MegaTypers review- the ultimate review you?ve been searching for!

MegaTypers review

While searching for online crowdsourcing networks did you come across one called So, I guess that by now you are curious whether this site is a scam or legit? Maybe you are just too worried to check it out. With the increasing number of scam sites on the internet, it is once in a blue moon that you will be able to find an online business platform that is completely legit. If so, of course, you can check out my honest MegaTypers review in order to get a clear idea.

MegaTypers review

And it is a good practice to search about the site that you will be signing up for before actually signing up and sharing your money, and/or your info.

If you really need to find whether Megatypers is a scam or no better read on. Because this article will not just say what it is, but give you all the details you will need to know about it.

So, what exactly is this MegaTypers?

Let me give you an idea about what the Megatypers website in the simplest way possible.

Simply MegaTypers is a company that provides its users with data entry job opportunities. The data that you enter might vary, and the jobs may be in different standards, but the ultimate job description would be as a data entry operator.

If you are planning to earn a lot of money in a very short time this may not be the ideal site for you. And if you are planning to only work a very short time per day, but at least earn a few hundred bucks this might just be the same as a scam for you.

MegaTypers review

And when it comes to what type of data you will be entering; it might be just solving captchas. You do know those weird looking images and words that you get on the internet when you try to log into a site or process?

The ones that are put forth to prove that you are not a robot? Well, to be a Megatyper you will have to be a human hence you will be able to solve captchas for hours!

Well, you do not need any kind of logical thinking or knowledge or skills. All you will have to do is to solve those captchas and Megatypers will pay you for the number of images you decode.

How does MegaTypers work?

When considering how this website works it could be very typical. To sign up with them you will have to basically fill a form, where you will be entering both your personal information and your preferred payment method. The look of the page might be a major kickback because even in the twenty-first century they have settled to use a very old interface.

Do not worry that you have landed to the 1980s!

And if you were to look for more details about the website or the company, I am very sorry but there is none. There is no about us page or a support page. But on the other hand, you will not need any support as long as your job is considered. Because you will be working out captchas that do not take the least bit of knowledge or skill to do so.

There are a few rules that you will be given at the beginning of the signing up process. For one, you are told that the payment method cannot be changed after signing up. Hence you are asked to carefully select the most required payment method to you to proceed. And considering all the other options that you might get with them it is always better to stick with PayPal. It is both safe and reliable.

And the other rule that you are given is that you cannot be using any other software to the work other than what has been recommended by the Megatyper admins. They also mention that they will ban the account without the right of payment.

How to earn money with MegaTypers?

This could be a major problem and the topic that you should really focus on when considering Megatypers. Their disclaimer shows that a person will be able to earn around $100 – $250 I would say that it is very doubtful.

When considering the amount of payment that you receive for captchas even you might wonder how you will be able to earn so much by doing a part-time job.

MegaTypers review

You should also take a careful look at the payment plan they offer per hour for 1000 images that you decode. Keep in mind that they will pay you per the 1000 images you decode and not less than that. Do not be surprised at the rates they offer if they are too low!

Well, to be honest, they have the smallest of the rates that any of the online business schemes have ever had. At least up to my knowledge.

If anyone was in the need of a reason to hate Megatypers particularly, they just need to have a look at how they pay their workers!!

The truth about MegaTypers: both the good and the bad

Every website has its own set of good and bad. The altogether result that the combination of all the good and the bad will be your reason to love it or hate it.

Without telling you directly to either love it or cringe at it, the following list will bring out your own true emotions.

The good:

Let us start with the advantages of this website.

  • For a starter, this website is completely free. So even if it was a scam (which will be decided later), you will be losing only your time and not your money.
  • You have no need to worry about any skill or knowledge. You will only have to sit and decode captchas. The more you decode the better it will be and the faster you decode it will be even better!
  • They accept almost anyone. No restrictions on age or qualifications.
  • You do not have to enter much of your personal information to register your account. This too is a plus point considering how safe your information is at the hands of an unknown website.

MegaTypers review

The bad:

And now comes the hard part.

  • They pay per thousand images hence think about the time and energy you will have to spend to earn a few bucks!
  • They rate your work, and if you get too many errors, they deduct money from your earnings!!
  • Keep in your mind thoroughly that they have an extremely low payment rate.

Is MegaTypers really a scam?

After everything, it always comes to this question which is very hard to answer considering this kind of websites.

They are not a complete scam website because they pay you the very little amount of money that you earn with those captchas. But it is a complete waste of your time, energy and even the money that you spend getting online.

There are complaints that they ban so many accounts for absolutely no valid reason. Though the accuracy of these complaints are not totally guaranteed it can be possible. When considering the fact that they charge you for the mistakes you make it is possible to understand that they ultimately remove your account from the system

However, the final words about this website would be that it is a scam. Though they pay, they rob your time and pay so low. Do not ever sell yourself for such a low price!! There are many other methods on the internet that you will be able to earn more while learning something that is actually useful!

Video Lead

I think the following video guide is pretty much helpful for those who are willing to dig up for more information about Megatypers.

Do you know how I make 4-digit income monthly online?

Can you believe that I earn 4-figure income each month online?

Yes, of course!

But, a few years back, I was just a person who was just focusing on my monthly salary for paying my monthly bills. The time has been passed and the situation has been changed a lot after being an affiliate marketer.

MegaTypers review

After going through hundreds of scam websites and make money online programs, finally, I am here!

My target of creating this kind of posts is just to assist people who are struggling to make money online. As I mentioned earlier, MegaTypers is not a complete scam site, but you cannot make an adequate income.

Yes, that is the bitter truth behind this program.

Instead of wasting time with a program like MegaTypers, you can learn affiliate marketing using a training program like the Wealthy Affiliate. Actually; I started my journey in affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate so that I know how much it is effective.

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