Top 10 Most Subscribed Youtubers!




YouTube Is Massive!

Do you know that YouTube has 1.9 Billion active users around the world and it is predicted to reach 4 billion in 2020.

It means you tubers will get more opportunities and be able to make more money.

Some of you might think that you are late to join YouTube as a creator. But it’s not true.

There is a bright future for YouTube!


The secret is,

YouTube is the second large search engine in the world. And it’s not difficult to rank videos on YouTube compared to ranking in Google. If you create a video with some interesting content there are high chances of getting good rank and get better views.


Here are the top 10 most subscribed you tubers who are killing on YouTube right now.

Don’t forget those people started with one video and their beginning was not perfect, but poor content, poor video quality etc…But now they have reached millions of subs.

If you are thinking about making a YouTube channel don’t think that you will reach overnight success. But be consistent you can reach the success surely. It might take a few years to make a good income from YouTube.But you can be happy with your success.


Let’s check who are the top 10 most subscribed you tubers



Name-Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Nationality- Sweden


Income- Total income 155Million as per money nation

Note- Felix is 25 years old YouTube star who has studied Industrial Economics and Technology Management at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. He started his first YouTube channel as a gamer. His first channel was Pewdie in 2010. Later he lost his YouTube login details and then he started a new channel as Pewdiepie.





Name-Germ?n Alejandro Garmendia Aranis


Subscribers- He has 03 Channels

  • HolaSoyGerman-34 Million
  • JuegaGerman-24.5 Million
  • HolaSoyGerman2-2Million


Income-Net worth 13Million

Note- He was born on 25th April 1990. His father died in a car crash when German was just 3 years old. He has an elder brother named Diego. He uploaded his first Video in 2011. His main channel has subscribers from the Spanish Language.


3-Dude Perfect


Names-Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney




Note- They are former high school friends and basketball team members. This channel is all about sports and entertainments. This team holds several Guinness world records. They were betting on sandwiches via basketball shots and its recorded and released on YouTube.Their first video got 200,000 views. Dude Perfect released a mobile game and hosts a TV Show.




Name-Whindersson Nunes


Born-1995 January 05


Income-estimated 102k-106Million Dollars Per Year (Source-Social Blade)

Note- He started his channel in 2016 and became the most popular channel in Brazil. After many attempts, he was successful with one channel. One of his popular videos which had five million views was hacked. Later he started the channel again and its growing now.




Name-Rub?n Doblas Gundersen


Born-13 February 1990


Income-Estimated 4million Dollars

Note-This is a Spanish channel about games, Vlogs, and comedy. He was born in Spain in a town called Mijas. His father is Spanish and mother is a Norwegian. He started his channel in 2006. Doblas is fluent in Spanish, Norwegian, and English. He has studied animations and 3D modeling.





Name-Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado


Born-7 July 1993


Income-Estimated 3.8Million Dollars

Note-Luis is a gaming YouTuber and he owns the largest channel in his country. However, the number of subscribers are 03 times more than his country population. He reached his 10,000 subs in 2013. In 2015, he released an app called Fernanfloo. It had sales of 2.3Million dollars in the first Week.



7- 05 minutes Crafts




Started In-2004

Subscribers-24.8 Millions

Income-Estimated 2M-32M dollars per year

Note- This channel has a join venture with popular website According to their Facebook page information, the company is based in Limassol, Cyprus. This is a DIY art and craft channel. Their main tags are DIY and how to.




Name-Ian Andrew Hecox And Daniel Anthony Padilla


Started- In 2005


Income-1.4million Dollars

Note-Anthony Started in 2002 and Ian joined with Anthony in 2005. This is a comedy channel performed by a team of actors including Ian and Daniel. They have released the movie called Smosh in 2015 which was directed by Alex Winter.




Name- Evan Fong


Started-In 2011


Note- Evan was born in Canada. His mother is a Korean and father is a Chinese. He graduated from Richmond Hill High School. He is a game commentator who creates the videos around the gaming and collaborating with other YouTubers. He created his YouTube channel on 11 September 2011. Most popular games are grand theft auto and Call of duty.



10- VEGETTA777


Name- Samuel de Luque Batuecas


Born In – April 12, 1989,

Subscribers- 22.9 Million

Income- Estimated yearly earning $411.3K – $6.6M

Note-He is a Spanish game commentator who adds funny comments while playing the video games. He started his channel in 2008 and so far he has created more than 4500 videos in his channel.



Above all the YouTubers have different niches and unique styles to attract more subscribers to their channel. It is always possible to win the YouTube with own style. All of them created videos consistently for more than 03 years. You will realize most of the above you tubers are related to entertainment niches. But there are high chances of succeeding with the education of niches as well.

My advice is to start a YouTube channel from Micro niche and be consistent with creations.




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