There’s a new diet in town!

And it’s not just a diet but offers to have a “passive income” too.


Meaning you can be slim or fit while earning money? Be wealthy and healthy at the same time?

Yes. Well, that’s what they offer.


Although you can get your own passive income from other sources, like what I’m doing right now, but let’s see if this one is legit.


You may have heard of the Optavia Scam and I heard it too, especially the Optavia diet.


Just a disclaimer, I didn’t sign up for Optavia or used their products. I just deep-dived the diet for you.. As I said, there’s a lot of ways to earn money, but being an Optavia Coach did not cross my mind. Oops. I said too much.


So, I’m here to do an Optavia Review for you. ?


Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro swears by it, so let’s see…


What is Optavia?


If you have heard of Medifast, the weight loss company , then you might have a bit of an idea with Optavia.


Medifast have been in the weight loss industry since 1980 and has been offering meal replacement plans to provide efficient weight loss without having nutrient deficiency.


Optavia, former Take Shape For Life, is one the subsidiaries of Medifast. Which focuses on meal plans (Optavia Diet) consisting of “fuelings” or meal replacements, but unlike Medifast they offer health coaches and have different meal plan that is focused on weight loss or health improvement.


So what’s the difference between the two?


Well, to be honest they are both offering meal plans that can lose weight and improve your health but I looked at their website and it looks like Optavia is the millennial version of Medifast if you ask me.


Maybe that’s because Optavia already is an independent company, thus dropping the name of Take Shape For Life? But Optavia is still being considered to be part of Medifast. What?


Okay. Let’s move on.

octavia scam

How does it work?


After deep diving Optavia as to how you can earn money from this company, I stumbled upon Optavia Coaches.


Based on the articles and their website, Optavia have health coaches where you can talk about the meal plans, how to get the plans and how to reach your desired goals. They have in depth knowledge of how you can have in better health while losing weight thus a better life.


Great! A personal health coach! That sounds wonderful! Well, No. You can also be an Optavia Coach!


Ever heard of MLM or Multi – Level Marketing? Like Usana? Herbalife? Nu Skin? ?No? How about Avon? Yes! That’s right, MLM!


MLM is a type of business model where in a company doesn’t have a retail store or a physical store but instead they have distributors. The members or independent distributors promote and sell their products and they earn from it.


But MLM is not a scam, again it’s a business model. Yes you may have heard about MLM companies that are a scam, but there are legit MLM like the companies I said above and Optivia works like that, just on a different way.


That’s why when you want to get Optavia products you can’t just buy it from a store, you need to contact a member or a distributor, or in Optivia, a Coach.


How will you be an Optavia Coach? You talk to another coach! ?Talk to them about coaching opportunities and they will sell you an Optivia Kit for $199. ?Once you purchase it you are now a distributor and you can start selling products.


The kit includes all you need as an Optivia coach. Business tools, Plan information, 12 mos access to the website, and the best part which is the Business Accessories. It includes an organizer, a set of pen, a journal, a water bottle, a pop socket, notecards, notepad and tech decals. Oh, what a fun way to earn money.


Although, like me, there is a disclaimer on the website that says about having no guarantee of financial success when joining Optavia as a coach, but bottom line is they are not a legit Health Coach. Like you and me, they have google and can type “how to lose weight effectively?”. They should not be mistaken as a fitness coach or a nutritionist, they only have the Optavia business kits.

octavia scam

So how do they make money?


Unlike traditional MLM where you have incentives whenever you a member signs up under your name, Optivia works differently. Coaches will only earn whenever they are able to sell their products to their clients thus avoiding the pyramid scheme.


There are three ways to earn money in OPTAVIA (Full details of their compensation plan? Here you go.) :


1) Optavia Coach Competency (First Rank)

-. They are the health coaches you will speak with about the product and will earn whenever their clients will purchase a plan or a meal replacement. The percentage of their incentives will be based on the total volume that they are able to sell thru clients and they will receive bonuses when they get a coach certification. That will be an additional percentage on top of their existing one.

2) Business Coach Competency (Second Rank)

– This is the next level of growth as a Coach. In this area you will earn money by mentoring other coaches and helping them with their growth. They earn thru bonuses whenever the coach that they are mentoring have achieved their goal and growth.

3) Business Leader Competency.(Final Rank)

This is when you have reached the rank of ?Regional Director? and you have helped your team reach the rank of ?Executive Director?. This also involves training people achieve their goals and growth. This rank focuses on the development of the whole team rather than individual coaches and the percentage of their earnings will be based on that growth.


And that?s how to earn in Optavia, people.



What are their products?

Watch below video,User talks about the products.Look like she didn’t loose her weight.




