Is IQ Option a scam or legit?-All bizarre truths you need to know!

is iq option a scam

When you hear the IQ option you might wonder whether it has something to do with IQ or something related but it is not. This is a review on IQ option and I am happy that you all are here to know about this before buying any product. Doing a self-research on this is highly appreciated and this is the one and best way to avoid from scams. And also, don’t forget to read reviews that do not promote or advertise a product. Try to find honest reviews like this. Many people know about IQ option but they are worried whether it is a scam. So is IQ option a scam? No, absolutely not. This is a good choice to do your online trading. Then let us discuss why it is not a scam and what specialty does IQ holds and the features on this online trading platform.

is iq option a scam

What is IQ Option?

It is an online trading platform that permits anyone to do their trading in financial devices like Forex, Stocks, Binary Options, and even Cryptocurrencies. This was started in 2013 by the IQ option ltd. From then onwards it has grown rapidly by developing their customer base. They have reached around 20 million account holders within this time period. So, you can see that this platform has developed very faster because it has been able to reach customer goals. Hence this is an important proof to select IQ option as your trading platform.

is iq option a scam

This platform is based in Cyprus and regulated in the European Union by the securities and exchange commission of Cyprus. Due to this, you can completely trust on this platform because it has a stable legal foundation too. You can completely rely on this platform to develop your trading and to uplift your business and to achieve success within a short period of time. They are also fully authorized to clients in different jurisdictions in selling their products around the world. So, isn?t this the best choice to develop your trading?

Background information on IQ option

This is not just a platform that provides you with online trading but it helps you to uplift your business by providing you with different alternatives and solutions. You are not just starting out as a binary options broker either, and because of their frequent updates, the user can trade in digital options.

Given below is a list of binary options that are available to the customers:

  • Contracts for difference on stocks
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Exchange traded funds
  • Forex and many more

is iq option a scam

Let us identify the above options in detail.

  1. Contracts for difference on stocks ?:

This allows the user to get interacted with so many companies and also it provides a chance for them to build a relationship with top most companies around the world. As an example, it allows the users to interact with the most successful businesses listed on the NASDAQ and NYSE. Moreover, it allows dealing with around 7485 different companies on CFDs on stocks

  1. Cryptocurrencies ?:

The users can trade with around a number of Cryptocurrencies. They can have greater competition out of there as they interact with experts. Once there is good competition there will be more enthusiasm to work. They can work with 12 of the top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Zcash, Omisego, IOTA, and Dash.

is iq option a scam

  1. Exchange traded funds ?:

This is also a new product that came up recently in the market which is known as exchange-traded funds or ETF [Exchange-Traded Funds] which is used to track commodities, indices, and assets. This is similar to common stocks and here the traders are allowed to select from around 42888 ETFs.

  1. Forex ?:

As we all know this is a famous trading company which is at the top of the trade market. So, the IQ option provides the opportunity to connect to around 188 currency trading pairs.

  1. Options ?:

This allows you to speculate on prices on different assets, such as stocks, commodities, and indices. It also helps to connect over 10 million options.

is iq option a scam

How does IQ option works?

If you are a beginner, as I mentioned before try to create a demo or a live account. This is a good method to be followed before any money in order to test this platform. This account comes in handy which allows you to get familiar with the trading and to get proper knowledge about the system. And once you understand about this platform you have two options to create a new account in order to experience all the features of IQ option. The two types of accounts are given below:

  • Real account: This account can be started by investing a small amount like10$ and then it will allow you to access all trading functionalities. Moreover, this will allow you to access over 70 assets and withdrawals.
  • VIP account: This account is available for traders with a higher business capability and experience which they have to deposit around $3,000 to activate this account. They will experience the features of a VIP trader which is with some additional features than a real account holder as given below:
    1. personal manager to assist in inquiries.
    2. Access to monthly reports on your trading.

is iq option a scam

As a whole IQ option works as the following:

  1. First, you need to sign up with an affiliate account.
  2. Once you complete it, you will be assigned an affiliate manager. He will let you know all the details of the platform and he will provide you with all the data and information needed to continue as an IQ option trader.
  3. Then you will be asked to comply with affiliate KYC[Know Your Client] requirements.
  4. Once you get approved you will be available to promote IQ option with an affiliate link that they provide you with.
  5. They also have some more interesting features as given below:
  6. It is an innovative platform, unlike others.
  7. It is a multi-awarded platform.
  8. Highly regulated around the world.
  9. They have a mobile app too.

How to make money with IQ option?

Once you start to work with IQ option you will be able to earn money. You will be paid 50%of revenue share with the broker. Hence whatever that client earn throughout his life you will be paid 50% of it from IQ option.

is iq option a scam

Is IQ a scam?

As I mentioned before IQ option is not a scam but it is a multi-award-winning online trading platform. It has won many awards for Forex, Stocks, and other commodities. This platform is launched to the market with proper management and clear supervision by hundreds of experienced developers. They have great knowledge by working closely with many other trade experts which in return they provide many features to all its clients.

is iq option a scam

So, this will be the best choice to uplift your trading to the next level of success. But before you start, this is a piece of kind advice for all beginners. If you are a beginner, try to register with a demo account, thereby you will be able to understand and get aware of this system more easily. However, this platform will provide you with everything for the money you are paying for.

IQ option ugly truth revealed!

It is not newbie-friendly: it is not a good option for novice traders especially for the ones who have not used trading platforms. As every trading or any activity needs more training, experience, and hard work. This is something to do with your hard work. If you try your best to reach your goals and get well experienced the IQ option will be the best trading platform.

However, by understanding all the details that are explained above you might get the answer for the question ?is IQ option a scam?” hence to be more clear it is not a scam and without further delay, you can try out with IQ option by creating a demo account before investing money. If you are satisfied with it you can experience the feeling of a member in the IQ option family. You will be surprised by the way you going to reach your goals. This will be like you are going to catch up with your dreams by getting into an express train. So why are you delaying in your process to be rich? So, hurry up and create a demo account now!

The following a is a super video guide regarding the IQ Option program.

But, there are more reliable ways to make money online!

Though IQ Option is not a scam, there is a large number of users who have lost by going ahead with IQ Option.

Can you guys predict why that is?

Actually; it is impossible to carry out online trading without having the proper knowledge. If you are lack of knowledge and experience, of course, your attempt is going to waste your money.

Not each and every online business model goes with everyone who wishes to make money online!

We have to choose a suitable business model by making adequate research. Yes, that is a must! In my case, I chose affiliate marketing as the most reliable online business model because of two key reasons.

  1. Affiliate marketing can make a passive income.
  2. There is no need for spending much time on a regular basis.

But, at the starting stage, you have to study about this business model for a greater extent. What I did was obtaining an affiliate marketing training from the Wealthy Affiliate program.

is iq option a scam

Thanks to their extremely awesome guidance and the support, now I earn a 4-digit income via affiliate marketing. Even you can try out this online business model. As a one who tried out IQ Option, I would like to emphasize that affiliate marketing is such a reliable business model than online trading.

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