Is Paribus a scam? | An application that helps you with cash backs!

Ever experienced the process of filing for a refund, credit or claims for something that you have purchased? Yeah. I know. It’s so tiring and it’s too much of a hassle for just a small amount of money.

What if there is an application that can get you your cash backs easier?

Here is Paribus. An online application and system that reviews and monitors your purchases and if it’s eligible for a refund or a cashback it will file the claims for you.

However, is it a scam? Does it really work? Is it worth it?

Don’t worry I am here to make sure that all your questions are answered about this system called Paribus.

I just want to let you know that I am in no way connected to Paribus or Capital One, but I did my research to make sure your time is not wasted on a system or app that doesn’t work.

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Going back, here is my Paribus Review and let’s answer the question: Is Paribus a scam?

What is Paribus?

Paribus is an online application where it can help you get cash backs and refund by tracking your online purchases. This means that if your recent purchase suddenly dropped its price, Paribus can help you get a credit or a cashback.

Founded by Eric Glyman and Karim Atiyeh in 2014 and was later on purchases by Capital One in 2016. The name is from the Latin Phrase “Ceteris Paribus” which means “all other things remaining constant.” in economics.

Karim Atiyeh- CTO(Left) & Eric Glymen-CEO(Right)

The aim of this system is to help consumers make the most out of their money and make sure they can maximize all the discount they can get.

As we all know most stores have price guarantees, this means that if there’s a sale or if the price of the product goes down you can file a price adjustment claim. This will result in refunding the consumer with the price difference.

However, the issue lies with the filing of these claims. It’s time-consuming and it’s such a hassle for the consumer. If not done correctly, you won’t get refunded. That’s why most of us no longer wish to file claims for refunds.

But Paribus wants to help us by doing the filing on their end so we can make sure we get those dollar bills back.

Here is their debut video so you?ll have an idea of how it works:

How does Paribus work?

First, let’s talk about their sign up process:

  • Sign up – You can sign up using Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, as well as other email providers.
  • Link your credit or debit cards – This is an optional step. Connecting your credit card or debit card will allow Paribus to get you the best prices matching possible.
  • Email synchronization – Once done with registration, a request for email sync will pop up. This is for them to see your recent purchases so they can record and monitor it for future claims they can file on your behalf.
  • Parabus will do all the work – Once it’s all settled you just sit back and let Paribus do all the work for you.
  • Wait for the money back – If a filed claim is approved the money will be sent back depending on the method you used for purchasing.

Let me explain this to you. Paribus will be asking you to get access to your email. Once you approve it, the scope of their access will be reading your emails for receipts, send and delete.

This will let Paribus track and monitor your online purchases and if it detects an issue or a price drop the system will do the work for you.

This is not only limited to your future purchases but once Paribus gets access to your email, they can check your old purchases as well. Paribus can also file claims for your old purchases if qualified.

Once a claim is approved the refund will be provided based on how the purchase was made. It could be back to your credit or debit card. You can also have refunds sent to your PayPal account.

Here’s an example:

I bought a pair of shoes using my debit card for $150. I get an email confirmation about my receipt and the details of my purchase.

Instead of me monitoring the price of my purchase from time to time and if the price drops I’ll have to go to the store to file claims personally. This is time-consuming and such a hassle for consumers like me.

Since I have Paribus working and monitoring in the background if there is a sudden price drop it will file the claim right away. Once approved I will be notified by Paribus and wait for the refund to come.

By the way, you can check the list of stores Paribus works with here.

Is Paribus safe?

I know most of you guys will ask if Paribus is safe because this requires access to your email.

They assure that it’s completely safe and it will only do what it needs to do. Look for receipts and file claims on your behalf.

This is optional since they will be asking for your approval for them to get access to your email. However, not letting them access your email will cause Paribus to not work.

It won’t be able to check and monitor your online receipts. Paribus won’t be able to file claims for you, making it useless if you ask me.

What I like about Paribus…

Have information about Each store’s different price matching policies

Different retail stores have different policies regarding price matching and price differentials.

With Paribus you don’t need to review each and every policy because it can do it for you. It knows all the policies of their partner retailers making it easy for you to get refunds or claims.

Some policies are not even known by a lot of consumers as some companies don’t put the focus on it. However, since Paribus knows it and is also up to date with the policies you don’t have to worry about not getting that refund.

It avoids hassle for claims

If you try to do manually what Paribus does then the hassle and the time that you’ll invest will not be equivalent to the amount that you’ll get in the refund.

There are a lot of policies to look at and review. So doing it manually will cause too much stress. It’s better to have Paribus do it for you instead.

$24 Million in savings acquired for users

Paribus was created in 2014 and since then they’ve found over $24 million in potential savings for their customers. ?

And as of now, they are still working hard to make sure everything goes smoothly and get more companies to partner with them. This is to also streamline their refund process.

Refunds for shipping delays

Online purchases may experience delays with shipments and the good thing about this is Paribus can also file refund if this happens.

Being partnered with Walmart and Amazon is a good thing because it gives them the ability to foresee any shipping delays.

Making it easier to get compensated if any shipping delays happened with the purchase.


What I don’t like about Paribus…

Complains about Paribus not working

I checked the reviews about Paribus and most of their reviews are about the system not working. Their reason? They haven’t received any refund yet.

As you can see on this complaint on their Better Business Bureau profile there is this one right here:

Here’s the thing, there are two things that I can think of why there is no refund.

First, Paribus don’t see any reason for them to request a refund based on the policies of the store.

Second, the company never issued the refund.

Paribus knows all the policies of every retails stores they are partnered with. If the system sees that they are qualified for the claim then it will be filed.

Approval of the claim will not be from Paribus but from the company. So, even if there is a request for the refund, the approval will be from the company. If the claim was not approved then there will be no refund.

I am giving Paribus the benefit of the doubt as this is just a system that will file the complaints but the approval will still come from the company.

High Service Fee

Paribus will be working for you by monitoring your purchases and the price matching for each store. Of course, they need to make money for the services that they’ll give to you.

Whenever there is a successful refund they’ll be charging you 25% of the refund amount.

Let’s use my example again. I purchased the pair of shoes for $150 but after a month the price when down to $100. Paribus noticed the price drop and filed claims for it. It got approved and the company refunded $50. Since there is a service fee, $12.5 will be for Paribus and $37.5 will be for you.

If you think it’s too much for a service fee, imagine you doing the refund manually. Paying that service fee is better than experiencing all the hassle and waste a lot of time filing for the claims.

Is Paribus a scam?

No. I can definitely say that Paribus is a legitimate company.

With Paribus’ intensive knowledge with the policies of over 20 companies, I am truly amazed about what this system can do.

Is it worth it? Yes, of course. Even with the 25% service fee, I still think that this product is worth it because you can avoid the hassle of doing everything manually. And doing it manually requires a lot of time.

However, if you are very particular and don’t want an application or a system to access your email then this is not the one for you.

But, if you’re okay with having your email accessed by applications like Pasribus then you can download it and avoid the hassle of filing a refund or claims.

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