Well, they involve snack bars, brownies, popcorns, lean and green meals, pancakes, and shakes. They also have mac and cheese. Mmmm.


Optavia have a variety of meals and food to choose from so that you won?t feel like you are on a diet. Although these meal are in strict calorie measuring, the nutrients in them will still provide you what you need to avoid deficiencies.


You can buy products individually, if you don?t want to stick with a 30 day plan. Which we all know they will persuade you to get the plan to avoid the hassle of doing things wrong.


Optavia Diet currently have 3 meal plans and 1 hydration plans. Let me summarize this to you with a few bullets:


5&1 plan

(Optimal weight plan)

-Gentle but fat burning method

-6 small meals a day every 2 – 3 hrs.

-5 meals and 1 snacks

-3 types of kit:

-Essential Optimal Kit $392.15

-Essential On- The – Go Kit $392.15

-Select Favorites Kit – $426.15



(Optimal Weight)

-4 fuelings 2 lean and green meals and 1 snack

-Every 2 – 3 hours

-Optimal Kit & Plan

-Essential Optimal Kit $435

-Optimal Weight 4 & 2 & 1 Plan? Guide $2.50



(Optimal Health)

-3 fuelings and 3 balanced meals

-1 free choice daily

-Optimal Health Kit $309.55




-3 step hydration with a purpose

-Start Strong (Morning drink)

-B ACTIVE (During the day drink)

-Replenish (End of the day drink)


-Purposeful Hydration Kit $159.80

-Per step (Box) $39.95


Hello? Are you still with me or you?re still looking at the price, thinking it?s a typo? That?s the real deal. You can check on the link I added on this review. ?


These plans are correlated to one another. First, you take either 5&1, once done you can move to 4&2&1 plan, then you can move to 3&3 where you are now focused on your health rather than weight loss. The Purposeful plan? Well, that?s just healthy flavored water.


What are the pros and cons of ?OPTAVIA?


Coaches will be in constant touch with you to guide you with your meal plan and to help you achieve your weight loss goals. They are still not really a health coach, but they have all the knowledge needed for you to also be familiar with the meals included in your kit.


They have 30 day money back guarantee. If you noticed that you are not getting the result you wanted and are unhappy with the plan you can call their customer service team.


The plans are direct and easy to follow. For those people who are having a hard time remembering and planning their meal plans, having the kit will save you time as each items are labeled if it?s a fueling meal or a snack. You just pick a box and prepare it.


Like the meal plans, the incentive plans that they have for coaches are direct and easy to understand. It?s simple and strategically design to first attain growth by selling the products, then promote growth on coaches, and lastly to promote growth as a team.


On the other hand, this is an expensive way to a healthier lifestyle. The plans ranges from $310 to $395 a month. In the US an average monthly gym membership is $50 and the ?moderate? food spending is $224. That?s $274 a month to be healthy, it only needs a bit of your time and drives to be fit.


This is also an expensive way for you to earn. You will have to pay $199 for a Coach kit that will only last you 12 months. Yes, after 12 mos you will no longer be a coach, UNLESS you renew for $99.Which is weird, because it?s an MLM company. The incentive percentage is also based on the total monthly sales quota. If the quota is not reached, then you will not have the incentive. ?

The meal plans, although direct and simple, are meal replacement, of course, you shouldn?t expect it to all taste good. Most of the complains I have read is the taste. Some of the snacks and meals are bland or awful, but those are for some, you can still choose some meals you want in your kit.


Lastly, and I repeat, they are not health coaches. They don?t have any health certificates proving that they are. They are just knowledgeable with OPTAVIA DIET.


Now that you know more about OPTAVIA, Let?s answer if it?s a scam. No. OPTAVIA is legit, it is true, and there is no OPTAVIA SCAM. It may look like one, because of the prices, but it is legitimate and was ranked as #31 in US News Best Diet. Also, it is a Medifast subsidiary and have been in the weight loss market since 1980. ?


Does it work? Yes i does. Ask Buddy Valastro about it. There are other statements that says OPTIVIA DIET really work. Why wouldn?t it be? You are eating a restricted calorie diet, high protein and low sugar diet.


But is it worth it? This diet for me is not sustainable. You can achieve the same amount of calorie and nutrients without sacrificing the taste and the enjoyment of eating. A good and balanced diet plus an active lifestyle for me is always the key to optimal health.


Should you be a coach? I see this as a huge risk if you want to do this as your business. You must have a circle of friends that really believes in you and is willing to give OPTAVIA DIET a try. Friends that can use words to also help you get clients. MLM is always a risk, but after reviewing OPTAVIA, this is a huge one with a large percentage of loss.


