Kolotibablo legit: the ultimate review you have been looking for!

kolotibablo legit

Among the various methods that you can earn money from the internet, the newest is the captcha solving. Captchas are the various image puzzles and word phrases that you find on the internet when you try to log in or sign up to some websites. They have been developed to verify that the person trying to enter the website is actually a person, and not a bot trying to hack the site. But these are indeed tough tasks to people with visual disabilities. Hence there are companies behind the doors that solve the captchas for them for money. And Kolotibablo is such a company that solves captchas for money. And on the other end of their business, they pay you for solving the captchas for them. But to precisely know whether they are a scam or legit you better read till the end of this Kolotibalo legit!

kolotibablo legit

What is Kolotibablo?-Kolotibablo legit?

If you have ever searched for online jobs then you must have definitely come across this website which has a very weird name indeed. This is a Russian name which means to earn money.

If you are a person that has a smartphone or a computer with a moderate internet connection you will be able to start solving their captchas right away. You can join them for free and start earning.
It is a data entry job in the first case and you might find extra work like liking or following social media pages or subscribing to YouTube channels occasionally.

There are a few things that you will have to consider when signing up with them and one is that there may stuff in the Russian language. If you find the ones in a foreign language please take note to press skip.

To mark a plus point of this job you need absolutely no experience, or skill, or knowledge in this regard to get started. All you have to do is sign up. And you can start your job right away!

How does Kolotibablo work? And how can you earn cash with them?

The functioning of this website is quite easy. Your registration procedure will only include the very basic information as your email address and a password.

And upon registering you get to immediately download a plugin that will avoid you from cheating. Because it is required to take note that you are not allowed to use third party apps or companies to solve these captchas. If you are caught on cheating them, they will immediately ban your account, and you might lose all of the money that you had in your account so far.

Anyway, after registering you get immediate access to captchas to solve and start earning.

The negative point of this is that they pay you per thousand captchas. Hence you will be able to earn about 3 dollars for a thousand decodings. When considering the amount of effort and time you will have to put to get the captchas done (and accurately) the pay could be considered as very low.

kolotibablo legit

Though when reading this article, you might get the feeling that the job is easy, actually it is not. The captchas can be very tricky and hard sometimes. And you will have to spend about 5 minutes to solve some of them if you are slow to grab details. Even if you take one minute to solve one captcha, it would be thousand to solve a thousand. Hence thousand minutes divided by sixty, you will approximately need 16 hours to complete!!!!

So, my dear friend, you will have to be very quick about what you are doing to solve them.

What can you expect with Kolotibablo?-Kolotibablo legit?

There are a few complaints that have been found regarding Kolotibablo from its users. Though there is no accurate way of naming them as true or false it is always better to understand the possibilities of them occurring and be ready on what to face.

1. It is easy to get your account banned!

Out of the many complaints, this is the most shocking. Considering that you are more likely to get banned than earn could mark a website as scam among its users even if it wasn?t.

The reason for this is, that they give a person three chances to make mistakes. By mistakes, they do not mean the accuracy (though it will be in the next item). What they mean is whether you play games with them. When they strike off your three chances your account will get banned automatically.

2. The payments rates are very low.

This is a common complaint among the sites that offer data entry jobs with captcha decoding. They pay a very small amount to the users. Moreover; their payments are made per thousand images making it even harder. As mentioned earlier the payment rates could be in cents for a THOUSAND images!!!

3. You do not have enough work to do?

This system is free of charge and almost all of us are on the lookout for online jobs. Hence there are more than a thousand user accounts just for Kolotibablo. So, there is a slight limitedness of the work that you might find on their website if you were to earn daily.

This is a bad point considering the reputation of the website because if people are to do a thousand images, but they cannot find a thousand images, it means they are not getting paid. And boom it is a scam!

4. They mark your attendance!

Hah yeah! Believe it or not, they deactivate your account by marking you as inactive if you were not active in your account for a sufficient number of days. Hence the users mostly recommend for the newbies to at least login to their account once a day even if they are not planning to do any job. Because in that way you will be marked as active.

5. Delay in payments

This is rather a scary complaint when considering how often the most legitimate looking websites turn out to be scams. Users have complained that the payments are delayed as well as that you are deducted in your payments through various cases.

6. Accuracy is a must!

And finally, you are also asked to beware of the accuracy of the submissions. It is because inaccurate submissions could end up getting your payments deducted as well as getting your account banned.
It has been said that they expect an accuracy of at least 85% in order to maintain a desirable profile.

Is Kolotibablo legit or not?

So finally, the hardest question that has been always asked about the online community-based organizations. Are they legitimate or are they a scam?

So, to be short it is a part-time job that will help you earn a few bucks per month. Maybe a two digit number?

It could be considered best for people looking for an extra job in between their real jobs. That is because then this would not be much of a waste of time. Even students, or stay at home mothers could benefit from sites like these as long as they can work committed.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you need to be highly precise and into the smallest of details when decoding. Time is said to be money so if you do not have any other job for your free time, maybe even the 3 dollars will be enough.

Video walkthrough

Have a look at the following video guide for more information and insights about Kolotibablo.


There are many ways to make big incomes!

By going through my above review about Kolotibablo program, hope you guys have understood the reality behind this program. This is not a scam but you cannot earn big. In accordance with my point of view, this is a meaningless effort as there are numerous opportunities to make money online.


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Don’t waste your time with meaningless programs.

Learn something effective! Test it! Then, go ahead with that knowledge and experience!

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