Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review | From being a blogger to a marketer!

What if there’s a course that can teach you how to earn online even if your a blogger or a writer? Ever heard of Michelle Schroeder- Gardner? The famous blogger that earned millions thru affiliate marketing using her blog?

Yes. That’s right. She created a course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing for those aspiring bloggers to earn and have their own online business.

However, is it a scam? Is it worth it?

Do not worry I am here to help you answer all your questions to make sure you’ll be able to make those right decisions for your online business.

Just want to put it out here, I am in no way connected to Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. But rest assured I can give you all the answers you need.

I am currently happy with what I am using right now, which is an all in one platform that helps me earn my 4 digits monthly passive income. All thanks to Affiliate Marketing.

And I want you to do the same.

So let’s now check my Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing review!


What is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing?

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is an online course for affiliate marketing created by Michelle Schroeder – Gardner.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is delivered by the platform called Teachable with a goal to help bloggers and website owners to monetize their site using Affiliate Marketing.

Who is Michelle Schroeder- Gardner?

Michelle is a successful blogger and affiliate marketer ?that used her award-winning blog called “Making Sense of Cents.”

If you go to her blog you will see one of the categories that show her income report. This is where she documents her monthly and yearly income. Back in 2017, she was able to make $1.5 Million using her blog using Affiliate Marketing.

Imagine, she made $1.5 Million using only her blog.

What’s inside Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing?

In Michelle’s course, you will get a total of 6 modules that will include over 30 lessons, several worksheets, bonuses, and an exclusive Facebook group and more.

Here is the course overview:

  1. ?What is Affiliate Marketing?
  2. How to Find and Apply to Affiliate Programs?
  3. Follow the Rules
  4. How to Get Your Readers to Convert?
  5. Module 5: Strategies and Ways to Promote Affiliate Links
  6. ?Rinse and Repeat


  • ?Access to Private Facebook Mastermind Group – This will help you connect with other members for you to get feedback, ask questions, learn from others in your community, and offer help of your own.
  • ?Free Group Coaching Sessions – Done two Saturdays in a month, this is where you can get feedback and support from Michelle and you can ask any questions related to your business, course material, your affiliate strategy, blog, etc
  • Pinterest Strategy: How to Receive Hundred of Thousands of Visitors from Pinterest a Month – Lauren McManus share her best Pinterest tips as a bonus for Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing members.
  • ?How to Always Get Approved to an Affiliate Program – ?This will show you how to always get approved to an affiliate program. Michelle has assessed thousands of applications over the years and there’s a lot that goes into the yes/no.
  • ?9 Things You Must Do When Something Goes Viral – You’ll receive a PDF providing exactly what to do and how to benefit from something going viral.
  • ?How to Increase Your Page Views – You’ll receive a PDF indicating what you must do in order to increase your page views.
  • ?My Affiliate Products & Services – This is a worksheet that will help you keep track of the affiliate programs you are in.
  • ?The Perfect Affiliate Link Checklist – Use the said worksheet to identify the best affiliate link.
  • How to Maximize Your Reach, Your Impact and Your Revenue with Facebook Ads – This will show you how to maximize your reach, your impact, and your revenue with Facebook Ads shared by Monica Louie.?

This may be overwhelming for you, but to give you a bit of an idea on what will happen on your course:

-You’ll learn the basics of Affiliate Marketing

-How to choose a product to promote on your site

-The best process to know when applying to an affiliate program

– You’ll know how to avoid legal actions against your online business.

-How to connect with your audience and build trust and relationship with them.

– Learn to increase your conversion for your blog and your affiliate campaign

– identify the essential pages you need to create on your blog in order to get the maximum results.

– mastering how to do all the things that are working throughout the process to scale up your affiliate marketing business

How much is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing?

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is a one-time investment of $200 and you’ll have lifetime access to the course content as well as the community.

No Upsells and the course is updated whenever needed.

What I like about Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing?

The comprehensive Affiliate Marketing course

The modules and the materials in Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing do not only cover the basics but also include a lot of valuable tips and strategies which are easy to follow and implement.

Of course, what I liked about the course is they also teach you how to avoid infringements. They covered the legal aspects of Affiliate Marketing.

Helpful Community

Like what I mentioned a while ago, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing has its own Private Facebook Group. Members will be part of it’s Facebook Group. ?

Don’t worry, this is not your usual Facebook page that won’t be active over time. Michelle did a great job keeping the Facebook Group active. Not only Michelle but the members are also active in the group and you can learn from them as well.

No Upsells

With all the information that you’ll learn from Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and the support that you’ll get, $200 is a very reasonable price.

Aside from that Michelle doesn’t focus on any upsell and making sure that all the things that you need are already in the course that she made.

30 Day Refund

We all know that whenever there are online courses or programs going on, we are all looking for the possibility of a refund if it won’t work for us.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing provides a 30-day refund so that if it doesn’t work for you or you’re not happy with the course, you can request for a refund.

making sense of affiliate marketing review
making sense of affiliate marketing review

What I don’t like about Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing…

You need to have a website first

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is only a course for you to follow on your online business. It won’t give you any tools or a website.

The purpose of this course is to teach you all the things you need about affiliate marketing, but the rest will be yours.

Won’t teach you how to choose your niche

Even though this course is for Affiliate Marketing, it started on the part where you already know your niche.

Basically, the course will not guide you on what niche you will be choosing and using for your online business but they will help you on the rest.

Too Basic

Making Sense with Affiliate Marketing is for beginners because it is comprehensive enough for you to learn a lot as a beginner. The modules and materials are meant for those who have zero experience with Affiliate Marketing.

But if you are an experienced online marketer you won’t learn new methods or information from this course. This is where it will be too basic for experts.

Courses don’t have Video Training

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is an all text course. There are no other materials ad no video tutorials.

This may be because Michelle does blogs, that’s why the courses are in text format. However, it will be better if they have video tutorials as some can learn better with watching videos than reading materials.

Is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing a Scam?

No. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is not a scam. It’s a legit and a good online course for you to know online marketing.

The courses and the facebook group will help you with your online business. It’s simple and comprehensive enough for you to learn Affiliate Marketing. ‘

However, is it worth it?

With a one time fee of $200 and all the modules that you’ll get from the course, Making Sense with Affiliate Marketing is already a steal. All the things that you need to know about Affiliate Marketing are already here.

Is it for you?

It depends. Are you a beginner or an expert already? Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing can give you all the things you need about Affiliate Marketing. However, those are for beginners. The content of this course will not benefit you if you are already an expert.

So if you are a beginner then you can get this course for you to know the basics and the essential things you need to know.

The only issue is, it doesn’t give you tools or a site for your landing page. This is purely a course only.

But if you want an all in one platform where you can earn and learn at the same time you can check my #1 Recommendation.

How I Make a Living Online?

If you can remember my story, I have been searching for ways to earn online. I have been scammed a few times already. This caused a lot of stressed and I lost some money as well.

Good thing I already found one that is worth my time and is now helping me earn online.

I make money online thru Affiliate Marketing. With this website and my Quora account, I do honest reviews of products and get incentives whenever they earn because of me.

You don?t need to have a solid experience in affiliate marketing, nor do you need a degree for you to earn like me.

I am no longer chasing every paycheck. Now, aside from my day job, which I love, I have a stable passive income thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and you can be one too by clicking here.

And again?

Wishing you the best of luck with your HUSTLE!


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