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is inbox blueprint a scam

Are you a marketer with experience and interested in making money? So, there is a way for you to make 5000 dollars within 60 days. Actually, the founder of the Inbox BLUEPRINT, Anik Singal guarantees for you that you will get such amount of money during your first 60 days of your business. If that doesn?t happen he promises that he will personally get involved to figure out the error in your business which prevents you from earning the money you deserve.

is inbox blueprint a scam

Definitely, you might have doubts figuring out how you are going to earn such kind of money for the first 60 days and there is this never-ending question in your mind. Is Inbox Blueprint a scam or not? So, read and explore the story of the Inbox Blueprint and identify whether Inbox Blueprint a scam or not.

What is Inbox BLUEPRINT?

Now you might be curious thinking what type of a course this Inbox Blueprint is. Well, it is an online course which covers all the areas of email marketing. This course is conducted by Anik Singal and provides you with so many resources.? The main focus of the course is to create individuals excelled in email marketing.? Therefore, you can learn to build an email subscribers list and how to convert your list into money.

According to the founder, from one subscriber you can earn around $1. Now it is getting clearer. If you can earn one dollar from each subscriber if you have 5000bsubscribers you can earn $5000.

is inbox blueprint a scam

When further looking to this Inbox Blueprint one of the facts we become curious is the owner of it. Well, he is Anik Singal. He is considered as a successful online entrepreneur who got selected for the Top three young entrepreneurs organized by the Businessweek magazine. His company got selected for lunch 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America for consecutive two years. Still, think is Inbox Blueprint a scam or not? Guess not because this guy is something.

What are the varieties of Inbox Blueprint?

This online email marketing course is launched twice. First time as Inbox Blueprint 1.0 in 2014 as Inbox Blueprint 2.0 in 2017 for the second time. If you pay attention you will see the differences between them such as;

  1. The price has increased
  2. Upsell cut down
  3. Updated course with added many values
  4. Many more new technologies

is inbox blueprint a scam

Apart from these differences Inbox Blueprint 2.0 provides you with many benefits which you couldn?t get from Inbox BLUEPRINT 1.0. They are;

  1. A new tool for automating email marketing called Launchpad
  2. A unique content provider called Proprietary Content Engine
  3. Step by step training guide based on assignments
  4. For starters, a free trial of 14 days will be given
  5. Can get unlimited support for 12 months
  6. Various types of additional bonuses

Now you are confused. You might not have any idea regarding these new improvements.

Don?t worry!

These are all a result of a big marketing strategy. This is how they are operating the levels in their courses by adding value to each part.

According to the founder initially, with the 1.0 he had student participants more than 10000. To upgrade it to the next version he had to spend more than $400000. So worth a try out this new version.

Join with Inbox BLUEPRINT and start making money

Still, you might have so many questions regarding this course as beginners. So, it is time to explain what this course is really about. First, you should know about email marketing and then the link between email marketing and Inbox BLUEPRINT.

is inbox blueprint a scam

There are 4 steps in email marketing.

Step 1 ? Attract the traffic to your web page

Step 2 ? It?s time to build your list.? For that, you should gather email addresses and in return, you should offer a gift for free

Step 3 ? You should build relationships now. But you must stay with your prospects. Don?t try to sell at once.

Step 4 ? Promote selected products in your list to turn them into money. You can select your products or maybe someone else?s products.

Above steps are the basic process you are encountering in Inbox Blueprint training.

This training will help you in many aspects such as;

  • To find the ideal market for you to earn profits
  • To create your own page and the way of getting attention to it
  • Get the traffic to your page
  • Teach you the way of creating your own follow up emails.
  • To select the suitable products in your list to convert to money

Amazing right? Inbox Blueprint has not missed anything in email marketing which you need to learn to become successful.

What are they providing you in Inbox Blueprint?

Now you have some idea about this course.? Now it?s time to talk about their training methods, tools they are using and the support you can get.

  • Training

You have given the Inbox Blueprint in eight steps. With each step, there are so many things you can learn. So, let?s have a look.

Step 1 ? How to use the Addiction Meter

Are you wondering about selecting the right market for your own business? Then; Inbox BLUEPRINT there to help with the Addiction Meter.

is inbox blueprint a scam

Step 2 ? Create a bait

At this stage, you will learn how to create your own page and use some baits to attract traffic

Step 3 ? Creating a Thank You Page

It?s time to create your TYP and start collecting some revenue

Step 4 ? Automating Emails

This part will teach you the way of sending the auto-response.

Step 5 ? Attractive email writing

If your email is not attractive enough then no one will pay any attention. So, learn how to write an email to build trust and also strengthen the relationship with the customer.

Step 6 ? Secrets of Payday

There are various ways to turn your products into money. This part will tell you how to.

Step 7 ? Traffic Driver

There are so many ways to drive traffic to your page. Join and learn how to.

Step 8 ? The success story

Learn how to get a high conversion rate and improve your business.

Now you can see how much detailed their training is. They are not giving it to you at once. But in a stepwise. In that way, it will be much easier for you to understand.

Inbox BLUEPRINT 2.0 is an ideal solution for someone who is having a hard time dealing with email marketing. Yes, it is serving beginners well. But if you don?t have much knowledge in the online marketing area it is going to be very tough.

  • Tools

LAUNCHPAD is one of the most wanted tools Inbox BLUEPRINT. This tool is considered as one of the biggest selling points. This tool makes it easier for you to build your own pages, to drive traffic to your page and helps you with creating corresponding emails easily.

  • Support

You are getting great support from Inbox BLUEPRINT. It will be given for 12 months unlimited. There are coaches for you to get any support you want at any time. Another thing you are getting is 12 months access to the VIP membership of Lurn. There you will be a member of the Lurn community.

is inbox blueprint a scam

Black and White time

When evaluating Inbox Blueprint there are so many good things as well as bad things. First, we will look into the positive side.

  1. Can get quality in detailed training with easy to practice guidance
  2. You will get unlimited support for 12 months
  3. You are offered with amazing LaunchPad tool which makes email marketing so easy.

Then we will go through the negative side.

  1. You need experience in online marketing to follow the course. Beginners are not welcomed in a friendly manner.
  2. The training course is not prepared by the founder (Anik) but his team.
  3. You are not offered with any free trials first. And you are not provided with the refunding facility.

Video walkthrough

Final Conclusion ? Is Inbox BLUEPRINT a scam?

Now it is time to come out from the question; Is Inbox BLUEPRINT a Scam. Well, the answer is no. Not at all. It is completely legal, and the owner is real too. It is for the people who are interested in making money via email marketing. But you will need some experience in the online marketing area to become successful from Inbox Blueprint.

What do you think about trying out affiliate marketing?

If you try out affiliate marketing as a way to make money online, of course, that will become a stable online business within a few years. That is also what I did and now I am a 4-figure online income generator.

is inbox blueprint a scam

But keep in your mind firmly that you have to sp[end a considerable period of time for studying about the affiliate marketing business model. But, if you choose a top-class affiliate marketing training program like the Wealthy Affiliate, of course, it will not take years to study about this business model.

As we all know; self-studying typically takes much time.

That is natural.

Actually; what I needed to emphasize here was that affiliate marketing one of the best online business models which have the potential of generating a passive income!

Just decide before going ahead with short-cuts!

There are no short-cuts for reaching the success point!

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