Nevetica Scam

Nevetica Scam

I believe you are looking forward to finding extra income to earn money to cover your expenses or finding your financial freedom. But the reality is that it is not easy to find good method that helps you to achieve your goals.

I appreciate that you are landed you on my post about Nevatica scam and we can discuss MLM company that sell pet products.

I know how much expectation you have when you are looking for a new business to start and make more money. But I would say “Calm Down and Research More”.

There are tons of pyramid scams are waiting for you to scam and take your money. And sadly that happens to me when I was looking for ways to make money the same as you

Who Am I?

Nevetica scam

Hey, I’m Indika. I live in Dubai. A few years back I was looking for ways to make more money to cover my expenses. I was researching many ways to make an extra income than my monthly salary. Those days Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies were in hot topic.

One day I found a Facebook post about a new cryptocurrency that anyone can invest very less and get huge benefits after a few months. Name is one coin. My ideas were this might be the next Bitcoin. (crazy

Then I contacted someone through facebook and arranged the meeting. When I was in the meeting that guy explained to me about the program and how to earn fulltime income through the program. I was blown away about the benefits.

There were two ways to make money from one coin. One is from the invest when the coin rate is less and sell the coin when it reaches high. The second way is to recruit more people to the program and earn an attractive commission from them.

Finally, after an interesting and legit business meeting, I decided to invest in Pro trader package for1000 Euros. After that, recruits two of my friends under me as well. And that was all. After 5 years, also I could not get any benefits out of that except they have frozen my account as well. And there is no way that I can get my money back as well.

Nevetica Scam

Those days there was a Facebook group that my upper line guy created and there were more than 100 people in it. I really feel sorry about them. That was a clear pyramid and Ponzi scheme.

However, I learned the lesson of MLM and I moved with a better business opportunity that really helped me to achieve financial freedom.

Will talk about that later…

Do you feel lazy to read? Watch this video summary about Nevatica Scam


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What is Nevatica?

Nevetica is a Multi-level marketing company who selling pet products. It is pushing people to join their network and start distributing the products and make commissions.

Nevetica has started on 2018 July.Its recorded Nevatica founder as a Dr.Lance London.

But couldn’t find any detail about the founder and there is no proper online profile about him.

nevetica scam

Pet Niche is billion dollars market and Nevetica is unique in the MLM industry. There are many MLM companies selling supplements and beauty products but Nevatica has chosen the pet industry.

As per their website here is their address, I hope this must be their headquarters

4230-A, Forbes Blvd.Lanham, MD, 20706

Unfortunately, there is no name of the owner or leader board.

Nevetica products

Nevetica Scam

Nevetica has some products for cats and dogs. But I would suggest you get veterinary doctor recommendation before you provide them for your pets. The reason is I couldn’t find about disclaimer about who did the product testing.

But if you think product ingredient, only some of the products mentioned the ingredient. That doesn’t mean you can give it to your pet straight away.

(product ingredient)

There are 20 pet products listed on their website under the following categories.

  • Nutrition
  • Oral Care
  • Home Goods
  • Hygiene
  • Bundle

As other network marketing companies claims, Nevatica says that they have high-quality pet products.

That is everyone’s story before the complains comes.

Nevetica compensation plan

MLM compensation plans can understand the only leaderboard.It is so complicated and misleading.

Nevetica compensation plan is the same with many commissions and bonus that difficult to understand.

this company shows many pages of the compensation plan that members can earn. According to my understanding, they have 9 ways to make money with this company.

  • Commissions on personal sales
  • 1st order bonuses
  • Unilevel bonuses
  • Turbo infinity bonuses (presidents only)
  • Income match bonus
  • Leadership advancement bonus
  • Global pool bonus
  • Nevetica sponsored vacation executive leadership council

Still, If you are in cofusion mode, please watch below video for better understanding.


Nevetica pyramid scheme?

Here is one of the popular questions that you may ask about Nevetica. Next question you may ask Is Nevetica scam?

I am gonna answer them both.

Nevetiva is not a pyramid scheme. But it has a pyramid feature within it. Nevatica allows members to earn commissions based on sales and based on new recruitment to the network.

To stay on business and make good money you should keep recruiting new people to the network.

Nevetica scam

Reality is Nevatica product sales commission is not enough to achieve your financial freedom. At least you have to build 300 downlines to make a full-time income. But Nevertica not talking about it anywhere.

If you have 300 family members, this target will be quite easy.:)

Nevetica Scam

Is Nevetivca scam?

As a new MLM company, there is no evidence that Nevetica as a scam. There is not a big shout on the internet about Nevetica.

As of now, the company must be running well without scamming people. But we keep eye on Nevatica to protect our readers.

Join Nevetica

Most of the MLM companies take a chunk of money as a Joining Free. But Nevetica has no cost to join. What you have to do is call them and pay $198 for business builder packages that you require and you are good to go with the business.

