Mike Make Money System Review | A website that doesn’t do much!

People are talking about this guy called Mike. Apparently, there is a website called Mike Make Money System where you’ll be able to earn money online.

How real is this? and what system could it be? What does Survey Junkie have to do with this?

Do not worry I am here to help you out to answer all your question with this so-called system that helps mike earn.

I just want to put this out here that I am not in any way affiliated to Mike Make Money System. I did my research to make sure that I provide you all the information you need for this system that everyone talks about.

Currently, I am happy with what I am using right now which is an all in one platform that helps me learn and earn at the same time. This is how I am earning my 4 digits monthly passive income thru affiliate marketing.

And I want you to earn as much as I am earning. That’s why I do these product reviews to help you decide which program or system that will help you earn online.

Now, let’s talk about my Mike Make Money System review!

What is Mike Make Money System?

Here’s the thing. I tried to search more about Mike Make Money System but whenever I do that I am always redirected to Survey Junkie.

Apparently, Mike Make Money is actually a redirected site to SurveyJunkie.com. So, this doesn’t actually exist but it is connected to SurveyJunkie.

If you are not familiar with this, there are websites where you will be redirected to a different website. Mainly, this is done because you will earn a commission once the audience is redirected to that website and became a member.

However, those type of sites doesn’t have that much of a value.

Going back, Survey Junkie is an online survey site. If you are familiar with YouGov or Clixsense surveys, then you might know what Survey Junkie is doing.

Survey Junkie was created way back in 2005. That makes them one of the oldest platforms and they have a good background about how these types of platforms work. ?

According to them, they have over 3,000,000 members however, we don’t know how many of them are active.

Their mission with Survey Junkie is “connect your voice to big brand companies – helping shape our world.”

Which kinda make sense because companies do surveys mainly for product improvements and to check what their target market wants. So for them to reach the number of survey participants right away, companies reach out to survey sites. Then the survey sites will get their qualified members to take the survey.

How does Mike Make Money System work?

Again, Mike Make Money System online is a redirect website. So, what it does is direct you to Survey Junkie whenever you go to Mike Make Money System website.

It’s the only thing that it does. The only thing that works as well is if you add /goal/ at the end of its website link you be seeing this:

It’s a bit of information on what paid surveys are and how it can help you earn money thru it.

Since it’s the only thing that it does which is to redirect to Survey Junkie, let’s also talk about what’s inside Survey Junkie and how does it work?

It’s actually pretty easy to start with Survey Junkie. You first create your profile and then answer some questions about yourself and your household. This is for them to make sure that they’ll be giving you surveys that you are eligible to take.

Once you’re already set up, Survey Junkie will be able to send you surveys. You will be able to see those surveys that they send in two ways.

You can sign into your account and there you’ll see the survey that you can take.

Second is you will be receiving surveys about the surveys that you can participate in and you just need to click the link they sent you.

In every survey, you take you will earn points. The accumulated points can be redeemed afterward.

How to make money with Mike Make Money System?

Again, Mike Make Money System is redirecting website. So, earning money will be purely from the surveys that you take from Survey Junkie.

Being said so, I will instead discuss how you can earn money from Survey Junkie.

Since this is a paid survey site, your earnings will depend on how many surveys you complete.

Survey Junkie uses points for your earnings. Points for surveys will range from 20-200. The minimum payout will be 1,000 pts which is equivalent to $10 or you can use your points to redeem gift cards.

This means every 100 pts is $1 if you chose to convert it to cash. It will be transferred using your PayPal account.

So with the range of pts that you can get in a survey, you can get a maximum of $2 in a survey. If it’s a 200pts survey.

You might be thinking that if you finish ten surveys that are worth 200 pts, then you’ll get $20 in a day.

Yes, 10 surveys are possible but not within a day. You will not control how many surveys you can take. Survey Junkie is the one who will provide you the surveys you can take.

Here’s the thing, Survey Junkie doesn’t offer enough surveys. Which is also common on most survey sites.

Surveys don’t come very often and if you’re lucky you can get more than three surveys a week. This won’t be often as well.

The good thing about it is the points do not expire as long as you stay active on your account. The survey may not come often but at least the points will be untouched.

