Is Yoonla a scam

Earning some extra bucks over the internet while staying at home, and working whenever you can. This is actually a dream come true. But this dream is not easily achieved. There are more scams and fake businesses in the market than the true and legit ones. This is another such site that has grown popular in the past. They promise the same that everyone promises. But is Yoonla a scam?

Is Yoonla a scam

Readout my review and find out if they are a scam or not!

I will tell you everything that is there to know about this scheme. At the end of this article, you will know everything about them including who they are, how they work, and especially whether you should join them or not.

And without talking too much, I will directly take you to my review of this seemingly legit website.

What is this review about?-Before discussing whether is Yoonla a scam or not…

The website claims to be the Digital Lifetime Platform that teaches people to become entrepreneurs in the digital market. But this is hardly the case. And in the upcoming sections, you will understand why is said that.

This looks like all the other Money – Making websites that promise to be helping people to live their dream life. But the problem is definite? Are they really going to help you do that?

Is Yoonla a scam

Enough with the prep talk, this organization is about Affiliate marketing. Those of you who are not new to online businesses may know what it is. But to those who do not know, it is basically a method you can earn money by referring other people into someone else’s business. You can also earn by referring people to buy products. The amount you earn is a commission from the amount that they pay (or sometimes earn). Do not get me wrong because this method is totally legal and there are people who became millionaires through affiliate marketing.

But since you are going to be in the bottom or close – to – bottom part of this program, you should think twice. Well, the millionaire dream is closer to those who are at the top level.

How does this system work?

The scheme is included with seven steps that are supposed to be helping you to become the millionaires you wish to be. All of these steps are linked together, and you can find them in the dashboard.

Is Yoonla a scam

Also, these steps come with explanatory videos so that you understand what you are supposed to do. There is very little possibility of you missing anything important. They have taken care to explain each and every detail in very simple language.

The seven steps are as follows:

  1. Download the Evolve app.
  2. Pay a fee of 15 dollars per month and signup for getting Response.
  3. Setup your email autoresponder.
  4. Purchase the yahoo web hosting.
  5. Setup your yahoo web account.
  6. Customize your landing page.
  7. Signup with their elite package by filling a form.

It sounds pretty easy but it actually depends on the amount of money that you are ready to spend.

Is Yoonla a scam

How much will you have to spend on it?

This is the biggest problem that always comes to my head when I think about online systems like this. They are never free. They always make you pay a fortune or a little less, and sometimes I wonder if it is even worth it. Will I ever be able to earn that money back?

However, for this organization the initial membership is free. Well, honestly there is nothing in the free pack. It is just them asking you to buy their tools of affiliate marketing. And obviously become an elite member, which is the paid version.

So, with the paid part this is how much you will spend,

  • 15 dollars per month for the Get Response deal.
  • For the Yahoo small business – hosting will cost 12 dollars per month and the domain name will cost 16 dollars.

Is Yoonla a scam

How can you make money with this system?

This program is focused on nothing but making you promote their own website. So, if you are planning to make cash with them you will have to introduce people to the scheme.

Promote their membership among your friends and even your family as much as you can. And then you will start to earn.

The procedure that you have to follow in order to earn a few bugs with this website can be listed in 7 steps.

  1. Create your landing page.
  2. Get the traffic to flow into your landing page. This traffic flowing is the harder part and might involve payments as well.
  3. Build your email list.
  4. Follow up with the subscribers in your landing page.
  5. Promote the free starter membership.
  6. For every free membership sign up, you get to earn between two to four dollars.
  7. For every upgrade of your referrals to the elite membership package, you earn around thirty bucks.

Is Yoonla a scam

The good and the bad of the system

Every online earning system has its own good and bad features. So does this one as well.

Here are the good features that I saw on the system:

  1. They have a large number of members which probably means that many people trust this source.
  2. No hype or fake promises made. The owner is pretty honest in delivering his video.
  3. The training is pretty much straight forward and clear so that anyone can understand it easily.
  4. The CPA program could be very beneficial if you know how to use it properly.

And here are the seemingly bad features of this program that I identified.

  1. You have to pay in order to actually start working with them. The free membership will only take you a very little distance. All the important ones come only when you pay.
  2. The training is focused on driving traffic to your landing page through paid methods. I am not saying that this method is not successful. But if you consider the amount you will have to pay, you will realize why I saw it as a negative point.

You better to go through the following video for more information about Yoonla.

Finally, is Yoonla a scam?

So, I guess you have read the entire article and probably know the answer to this question better than me. Yes, it is not a scam site. But it is not the best way you have to earn money online either.

What they are mostly concerned about is making you recruit more people to them. The cash that you earn with them is directly proportional to the number of people you introduce to them. If I put it, in other words, your income is depended on the number of recruits under you. This is because you will be earning their commission. They have been built to do nothing but promote their memberships.

Is Yoonla a scam

If you are in any way planning to learn on how to make your own website and start your business this is not the place for you. That is because they do not teach you any of that here.

If you are okay with promoting someone else’s website in order to gain money, then this is okay.

But, as to what I think, it is always better to start something that belongs to you. It will not be easy or will not have cash flowing in the second you start it. But with time, you will definitely thank me.

How about trying out affiliate marketing?

If you need to engage in an affiliate marketing business, of course, it is necessary to study about the affiliate marketing business model in detail. In my case; I obtained all-in-one affiliate marketing training via the Wealthy Affiliate first.

Thanks to that perfect affiliate marketing training program, currently I am a 4-figure income generator online.

Is Yoonla a scam

If you cannot find enough time for studying this online business model, then you better to go ahead with a training program like this.

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