There are different packages that you can purchase and start selling them.

Nevetica Business Builder Pack

This package cost is $199 including all the promotional materials and Nevatica products. I hope this package for testing the business. Maybe it includes the products samples.Nevetica has not disclosed what is in the Business builder back.

Nevetica Product Pack

if you are going to start the real MLM business with Nevatica you must buy this package for $475.After testing the business builder pack you can decide are you going to purchase Nevatica product pack or not.

Always better to invest less and test the products and the market before you start the business. Comparing to other MLM programs these products are expensive.

Nevetica Tech Pack

Its cost $24.99 per month. I couldn’t find any details about the tech pack. But I think its a cost for a running website on behalf of Nevetica.

But its too expensive to run the website.You can run a website only for very cheap.It will cost below $3.95 per month. You need only web hosting.

Is Nevetica a good Business opportunity?

Nevetica scam

Yes. If you are good at multi-level marketing you can make some money with Nevatica.

But it is not everyone’s game.MLM need lots of hard work to earn some dollars.

Nevatica has not disclosed how much exactly make as a distributor. But even with the popular MLM companies, you can make around $2000 per year. That is around $160 per month.

I do not think with $160 you can achieve your financial freedom.

What do I like about Nevetica?

Rare Niche

Pet niche is rare to MLM world and its a Billion dollar market. Americans alone have spent 70 Billion dollars on pet product in 2017. To promote the products has less competition with other MLM companies.

Fresh Company

Usually; MLM companies have many complains, Lawsuits and negative media effects. Being a fresh company I could not find any complaints or negative media records towards Nevetica.

I am not sure with future complaints about nevetica but for now, I would say the company is clear from lawsuits.

What I don’t like Nevetica?

It is a MLM

The bitter truth of the MLM is,? it has a very low success rate. It is only 1% only. The rest gets failed and lose their money alone the way.

If you join the Nevetica do not expect the sudden success and lots of money. It needs lots of time and hard work.

By selling the products only cannot make much money. You have to recruit new people.

Lack of information

This company is fairly new and there are not enough data to research. Even the website data not enough to decide about the Nevetica.

There is no way to find the leaderboard details and product certification information. That create doubt and questions in people’s mind.

Same Products can find in the market.

Yes! it is true!

Most of the products you can find in the local pet stores or other online stores like bark box. Even the prices are cheap comparing to Nevatica products.

Expensive Investment

To start as a distributor, you should invest $475 for the product packages. It is an expensive option for starting an MLM business. Most of the MLM businesses offer cheap packages to start with. Its help and motivate distributor to start with little money.


Do I recommend Nevetica?

With my experience with MLM and pyramid schemes, I would not suggest you join an MLM business on behalf of your financial freedom.

In the MLM your products sales commissions are peanuts. Until you recruits, at least 300 members to the network you cant think of good income.

Most of the MLM companies disclosed that distributors will get paid only $2000per year. That is not enough money for someone’s hard work.

I know how hard to recruit new members to the network. It is a big NO from others. They make fun out of you or rejection for sure. To avoid those rejections, the company will train you on how to handle the situation. But, that stuff not working anymore. People know about pyramid schemes and scams.

Final Thoughts

Bevetica scam

I hope that I have cleared all of your doubt about Nevetica scam. If you are an MLM fan you are welcome to join the company and I wish you good luck with that.

But considering all the above information, I would like to advise you to think twice before you make a decision. The reason is that it has been proven that success is very low with the MLM business model.

Also, MLM is not a home-based business model as its explained in their promotions. It is difficult to recruits new members over the phone or by texting them. You should get out of the house and talks to new people and convinced them to join the network.

Even if you have many members as a downline, you won’t make money if they are not active. You cannot find them selling products or recruit them. Most of them are idle.

Be honest it is a complicated and things go out of hand when you are in MLM business. There are many business models,online businesses can manage with easy and successful than MLM.

This is unbiased Nevetica review. I just wanted to show you what is really happening in the MLM world.

Better Business Opportunity Than MLM

Nevetica scam

There are many make money online methods can run from the home. You just need internet and laptop only.

But most successful and easy money making method is Affiliate marketing. Average and affiliate marketer makes more than $20,000 per year without much hustle. Not only that you can scale the business every year and income will be endless.

Affiliate marketing is selling other products and services through the internet and earn the commission.

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Who is the Founder of Nevetica?

Dr. Lance London

When Nevetica Started?

In 2018

Is Nevetica Pyramid Scheme?

Its not a Pyramid Scheme.But It has Pyramid features when it comes to recruit the new members for commisions.

Is Nevetica Scam?

There is no evidence to prove that Nevetica as a scam.

Is Nevetica Business Oppertunity?

Nevetica is MLM business that people can join as adistributors and start selling the products based on commisions.

What Products Nevetica sells?

Nevetica sells pet-related products such as pet oral care and dental chews.

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