JUMPCUT ACADEMY REVIEW for those who are dreaming to be a YouTuber!

jumpcut academy review

Definitely, you might be wondering how to be a creative and famous YouTuber and thereby earn money out of YouTube. Need not to worry you have come to the best place. By the way, I am happy that you are carrying out personal research to find the best course to start your own YouTube channel. In the modern day, YouTube can do a great change in many fields as it has become a daily application used by most of the people. So, if you can create your own YouTube channel, cannot it be the best way to earn money? But before all, you have to be creative in your videos which would grab the attention of many. So jumpcut academy is such a course which helps you to make your dream a reality. So, let us begin; here is the Jumpcut academy review.

jumpcut academy review

Summarized Jumpcut academy review

It is a course that is used to train people who are eager to create their own YouTube channel and to earn money out of it. So, this training course will lead such people to build good content and provide knowledge in making videos. Though this course is seemingly higher in price than many other courses it will provide you with all what you want.

  • Name of the product: Jumpcut academy
  • Creators: Jesse and Kong
  • Type: Course on creating YouTube content
  • Cost: $997 (one-time membership) or $197 (six months)
  • This course is created especially for the people with great interest to own a YouTube channel with good content and who are eager to do videos which could earn money.

jumpcut academy review

What is the jumpcut academy?

As mentioned before this online course is developed to provide training to most of the youth who tries to become great YouTube influencers. This will definitely be a great platform for such people who dream to be a successful YouTuber and also to earn money by making it as a profession. This is also known as jumpcut academy 2.0 or viral academy.

Here they will provide you with step by step activities in order to provide you with better knowledge in developing and popularizing your channel. However, the developers of this course have their own YouTube channel which they have successfully grown up to 2.7 million subscribers. These two developers whom I mentioned above in the description are from the simple pick. However, their website has shown that they will provide the following:

  • The way to make original content on your channel.
  • The way to develop your dedicated online following.
  • The way to earn money from the videos you upload to your channel.

Hence this will be the best method to earn money while you do something that you can enjoy. So, earning is fun, let us enjoy it!

jumpcut academy review

Background information on jumpcut academy

This is totally a school for YouTube content developers. So here you will learn everything that is needed to develop and grow your channel. So, once you join the academy you will become a student who learns YouTube and how to create amazing videos. They work with 6 trainers who teach you about everything needed and they have worked hard in developing their own channels up to 15 million subscribers. So, aren’t they the best teachers to teach you how to develop your own channel?

Given below are a few details about those instructors:

  1. Name of the YouTuber/instructor: David So

Channel name: DavidSoComedy

No of subscribers: 1.4M subscribers

The total number of views:245M views.

  1. Name of the YouTuber/instructor: Aryia

Channel name: simplesexystupid

No of subscribers: 900K subs

Total no of views: 100M views.

Specialty: Blog Marketing

jumpcut academy review

  1. Name of the YouTuber/instructor: Joe & Bart

Channel name: justkiddingnews

No of subscribers: 1.6M subscribers

Total no of views: 1B views.

  1. Name of the YouTuber/instructor: Jesse & Kong

Channel name: simple pickup

No of subscribers: 2.7M subscribers

Total no of views: 325M views.?


In the beginning, you can sign up with them by providing your email and name. Once you signed up to the course, they will make you watch 4 videos. Here it is absolutely free. You need not do any payment on this stage. From these videos, you will be able to understand what is Jumpcut academy and many more details on it.

The details about the four videos are given below:

  1. Video 01: It explains the basic idea of the free course. It also shows you how to develop your fan base by adding successful videos.
  2. Video 02: Here they explain about the viral video ideas which are much popular in social media today and also this method is followed by the founders of this course in their simple pickup YouTube channel.
  3. Video 03: This video covers up 03 psychological facts that make a video go viral.
  4. Video 04: in this video, Jesse will show how he became a successful entrepreneur by taking his life examples. He will show the way to become a successful YouTuber by his own life experiences.

jumpcut academy review

However, the full course is categorized into 05 elements to make it easy to understand. The following are those:

  1. Secrets on social media: This is to make the students understand where they are now by motivating them and also it outlines all the features and necessities of this course.
  2. How to launch your channel: This will ask you about your personal interests and thereby give you an idea of how to launch the channel.
  • Viral marketing: Under this, they will explain how to create viral videos and how to market them.
  1. Influencer intel: here they teach you to collect your first 10,000 subscribers and also how to grow the fan base eventually by being a successful YouTuber.
  2. Paid to promote: this shows how to earn out of the above phases and helps you to develop your YouTube channel in an economic way.

Why should you select the JUMPCUT ACADEMY?

However, this is a good opportunity for anyone who are trying to develop their businesses through YouTube or who dream to become a successful YouTuber. Given below are the reason to select jumpcut academy:

It provides a lot of training. There is a long list of students who have been a success through their academy. Following are some examples:

  • AirUpProductions


  • FindLoveinJapan

  • Frugal Aestethic

  • Gambino

  • Icing Artist


  • The course is so easy to follow.
  • It offers a 365-money back guarantee.

jumpcut academy review

Ugly truths revealed on JUMPCUT ACADEMY

  1. It is a very expensive training course.
  2. There is a huge waiting list.


It is an easy question to answer because it is definitely not a scam. It is a legitimate training course conducted by reputed YouTubers known as Jesse and Kong from the simple pickup YouTube channel.

By understanding all the factors described above one can come into a clear understanding that what is jumpcut academy and the way you can deal with this training program. This will be the best method to be followed by the people who dream to be a ?successful YouTuber?. So, to become that YouTuber is not that hard now, because you have jumpcut academy with you.

So, why do you late to join them?

Hurry up and join their academy to get the best results.

You can try them for free for a few days by providing your email and name. So it is that easy to be done. Why don?t you follow this simple method to achieve the goal in your life? This will be the best way to earn by doing something that you love. So, this article on Jumpcut academy review will be the first step in moving forward to your YouTube dream. I am happy to be a part of that. Enjoy your time with jumpcut academy while being the best YouTuber. Best of luck with your new carrier!

If you are more curious to find out more about this program, it is better to go through the following video guide.

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Though YouTube is a great way of making money online, it is necessary to develop certain important personal skills in order to become successful with YouTube. But, affiliate marketing is an online business model which does not require such skills. What you have to do is just building a website which can draw huge traffic from the target audience. There are critical things that you should know for the mastery level.

That is why; you have to spend an adequate period of time for studying this business model in detail. In order to study about affiliate marketing, of course, you can have the assistance of the famous affiliate marketing training program, the Wealthy Affiliate. They provide almost all of the assistance for growing up as a successful affiliate marketer.

jumpcut academy review

Though I am not a full-time affiliate marketer, I have become capable of earning 4-digit income via affiliate marketing. Even you can make money online via affiliate marketing. So, there is no need to worry if you are not interested in making money via being a YouTuber.

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