IS MY BUSINESS VENTURE A SCAM?-All you need to know!

is my business venture a scam

I believe that doing personal research of anything is much valuable than asking someone else. And also selecting the best source to do the research is also important. So, before I start this review, I would like to say this is not any review which promotes any product. Hence before you rely on any source look whether they promote the product or not. So, seems like you have a question in your mind. That question is ?is my business venture a scam??. So, under this review, I am going to answer this question while solving all the doubts in your mind and I will provide you with a detailed image of this product.

is my business venture a scam

IS MY BUSINESS VENTURE A SCAM?-Everything at a glance!

The following are the summarized details regarding this program.

This product is not at all a scam. It is a very legitimate product which will help you to earn money through it. You will be able to reach your goals easily using this business model.

  • The name of the product: My Business Venture (MBV)
  • The creator: Thomas Stridiron
  • Type of the product: Done-For-You E-commerce Service
  • Price of the product: Starting from $795
  • This product is useful for the people who are concerned to start a franchise business but no economic ability.

There are some proven details that there are some investors who have reached their success within a short period by this product. According to the owner, he said that there are some customers who have reached the $4000 in shipping repayments a month and also had some customers who do 100 sales a day. So, isn?t this the best choice to increase your sales?

is my business venture a scam


This is known as an “Ecom Service Provider” which means that it provides with all essential tools, resources and provide you with all the help that is needed to earn money. They also train you to do your earning perfectly as you wish. Hence through this method, you will be able to be the online businessman that you dreamt of within a very short period via e-commerce. The model their following under this method is known as drop shipping. Let us understand what drop shipping is.

It is like the modern way of online business. Now even the online businesses are upgraded. Hence drop shipping is that you can do all your shipping and handling without any difficulty. As a nutshell, my business venture is completely about drop shipping. So, it is easy to understand what business venture through this.

is my business venture a scam

Background of my business venture

They provide you with so many services that will push you toward the goal in your life. These services provided by them will definitely help you to become a successful businessman/businesswoman. Following are the services provided by them:

  • It helps you to create your own website or an online store.
  • They help you with web hosting. Whether you have basic knowledge of web hosting or not, they will help you with web hosting to develop your own website.
  • On the other hand; they will provide you with a domain name that is needed to identify your website uniquely.
  • Furthermore; they are available with 14000+ products that can be used to sell on your online store.
  • Not only that but also they will provide with the shopping cart facility.
  • Moreover; they provide you with safe payment methods with safe payment gateways. (credit cards, debit cards, and other payment methods.)
  • They will train you with all the fields that you should be compatible with.
  • Do not forget that they will design you with a unique and attractive logo that is needed for your business. This logo is very important to grab the attention of most of the customers.
  • They will help you to do various marketing campaigns to advertise your business. Through this method, you will be able to reach a higher customer base within a short period.

is my business venture a scam

How to make money with my business venture?

If you are interested in my business venture, you can select a package to join them. They offer 03 types of packages. Given below are those three:

  1. Standard package
  2. Professional package
  3. Enterprise package

Let us identify the differences between these three.

  1. Standard package:

?This package costs $795. This amount can be paid in 36 payments of $99.83 and this package will provide you with a custom store to start your Ecom business.

  1. Professional package:

This package costs around $2,795 which is taken as a one-time payment. This is the most famous package among the customers. Under this package, they will support you to drive traffic to your store and to earn money very faster.

  1. Enterprise package:

This is the final package which helps you to access everything that was given above in the list. The cost of this package is $3,995 while it can be paid as a one-payment. This package includes the customization of the logo and the complete training.

is my business venture a scam

By following this link, a person can know how a boy of 21 years earns a living through my business venture without any working experience or degree. Here he provides with a one-hour training of how he achieved his goals within a very short period through first come first serve method. So, hurry up and grab your seat. I personally set my seat on his training and heard his training.FREE 1-HOUR TRAINING.

This method is cheaper than franchise businesses like McDonald. There are so many success stories under this program. If a person needs to franchise this is the method path to choose. Hence there are many proven examples of people who have earned through my business venture and also have reached an income where they could not even image on their past.



  1. They provide all the services on one platform. If a person could not realize what they should do to earn money, this is the best platform because they do everything for you.
  2. On the other hand; they are very supportive and they will provide free shipping through MBV sites. In addition; they also provide you with a 10% money guarantee which means if any customer finds a product that beats the price will be offered with a 10% money guarantee and free shipping.
  3. It seems to be that they have managed to get an A+ rating from better business bureau which is a great achievement because it is so difficult to stay on that rank by BBB. Do not forget that they have 20 years of experience in this business field.

is my business venture a scam


  1. This program is completely based on New York and they serve only in US and Canada. They work with such a target audience so it is difficult to work with them as their drop shippers are not available anywhere else.
  2. This is expensive for people with a low budget. This is best for the people who are interested to do franchising. If this is the case you can build your own store by using or similar sites.

is my business venture a scam

However, by understanding all the factors discussed so far you might get an understanding on this program and also I think you have got a clear answer to the question ?Is my business venture a scam??. Hence to be clearer about it, as the final note I would like to say that it is not a scam at all. This is a very legitimate product which is founded and handled by legitimate users. They help people to earn real money online and there are so many examples to prove that they have succeeded in their program.

However, there is a lot of people to share their success story with you. Most of them have been able to reach their goals and to become successful business people through this program. So, aren’t you dreaming to be a successful businessman/ businesswoman? Then why so late? Hurry up and set your seat forward to reach the goals of your life.

Don’t miss this great opportunity!

Signup now and select the best package that suits you to enjoy earning if you are interested in!

But, keep in your mind thoroughly that there are numerous ways to make money online.

Do you like to discover my secret of making a 4-figure income online?

the business model which is followed by me is affiliate marketing. If you check out the online world, you will be able to come across through a large number of successful affiliate marketers at a glance. Yes, affiliate marketing is such a successful online business model around the world.

is my business venture a scam

Actually; I thought to follow this business model as I am lack of time for going ahead online business model like dropshipping. Actually; I was able to make huge profits a few years back via dropshipping. But, I could not manage dropshipping with my full-time job in Dubai.

Each and every online business model requires proper understanding in order to go ahead with that. That is why; you have to grab the fundamentals in any online business model in a proper manner. In my case; I get the guidance from the famous affiliate training program, the Wealthy Affiliate. Actually; they provided me such an immensely amazing training. So, here I would like to recommend this affiliate training program as a successful as well as a risk-free one. If you are interested in building up your own affiliate marketing business, just try out this program and feel the difference.

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