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The Internet seems to be changing the world and it affects each and every individual’s life on the planet. People have started believing what is on the internet. What we see is that people around the world have started to trust what is on the internet. This can be seen as a global trend in each and every different field at this time.

Consequently; window shopping has been changed to screen shopping. Because of the busy lifestyle, almost everyone is looking for purchasing goods and services through online and doorstep delivering.

In such a situation; the internet has become the most powerful doorway. Currently; it seems to be that E-commerce shopping platforms have crushed outdated physical shopping methodologies.

Everyday; thousands of people enter the e-commerce world as sellers. Dropshipping and inventory are a few of the key aspects of e-commerce. What we can notice in the e-commerce world is that a small proportion of them stands still and moving towards their goals while the rest of them left the game.

There are many reasons behind the failures in the e-commerce world. The majority of the sellers get failures in discovering trending products in the market. If a seller becomes unable to find a trending product, of course, there is no way to expect good revenue at all.

After spending a? few years of duration while engaging in dropshipping, I realized that the product is the King in this game!

Without discovering a trending product, it is hard to survive in this field.

But thanks to software developers and the growing technology, we have the chance to use a few crappy tools to find precise products that have the potential of reaping profits by selling them online.

Today I am going to review one of my favorite as well as an effective tool on behalf of you.

It is known as Niche Scraper! And this is a niche scraper review. Keep reading…

niche Scraper review

 Niche Scraper Review-  What Is Niche Scraper?

Niche scrapper is a tool which is used for researching trending products. Though product researching is the key functionality of this tool, it performs a large number of additional operations as well. One of the positive characteristics which I have observed on this tool is its capability of providing the most recently updated products for users.

Actually; that is so much worth than anything. I have come across numerous product researching tools that upload random products claimed as they are the best selling products.

As I mentioned earlier in this text, Niche Scrapper is full of effective characteristics for users. Next, I would like to discuss them one by one.

Here’s the deal;

What are the Features of Niche Scraper?

Finding Products

Actually; this tool has a considerable amount of products which have been uploaded. That is great! Other than that I observed that the Niche Scrapper team does the updating of products on daily basis. That is incredible! What I need to highlight here is that those products have a potential of invading the online marketplace viral. In addition; I realized that almost all of the products are on trending already.

If you check out the product section on this software, sooner you will realize that the developers of this tool have named the section “Hand-picked products”. I agree with that without making any kind of arguments By referring to the section, “Hand-picked products” what I realized is that all the products which are available under that category are unique as well as really useful products for customers. Moreover; each and every single product consists of an informative product description. Those product descriptions add a huge value to the product pages. I highly appreciate those positive features.

To unlock more features keep reading this niche Scraper Review.

Product Video

Each product has a short video which has been uploaded on the tool. Definitely; you can use them for Facebooks ads or on product pages. Therefore; there is no need for creating videos for growing your marketplace. On the other hand; it saves lots of your valuable time.

It is pretty much simple!

Just download the video and then you can use it anywhere on the web.

Facebook Targeting-

If you check out each and every single product page, you will see that they consist of suggestion for Facebook targeting.

In accordance with my experience, it is not wiser to depend on this targeting only. I highly recommend you all to do your own Facebook targeting.

Product Price-

Niche Scrapper suggests the following parameters for each and every product.

  • Price range
  • Profit range

The price range which is appeared on this tool can be used for guideline-purpose only. Just start with low price and then you can start increasing the price when sales get growing.

Facebook Video Ad Generator

This is an awesome feature that can help you to create your own video by hijacking someone else product page.

When you enter the someone else’s product page, this tool will exact all the images for you to create a video. There you can select the music and text as you preferred.

Niche Scrapper Review

Thanks to this cool option, you can grab a complete video within a shorter period of time.

If you do not want to look for a video, of course, you can try out images, music or the slideshow creator. With the aid of this tool, you have the chance to do it through making just a single click.

Interesting! Huh!