Final thoughts on earning money:


There are other ways for you to earn money, easier and at a low cost. Yes, MLM can surely earn you money but doing business with OPTAVIA is not the one I can recommend. Due to its intensive compensation program and membership fees, I really think it?s not the right choice for you to earn a lot.


What I can recommend is Wealthy Affiliate, which is a different type of business model that gives me 4 figure monthly passive income and I?m just 35 yrs old with a fulltime job. Wealthy affiliate helped me to make extra income source. No need to buy products, to give hundreds of dollars or to have monthly quotas.

Above screen shot from my earnings as a affiliate marketer. Don’t rush to make money Learn properly from Wealthy Affiliate and get in to the business.

All The Best!


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9 thoughts on “Optavia Diet? Is it a scam?

  1. Louis says:

    I believe the optavia meal plan is fantastic for people looking to lose weight, but I don’t think people would be so willing to join an MLM program just to lose weight. I’m not a fan of MLM because, the business model is really focused on profiting the higher echelon.

    The optavia plan, is it available worldwide?

  2. Michel says:

    This is the first time that I have heard of Optavia and how these products can help you lose weight.

    The weight loss industry is huge and if there is something that works out there, everyone is suddenly on the bandwagon.

    I like that for a change this is not a multi-level marketing company, which will reduce the price of the product. I would just like to know if you become a coach are you given the correct training to enable you to give your clients the correct nutritional information?

  3. Wealthfather says:

     I have always hate MLM ever since I lost thousands of dollars to a particular platform few months ago. Unfortunately I am one of those poor souls that has managed to fall for ‘easy money’ options a couple of times in the past…and I am determined not to do it again!. Optavia does not look real to me and I can never recommend for anyone.

    Thanks for the eye opener

  4. Tarun says:

    i didnt know cake boss was on a diet! he always looked chubby in the show!

    this is a good review but you are right…its an expensive way to lose weight. i believe with self control over what you eat and regular exercise like walking or joggin you can lose weight.

    there is no need to pay some to make you healthy meals unless you real lazy or suck at cooking! lol

    is this diet available to people outside usa?

  5. Andy Zeus Anderson says:

    OPTAVIA leaves a bland taste in your mouth in more ways than one. The price is inflated for the payment plan. the product portions are claimed to be small and leave you hungry even eating 6 meals a day, and did I mention the cost? But this is an industry known for inflated pricing from similar programs like Weight Watchers. My major issue though is as an affiliate. I hate that with MLM you have to pay for the right to do their advertising for them. If the products really sell themselves and are worth the value why bilk affiliates out of $199 first year and $99 a year after that for a replicated website and some training that allows them to claim the fake title of health coach? Thanks for doing your diligence, I am still on the fence about their legal stature as even top diets have fallen short of FTC requirements recently because of their pay to play and pay plans. I haven’t read theirs but as I said the turn off is paying for the right to be their salesman and absorb 100% of their advertising cost with no guarantee of income.

    • Dianne says:

      Hey Andy,

      Thank you so much for your real value in this matter.

      YES! You are correct! This is an MLM game and product pushing to sell through members.

      If there is no guarantee of the income and its better to find something worth to try on our own.

      I always suggest people join with Wealthy Affiliate and take the affiliate marketing training.

      Affiliate marketing is a very powerful business model that can scale to the moon.

  6. Toriola Aanu says:

    One very interesting thing is to earn with ease. How do I mean? Imagine increasing your income with “calls of nature.” One of those “calls of nature” is feeding or nutrition. Everyone eats. This does not need any debate. It’s a means of survival which no one can kick against. Therefore, any income package that would be sourced through a demand of nature would be a worthy cause. What it simply means is that you’ll keep making money as much as people are feeding. To this end, nothing more would have been better comforting as this.

  7. Olalekan Taliat says:

    Does Optavia product has any known side effect? Can one combine optavia product with weight loss exercise for effective weight loss program? How long will I  use Optavia product before I notice  a significant weigh change? Can i put in for Optavia change mainly for the earnings although using the product?. Will you recommend this program to me a an efficient and stable passive income means?

  8. Melissa says:

    That was a fascinating review and I thank you for it. I’m looking to make some additional money but honestly I don’t think Optavia is it. I do have some questions though if you don’t mind. How do the coaches ‘coach’ people – is it meant to be face to face or can it be online? I know lots of MLMs are face to face and involve things like going into people’s houses to talk to their friends – is it that kind of model? Or do you get your own version of their website? I guess I’m just not sure how the coaching works and how the products are sold. 

    They are pretty expensive products, I’m guessing the ‘coaching’ is really just hard selling. I think the term coach is very misleading in this instance.

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