My Case Study About Wealthy Affiliate . NO B.S

My story……

“Wealthy Affiliate”

When ever I see wealth or rich on internet, my mind says ‘this is another online scam’.

Because most of the scam programs start with those attractive marketing words such as money, wealth, rich, abundance etc to take people’s money away.

Also, I have had bad experiences with scam programs.

I can remember few years ago I was hunting for online money making programs, applications,systems. I found a bot program for forex trading. All what happened in that program is, it finds winning trades and trade for me. It’s called “Wealth Machine”. They took 250$ from me and finished it in two days. I didn’t make a single Dollar from it.That money was my savings from doing overtime.

I was frustrated!

From that day I don’t believe when I see the words “wealth” or “rich” online. In fact, it scared me to a level where, now I do not even open them. lol

In 2015, I saw a blog post on wealthy affiliate. Then someone reviewed about wealthy affiliate and others were commenting about how good the program was. I considered this as another blog post about scam program from another scam team. Also, I didn’t even research about it because the word “wealthy(scam) was there.

After investing a great amount of time and efforts, I have learned about building an online business, Dropshipping, SEO, Blogging etc… And I started receiving extra income from what I learned.

To be frank with you, in order to make money online, it took time and lots of hard work from me. I didn’t have anyone one to ask. I watched YouTube and read thousands of blog post. And there were places I was stuck for months having no one to help me.


Also, I got caught up with few training courses. After spending hundreds of dollars for paid courses, I realized that those courses were as same as what I learned to watch

Advice-Don’t buy courses which promise you thousands of dollars in few days. Do your own research .

Last February one of my friends came to me to ask about Facebook ads. While we were on chat he said that he has a blog site in which he affiliates some amazon products and it brings few hundreds of dollars per month. Also, he said he has it setup on wealthy affiliate.

I didn’t believe it ! I said, I thought it was another scam

Then he gave more positive feedback saying they provide very good training courses, hosting, tools bla bla bla ….

However, he couldn’t impress me on this “wealthy affiliate”.

After two days my friend sent me a discounted affiliate link by mail just to try.

Anyways, I paid 19$ and signed up only to see how these guys are cheating people and where do they make money. I didn’t want to learn anything but marketing tactic.

And this is what I really observed.But I am not going to appreciate what this Canadian company does.

is wealthy affiliate scam or not?

Keep Reading….


Unlimited Education and Knowledge

After i sign up, I was surprised …..

Honestly, you can gain an immense knowledge from the wealthy affiliate. I’m sure with that information they can create plenty of separate courses and sell separately or create some e-books. You will find blog posts and videos as well. All the videos guide you to build online business. Affiliate marketing, web development, blogging etc…


(Im sorry coudnt record more than 15mins and didnt use inbuild recorder for get the training sounds)

When you, log in you will find a training section on dashboard.If you are an amateur to the online game I would suggest you to first finish the training. You might see a lot of shiny objects. Don’t try to catch them now, but keep learning.

There are five sections in training and I suggest you to go through all. And it might take months but it shows everything about building website to make money.



All the above courses are loaded with a great amount of learning resources and videos. That makes your life easier. I didn’t read all the text but I watched most of the training videos. I skipped some training which I already knew.

And I am sure their training are effective because its not only my impression, but also there are many retired personals and moms who joined there and built their business. Also, they joined many years ago and now they claim their success story. I don’t think anyone is willing to pay monthly subscription fee if they don’t make any money.

When I was doing a research I found those people are members and grow their business through this.

-Single Mums

-Retired People

-Moms who stays in home

-Grand parents

-People who looking for extra income

-Teenagers who are looking for building their business online

-People who has no tech related knowledge (Special ladies)

-People who are struggle with their finance.

-Student who need extra income for their studies.

-Successful online business owners


You can jump in to the training session and see whats happening. Check the session


Help Centre is like 911

In this program has Help Centre and they offer different categories same as other programs.Because I have seen many this kind of programs help centers take days to reply to their customers same like Facebook help center.(Facebook replying our messages after weeks)


So I contacted site support and I sent a message saying I need to change one of my site hosting to Wealth Affiliate and I went to sleep.