Shopify Store Search

In this Niche Scraper Review, this is my favorite feature. This is also a very unique feature of this tool. You can find the Shopify store and spy on them. There are hundreds of Shopify stores are listed on this tool including the best-selling products. If you are interested in selling someone else’s best-selling product, what you have to do is just making a click on the product image and import it to your Shopify store.

That’s it!

Niche Scrapper Review

In accordance with your requirements, you can search on Shopify stores.

Here is an example for your further understanding;

  • Just assume that you are looking for dog products.
  • What you have to do is just typing your keyword as a dog in the search area.
  • Hit on the search button.
  • Within a shorter period of time, you will come across through all the available dog products.
  • You can filter the search results under different categories as well.

Niche Scrapper Review

This option is very powerful and successful in order to find trending products and export them to your store within one minute.

Instead of inventing the viral products, it is always easy to sell the products that already on trends.


What I feel is that the Niche Scrapper team tries to educate as well as assist their customers in creating a win-win situation. You can see there are very informative YouTube videos which have been uploaded there. Most of the videos have been made by Eric Smith. Through these videos, he talks about how to find trending products and marketing correctly.

Moreover; there is a Blog section under the Tutorial as well. You can check out there and expand your knowledge related to e-commerce.

Not only that when you signup for the Niche Scrapper you will get an invitation asking for you to join with their Facebook group. I would like to highly encourage you to join the community as there you will get the chance to grab the latest tips of marketing.

Niche Scrapper Review

Does Niche Scraper a scam product?

No! It is not.

I would like to emphasize you all that this product is a genuine product which has the potential of assisting all the e-commerce business owners. This tool offers a solid solution for finding hot-selling products.

A considerable amount of the e-commerce budget has to spend on product testing. With this tool, you can save lots of money by testing scrappy products on wrong audiences. If you have interested in any product which has the potential of selling, you can test them by just listing them on your website and starting ads.

How much does Niche Scraper cost?

You have to make a subscription of 29$ per month in order to go ahead with the paid version of Niche Scrapper. It does not have any other packages or discounts as pexda does. (Another Good product researching Tool)

Another negative point that I need to highlight here is that you are not allowed to discover many products without joining with Niche Scrapper as a pro member.

if you do not pay them you will be able to see a message over the product page. You can do the payments through credit cards and Paypal.

Niche Scrapper Review

Who is the developer of Niche Scraper?

Eric Smith is the creator of this amazing product researching tool, Niche Scrapper. You can find him on his personal Facebook account as well as on YouTube.I have noticed that Eric Smith is a genuine guy on the internet who helps newbies to build their businesses.

According to the details on his personal Facebook account, he is from Florida, United States. Though he has two Facebook accounts, this one seems the real Facebook account.

Niche Scrapper Review

Wrapping Up

I tried to cover almost all of the main features of the tool, Niche Scrapper through making this  Niche Scraper review. I firmly believe that now you all have a clear image regarding what you can do with this tool.

Most probably; you might be in different levels in your online business. Therefore; it seems to be that purchasing the pro version of this tool is a kind of big investment for those who are at the primary stages in their e-commerce-based online business. My suggestion is that it is wiser to sign up for the free trial version prior to purchasing the paid pro version. Within the trial period, you can decide whether this tool really useful for you or not. If the features of this software add value to your business, of course, you can switch to the pro version without any doubt.

When compared with all the other product researching tools in the market, Niche Scrapper can be known as one of the most useful tools in the market. With the help of this tool, you have the chance to detect the fresh trends before they go viral.

You can make a pile of money at the beginning of the trend. Do not expect huge profits at the top of the trend. At the peak of the trend, the demand, as well as the competition, are pretty much higher. In such a situation, there are no sufficient rooms for increasing your ROI.

I believe that this practical review will help you to understand the different aspects of another effective product research tool.

if you have any doubt, just drop me a message or else you can mention your question at the following comment area too.

Thank you for reading niche Scraper Review.

See you again more mind-numbing post next time!

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts!




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