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Latest Parallel PROFITS Review-All the truths has unveiled!

First of all, I should mention that Parallel PROFITS is a program which was created by Aiden Booth and Steve Clayton who are known to be two of the big fat millionaire internet marketers. They have been in this field for over a decade since the mid-2000s and created very successful programs such as 100K Factory and 7 Figure Cycle. That is because of these factors and this program is based on an actual business that they have in Florida. They have developed a program called SEM Business Blueprint 9 years ago which is in good sales. It is obvious that one should be feeling confident about Parallel PROFITS hearing about the creator’s success in the field over the years. It is time to check out my Parallel PROFITS review!

Here’s the deal:

parallel profits review

What is the Parallel PROFITS?

Parallel PROFITS are all about giving you the opportunity to learn business models. In other words, this is a way of giving you the chance to a partnership with Aiden and Steve in a way.

This online training course which is definitely going to teach you how you are able to build your own local Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in which guarantees in making $100,000 per year by providing just simple online services to small and local businesses​. Well, the good news is that this system was build based on a business model Aidan and Steve were able to run successfully for almost 9 years and is perhaps the easiest way for newcomers to the field to fill their pocket with some extra money. The amazing fact is that you only have to do around 7 sales in order to make the above $100 000 as your yearly income rate.

parallel profits review

How does Parallel PROFITS work?-Parallel PROFITS Review

In fact, Parallel PROFITS is providing you and teaching you the fastest way of earning a full time living online. Just like I mentioned before you just have to make 7 sales to make the $100 000 a year which sounds so much of stress releasing.

Although this model is just about selling simple services to local businesses, Parallel PROFITS is completely unique in their own way.

There are a few facts which make Parallel PROFITS unique.

  • You simply do not have to worry about creating a website, brand or a sales pitch. With the training, you are just a direct work as a part of a franchise. They enable you to make immediate sales by setting everything up where you do not need to worry even about marketing materials.
  • Once you secure a client which could be a local business, there is a team available who will be doing all the work for them for any need they have so you do not have to perform or outsource any services you just have to sit back and relax.
  • You would not have to communicate with the client face to face because the system already has a unique client capture system installed in it. So it is absolutely okay if you are an introvert person.

parallel profits review

There are few steps that are defined by the Parallel PROFITS process that you will basically have to go through while working in it as,

  • Activate your sales management
  • Secure the customer fast
  • Deliver simple services
  • Replicate the process

Even though this is the basic process of Parallel PROFITS, you only have to secure the client and by that, you will get paid and the rest will be taken care by the relevant teams as I mentioned before.

Parallel PROFITS has a few ways that you can deliver the service like through:

  1. Website Hosting
  2. Web Design and Maintenance
  3. Social Media Content
  4. Visibility Campaigns (80% of these are SEO, for rankings – the other 20% will be simple Social Media stuff, like posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)

parallel profits review

Well if you are thinking that you have no idea about these services or it kinda seems impossible. Just chill because you will be given the necessary training in the training session.

Obviously, you must be curious about the training that I have been talking about so far. If you go to the Parallel PROFITS website if you are a member, there is a Parallel PROFITS training area which contains updated, resources, tools, and support. You can find many modules that you can learn about through this training area.

A few of the modules are as follows:

  • 1st Module – Introduction and plan
  • 2nd Module– Business Overview
  • 3rd Module – Business set up
  • 4th Module – Services and pricing
  • 5th Module – Lead Generation
  • 6th Module – Closing Customers
  • 7th Module – Business Operations – Delivering Services
  • 8th Module – The Franchise Process
  • 9th Module – Billing and Accounts Receivable
  • 10th Module – Customer Reporting
  • 11th Module – Customer Retention
  • 12th Module – Ongoing Accounting
  • 13th Module – Scaling and long term growth – Planning

Yeah, it is a good two in one chance, right? And of course, the training is given life so you can get your questions answered and all. But no need for getting tensed because those who cannot attend the live programs can watch the recorded videos within a few hours.

parallel profits review

We will see how much you can earn through this and how the profit generates!

Let us think you have earned $1000 through sales per month. You only have to pay $300 to Parallel PROFITS’ delivery team and guess what, the remaining $700 is directly going to your pocket.

So is making $1000k in a year possible? Let us calculate and see what are the possible outcomes are you will get through Parallel PROFITS if you work hard enough.

parallel profits review

Let us assume that you have a customer who spends $1200 a month and the profit you get through this is $900-950 and remaining is for Parallel PROFIT services,

7 customers * $1200 = $8400 a month

$8400 * 12 = $100, 800 a year

Of course, it is possible to earn this by just handling accounts and reaching customer expectations with the training you get through the company itself.

parallel profits review

Finally; is Parallel PROFITS a scam?

So obviously you must have had doubts whether this is a scam site or not. With the amount of information I have given about who owns the company, their achievements and the company is a legitimate and real company which actually has a real address. So obviously this is not a scam site.

Finally, I should also mention that this is not cheap because you will have to pay for the training given and should work hard since this is a real business you are building up and of course as a tribute to the money you spent on it. Also, you should keep in mind that the program will only be open for a week so make sure you get in it before the program closes after a week.

Trying out affiliate marketing is better than SEM!

Studying any chosen online business model is the most effective way to reach the success point. I also studied about affiliate marketing via the Wealthy Affiliate training program. Though I have finished my training still the Wealthy Affiliate provides me the support and guidance in many ways.

parallel profits review

Likewise; just decide what is the most suitable online business to get started considering the free time you have. The success point is not much far away from you if you work hard!

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