Next day morning I have noticed they have replied me. So I had kept talking to them though their messaging system(Not a Live Chat) and every time they used to reply my messages. To reply the messages they took 5-15mins. Also, I had lots of questions and they answered all my queries.

You can see below snap shot, conversation took 30 messages and they answered all.

The Best part is I gave my site log in and all the details to them and they transferred it smoothly to wealthy affiliate hosting and they call it ‘siterubix hosting provider’.

As per my experience, beginners have a lot of questions related to this online money making methods. But in this program there are multiple ways your questions will be answered without any delay. May be the wealthy affiliate team or may be a member of the program.

I honestly believe them as an extremely supportive team.


Try your niche and favourite business name by typing in below box.You can check the availability.

Community Like Neigbours


This community consists of such warm and dedicated members. After you sign up for the program you will get a hundred of welcome messages, comments,requests. I felt It like I logged in

What I have noticed is this program is designed to help each other. Whenever someone helps another they get points and it helps to maintain ranking within the program. It has more than 200,000 active members from around the globe.

Also, I have noticed members shares their advises, ideas,experiences via blog post within the group. Sometimes its really helpful as it keeps you motivated and push you along the journey.

Also members can make their own training programs and share with others.

Another special thing is ‘live chat’ option. To test that I asked few questions and I got the answer right away from members. That’s so cool.

Note-I have noticed people ask funny questions depend on their knowledge. But instead of laughing at them everyone tries to help them with an answer.


Live Events ( My favorite)

Every Friday one of the coach doing live webinar that is very useful. Coach name is Jay and I can say he knows the stuff what he is talking about. He talks about all the online marketing stuff and sometimes he does the method live. It’s always one hour live session and end of the webinar audience can ask the questions and he will answer them.


This Is Jay With his Spiky Hair

All the previous webinars are recorded and saved, therefore members can watch them anytime. I didn’t follow the training much because some of them are too basic for me but I watched most of the recorded webinars. And they are great. Lots of valuable information and tips can be found in there.

I should salute the coach Jay for his clear instructions and ability to teach without any BS. I would say he has the skill to explain the most complicated data in a very much simple and comprehensive manner to his audience.

To follow any expert in the industry is very important to me. Reason is Google and other platforms are changing rapidly with their algorithms and we need to update our selves. And this webinars help us with the latest updated information to uplift our knowledge on this field. .

One of the webinar topic was ‘keyword research’. While he was explaining, he showed many low competition keywords. I’m sure some members use those keywords to their sites.

This is another great Niche Idea Generation Webinar that you can Watch Now.

Tools For Web Builders


According to years of my experience, in order to grow an online business you need to invest money for expenses. Here are my expenses that I had earlier

  • Hosting- I used Siteground hosting 14.95$ per month.
  • Domains-10$ for first year
  • Theme-59$ from themeforest
  • Moz Pro Keyword Tool- 99$ Per month
  • Grammerly- 14.99$ per month
  • Stock Images-1-2$ per image or I used to find them on pixabay for free

Above all expenses are for basic important tools that I had to spent on my online business. It was more than 150$ per month.

But what I have noticed is Wealthy affiliate offers all of those services for their premium members. They are charging only 49$ per month.

  • Hosting-SiteRubix (This hosting service has a good speed)
  • Domains-You need to buy for 10$-15$
  • Theme- You will get a hundred of themes In Wealthy affiliate for free
  • Keyword Tool-Jaxxy is very simple and good tool. You can use unlimited keyword research as a premium member.
  • Blogging Tool-This program has Grammar checker and spelling checker that everyone can use.
  • Stock Images-Thousands of images for FREE

Comparing to market prices of the tools, wealthy affiliate is a good option. There are some differences with the standard but their premium member charges are fairly good for someone who is trying to start a journey.


Success Has different Levels

I don’t think success depends on paid program or software. Success should depend on you and your skills only.

If you don’t have skills, here is the training by which you can develop your skills.

Wealthy affiliate is not the guaranteed success platform. But if you have a dream to be successful you can use this platform to begin your journey towards the success.

