Is Opinion City a scam or a legit? – Read and find out the truth!

is opinion city a scam

These days there are many online sites offering the opportunity to earn some extra cash, or some other form of rewards, such as gift cards, by completing various surveys online. Sounds like the perfect side hustle, doesn?t it? It lets you earn a little extra income, which you can either use to splurge and treat yourself or put it away for a rainy day. A lot of people are doing it these days, especially when faced with a financially difficult time. However, the big question is whether these sites that offer rewards for doing surveys are legit or scams. If you are interested in signing up with one of these sites but have doubts about their legitimacy, it is always a good idea to do some research about them first. Opinion City is one such site that I came across, and the big question is, Is Opinion City a scam?

is opinion city a scam

Opinion City seems to offer an easy way of making some extra money while doing very little work. It does sound too good to be true, doesn?t it? That is what I want to find out too. Therefore this is my attempt to do an independent review on them. My aim is to find an answer to the question, is Opinion City legit or is it just another scam site full of false promises.

Is Opinion City Legit?

Before we try to find an answer to that burning question, we should try to understand what Opinion City is. Not only that but also how it works. Opinion City is a website that claims to offer an incredible opportunity to make some easy money from home by spending a couple of hours online, doing various market research surveys. The site apparently promises to connect you with other third-party market research companies, which supposedly has various surveys for you to complete and, after you complete them hopefully will let you earn some value through some incentive scheme. This incentive can either in form of cash or some sort of gift cards. Most of the times; they are the most common form of returns offered by the online survey sites.

is opinion city a scam

However, Opinion City does not conduct any market research or let users take any surveys directly on their site. All they do basically is to showcase other third party sites and lets you connect with those. Therefore, even if you do earn something by completing surveys found through Opinion City, you won?t be getting paid by Opinion City itself. This factor in itself makes you doubt whether Opinion City is legit or just a scam.

How does Opinion City work?

The basic idea behind Opinion City is to showcase the third-party, supposedly legitimate, market research or online survey sites and let visitors to Opinion City select and connect with one or more of these sites. The Opinion City homepage displays a set of review summaries of various third-party survey sites, with a link to a full review page for each of the sites.

is opinion city a scam

It highlights ratings, incentives, and types of surveys available. The individual review pages for these sites have a more descriptive spiel about the specific site. Keep in mind that these reviews are done by Opinion City themselves, so it is no surprise that all the reviews are very favorable of the third-party survey sites. The pages have a link to join the actually paid survey sites, but surprisingly, these links all lead to the same site. Another red flag to question, is Opinion City legit?

Opinion City also has a newsletter subscription form, with an opportunity to enter a competition to win $50 a week, but I?d definitely keep far away from it. If you do signup, expect to receive plenty of spam emails.

Signs that make you question, is Opinion City legit?

Reviews of Questionable Sites

Opinion City has reviews for various sites. Not surprisingly, all of the reviews rave about the particular survey site. But at the same time, you can get various rewards by participating in surveys form that particular site. Furthermore, all of the sites have 5-star ratings, which seems a little too good to be true. Especially since there is no indication who rated it, or how many actually rated the sites. This is a sure sign that all the reviews are done by Opinion City themselves and are very biased towards the third-party survey sites. They also try to show that these surveys are highly sought after by saying that only a limited number of opportunities are available, or only a few positions are open.

The individual review pages have a link to join the particular site, but they all link out to a single site This is another sure sign that Opinion City is not as legit as it seems at first glance.


It is a dodgy site with no information about ownership or legal status

The Opinion City site does not have any information about the legal status of the site, or about who owns the site, or where it operates from. A legitimate site shouldn?t have any problems disclosing about themselves. They do have an address given on their privacy page, for an office building in Texas, USA. Unless you want to go to Texas and have look at the place, anyone can put a random address on their site. There is an introduction from a ?Consumer Trend Investigator? which sounds as phony as the site itself. Also, you have to sign up for the newsletter before you can access a more detailed version of the site.

Reported on Facebook

Opinion City has a Facebook page and the site provides an option to share on Facebook. But, when I tried to share it, it gives an error saying that sharing of the site is not allowed as it has been reported as abusive by other Facebook users. What more evidence do you need to get a clear answer to the question, is Opinion City legit? Or is it just another scam site set up to fool unsuspecting gullible people trying to earn a little bit extra on the side.

is opinion city a scam

What is the final verdict? Is Opinion City Legit?

Personally, I would keep as far away from Opinion City as I could, and I suggest you do the same. After going through the Opinion City site, it became more and more apparent that it is not as legitimate as it looks. There are a lot of red flags mentioned above. They give a clear cut answer to the question is Opinion City legit? For me, it is very clear that Opinion City is not legit. And it is just a scam website set up to waste people?s time. Or even worse, this program makes people for losing their money.

is opinion city a scam

Most people who look for these types of online survey sites are doing. That is because they hope to earn a little extra income, especially when faced with financially difficult times. Scam sites such as Opinion City are giving false hope to desperate people, praying on their gullibility. On the other hand, they undermine the legitimate survey sites, which are actually doing real-world market research to help businesses.

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is opinion city a scam

What I think is that going ahead with online money-making programs like Opinion City is a huge waste of time. Of course, you can spend that period of time studying an online business model like affiliate marketing. Having a great understanding of the business model that you are willing to go ahead is a must for long-term success.

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