fee every 365 days.

  • Bitco Ultimate – $1962

The ad referral commission is 6% now. And you have to pay the fee every 365 days.

The pricing structure is more than insane!!

It is almost as if they are legally robbing you!!

Finally, is Bitcoclix a scam?

Bitcoclix pays you what you earn. But their paid upgrades make you pay an incredibly high amount of money. And you get some $0.01 per ad!

If you were to get the Bitco Ultimate, you will be paying $1965 and will have to click 196,500 ads just to earn your fee.

You might think that it is easy. If you click 1000 ads per day it would take 196.5 days, which is more than half a year!! But the fact that you will be clicking 1000 ads each day is doubtful.

So, personally the answer for, is Bitcoclix a scam would be a definite yes.

If you are interested in digging up more details regarding Bitcoclix, just watch the following video.

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is bitcoclix a scam

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