I have seen some members have achieved massive success and some are catching up with the sales.

Below lady is a mom of two kids. She has a growing successful online business and her story is so inspiring.

Read her income 1937$ On may


This young guy claimed that he earned his first 2.42$ in his business. Congratulation!






? ? ?Read about his achievement






She is a mother and her target is -“I hope someday, sooner than later, I can tell my husband to fire his boss!”

Read her Mission


He has a great success in WA community. He is ranked as 117 out of more than 200,000 members.

Check what he has done for community



I believe above all are positive stories with nice profile pictures. But it doesn’t mean everyone in this program will be successful.

I have seen some people said goodbye to other members and leave wealthy affiliate. Some people leave after spending months and months with the program.

But what I observed from them is ,

  • Most of them didn’t follow the training properly and not completed them.(Yes ! Training can take months. But ‘Real value’ of the program is the training.)
  • Some started few sites together. (Maintaining a site is not easy. It needs intense focus and constant update of the site with articles. At least one article per week.)
  • Some of them who leave the program doesn’t have patience. They expect income very soon and in chunks of money.
  • Some of them gave it up after few articles being published. (You should work your butts off to make money online. Its not easy money)
  • High Expectations!They expect thousands of income in short time and when they see 2,3 dollars commission from the beginning they get fed up .(You can’t make instead thousands from the beginning. You need to appreciate your 2,3 Dollars commissions.It gives green light you are in correct path to success)




What I don’t Like about Wealthy Affiliate

I know this is a business model and they have huge expenses for survival, therefore they earn it from memberships. But i’m not going to praise them.


  • They encourage members to promote the wealthy affiliate and earn the commission.

For the affiliate, they are paying well and anyone can earn a good income. Also, members are claiming their success as well. But make money online is very competitive. also, its not a niche to try for newbies. I saw some members complained that after months of hard work they couldn’t make any money. If you sign up for premium, don’t try to promote wealth affiliate from the beginning. Start with a niche website that you are passionate about.


  • Upsell

For the keyword tool, they have up sell. To get more than 20 keyword results you need to upgrade. But you can do unlimited keyword researches that will be more than enough for your business from the beginning.


  • Guaranteed Income-B.S

When you hang around in wealthy affiliate you might feel this is a guaranteed income source.But its not true. Wealthy affiliate is only a platform that give great road map for online marketing. But your income will depend on how much time you are willing to spend on working hard.If you are a lazy ass you are not going to make it happen.


  • Shiny Objects

There are thousands of members in different niches and affiliate programs like Amazon, share a sale etc. Also, they are sharing success with others to empower them. But this might affect the newbies who are trying to learn and make some money from the beginning. Beginners will jump for these shiny objects and make money and that’s not the way. Locked in your niche until you see the success.


Final Words For You


I have explained here what I observed within the program but not make a hype about making millions.Also, I don’t suggest anything to others if im not appreciating. Because I know the pain of making money and wasting money on crappy products.

According to my experience this is a great platform for beginners who are ready to work hard for their future. This will teach all the elements clearly and simple comprehensive way that any level of the audience can understand very well.

49$ per month can be a big deal for some of you especially when you are in thousands of dollars debt. I can understand it. But this business model requires only less investment. I don’t think for 49$ you can’t start any brick and motor business and grow it.

My suggestion is, if you find wealthy affiliate too expensive for you, just sign up for one month and complete the courses and grab the value of knowledge. For the first month, they charge 19$ Only.

Also, Remembers this,

Don’t expect that income will come immediately from next month and you can clear your debt. You need to work for at least six months to see some results.

Community, training, webinars, and tools are a great asset in this program that anyone can start an online business from scrap.

It’s your call to invest and sign up for this program. And I would like to wish you best of luck for your online journey!

Don’t forget more opportunities will come up when the internet is expanding in the world.

Comment here if you have any questions and I’m happy to help you.

This is my ref feral link with the discount for wealthy affiliate.19$ for the first month.



I wish You Best Of Luck and Lots of

Dollars on You!










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