That’s why survey sites won’t make you rich, to be honest. ?


What I like about Mike Make Money System…

Here’s the thing, we can’t get most about Mike Make Money System because again it’s just a website that will send you to Survey Junkie.

Here’s one thing that I like about Mike Make Money System:

It sends you to a legit paid survey site

Although, we can’t make any use of Mike Make Money System website other than directing us to Survey Junkie at least it’s a legit survey site.

And of course, since we’ve been discussing Survey Junkie a lot of times in this review, let’s also list down the things that we like about them…

Low payout amount

Some paid surveys require a high payout amount for you to get your money. Here in Survey Junkie you just need 1,000 pts and you’ll be able to convert it already to a gift certificate or to cash.

And the points will range from 20 to 200 pts so it’s a bit faster for you to earn 1,000 and above.

Points will not expire

If you’re an active member and you always check your account, your points will just be there. Doesn’t matter if you took a survey or not as long as you logged in the points will be untouched.

Answering surveys are easy

Surveys will just take minutes to answer and it will usually depend on how long the survey was. So, regardless of where and when you received a notification about a survey that you can participate with you can always answer it right away.

What I don’t like about Mike Make Money System…

Again Mike Money System is only a website that redirects to Survey Junkie.

This means we’ll only discuss the one that is for Survey Junkie.

Accounts are randomly closed

There is information about users not being able to get access or see their account in Survey Junkie. They have a lot of members but some no longer have their accounts.

Here’s the thing, Survey Junkie has a lot of members and not all of them are active. Naturally, they will remove those who are inactive even if they have a lot of points already.

Not Getting the payout

There are also reviews about members who requested for payout but didn’t receive it. Cash payouts are transferred to PayPal but some member didn’t receive it even after they call customer support.

This also goes to the gift certificates.

Receiving surveys you’re not qualified for

If you can remember you will receive surveys in two ways, you’ll see it in your account and thru email. The surveys that they will be sending you is based on the profile that you created when you signed up. This is to make sure that you are qualified to that survey.

However, if the questions or the information in your profile is not enough some survey will be sent to you even if you are not qualified. You’ll know that you’re not qualified once you are almost in the middle, wasting your time and the chance to earn.

They should add more information to their profile to make sure that they can be better at sending their surveys to their members.


They are only limited to some countries like United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand. So if you’re not in these countries then you can’t join Survey Junkie. ???

Not a source of passive income

We all know that you’re earning will be based on how many surveys you’ll get. So, if there are no surveys you’ll won’t have any money.

This is not something that can provide you continuously and won’t come daily or monthly. If you are looking for that then you want something that can give you passive income.

If that’s the case I can offer you my #1 recommendation which is an all in one platform where you can earn thru affiliate Marketing. This is what I am using right now and I am already earning my 4 digits monthly passive income.

Is Mike Make Money System a scam?

It’s kinda hard to tell because it’s only a redirect site. It is a working site, but it’s the only purpose is to send you to Survey Junkie. It is doing its job but we can’t get anything from it aside from it directing you to another website.

That’s why we’ll also talk about Survey Junkie in this portion. I feel like this review has become a Survey Junkie review rather than Mike Make Money System.

Going back, Survey Junkie is not a scam. It’s a legitimate online survey site. But, is it worth it?

If your goal is to have extra pocket money for small purchases or bills, then this is a good website. However, if your goal is to get rich then this is not the site for you.

The surveys don’t come too often for you to earn hundreds of dollars in a day. This is not a good source of income and this will not sustain your basic needs.

So, if you are looking for something that can provide you good income, then I can tell you about my #1 recommendation. This is how I am earning thru Affiliate Marketing and is giving me my 4 digits passive monthly income.

How I Make a Living Online?


If you can remember my story, I have been searching for ways to earn online. I have been scammed a few times already. This caused a lot of stressed and I lost some money as well.

Good thing I already found one that is worth my time and is now helping me earn online.

I make money online thru Affiliate Marketing. With this website and my Quora account, I do honest reviews of products and get incentives whenever they earn because of me.

You don?t need to have a solid experience in affiliate marketing, nor do you need a degree for you to earn like me.

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And again?

Wishing you the best of luck with your HUSTLE!


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