Many people are looking for lucrative ways to make money online. You have to however keep in mind that a good business model is to amalgamate the off-line and online techniques to make money. When you do that, you can diversify your income sources. You can make your income sources more stable. The product which we will highlight today helps you in doing that exactly. Parallel Profits help you sell services to local businesses. It helps you to create a proper business model while working from home. Through making this post,? we hope to share with you our Parallel Profits review to help you understand if it is worth it.

Parallel profits review

About Parallel profits-Parallel Profits review

Parallel Profits is not about a single marketing technique. It will help you create a proper business model. Parallel Profits aims to help you generate a full-time income. When you are executing the blueprint of Parallel Profits, you can work from your home and create consistent income.

Parallel Profits will help you sell high ticket items. According to the claims made by Parallel Profits, even selling up to 7 products can make you $ 100,000 per year. Thus, it helps you sell products to local businesses. Before we delve any further, let us look at the creators of Parallel Profits.

Who is behind Parallel profits?

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are behind parallel profits. If you have been around digital marketing space for a few years, you might recognize them. They have both been in this field since the mid-2000s. When it comes to experience, it does not get any better than them. They have multiple past launches.

Parallel profits review

In the past, they have launched a 100K factory and 7 Figure Cycle.

Before venturing into the digital marketing space, Steve also worked as a CFO for a Fortune 500 company. When you take into account the experience of both of these individuals, you will realize that they are second to none. When you look at the number of sales which they have garnered, it is in millions of dollars. They have helped the numerous people create online businesses. In the past, they have also offered coaching and various courses to help others with digital marketing.

When it comes to their history, both of them are unblemished. They are as genuine as they can be.

History of the Parallel Profits founders:

We will now update you about the record of the founders and the two products which they have launched jointly in the past. They are 100K factory and 7 figure cycle.

The 100K factory first came out in 2015. The programme aimed to help others make money through e-commerce and affiliate marketing. The course taught students to create e-commerce stores. It also delved into the creation of affiliate niche websites. The product dealt with the generation of traffic. It offered free and paid traffic generation strategies.

7 figure cycle is the next version of the 100K factory. The goal of the 7 figure cycle was simple. It helped the students generate a 7 figure income within one year. Moreover; it also worked on the compounding system to capitalize on the business created during the first few months of the course.

Keep in your mind thoroughly that it consisted of 7 different steps. These include:

? Shortlisting the suppliers

? Conducting due diligence on the suppliers

? Selecting the right suppliers

? Listing down the winners

? Creating a proper shipment

? Sending the inventory to Fulfilled-by-Amazon

? Getting Paid

While the Blueprint might seem simple enough but the program went into great details for every one of those steps. As a result, individuals who had no prior experience in creating a business online were able to make money.


Parallel profits review

A few of the advantages of the program were as follows:

? You need not create a website.

? There is no need of working on developing the products.

? No extensive waiting period to get the products.

? It is unnecessary to spend money on branding.

? No need to worry about customer support.

? No need to opt for paid advertising campaigns.

The best thing about this product was that it offered a double money back guarantee in case, the students did not make money from them. In a short period, the course was sold out.

The record has been nothing short of stellar. Now, we will look at Parallel Profits to help you understand what it precisely involves.

What do Parallel Profits constitute?

Parallel Profits helps you to create a proper business model. It does not involve capitalizing on a technique or a loophole. The gist is to sell higher value products to local businesses. The aim is to make a few sales and make $ 100,000 per year. The program states that in some of the cases, you might need only seven sales to reach that figure.

The business model might seem simple to you. Many individuals and marketers sell products to local businesses. However, there are a few twists which are involved. These are:

? The founders offer a franchise business model for students who want to execute the blueprint. You need to fuzz over smaller things like choosing the domain name, marketing, copywriting, etc. The course offers necessary digital infrastructure and marketing material. As a result, the turnaround time to set up your business will be pretty less. With the franchise business model, trial and error is a thing of the past.

? The founders will also provide you access to their entire team. You can consult professionals in every domain to get started. Also, you can utilize their experience during the course to grow your business.

? The 3rd twist is the best. You might think that when you?re selling products or services to local businesses, you would have to visit them and picture around a lot. With the help of unique lead generation and capturing system, you need not to opt for face-to-face selling. You will be working from your home and contacting businesses. Thus, if you do not prefer visiting local companies to pitch them the products, this product has a solution for that also.

Parallel profits review


More about Parallel Profits…

When you look at the three twists carefully, you will realize that they remove most of the hindrances in your online business. At the same point in time, they reduce the resource requirements significantly. When the resource requirement is less, you can scale up your business rapidly.

Whether you want to create your first revenue stream or want to diversify your existing income streams, Parallel Profits seems like a good option. You can drive traffic to your sales funnel through various marketing techniques like social media, search engine optimization and even cold calling. The choice is entirely up to you.

There is a problem however is with the numbers. The product estimates that you might be able to execute this blueprint in every city. While the lead capturing might be online, but after all, you will be selling to local businesses which might require some support on the ground. The problem is that in smaller cities, the scope of profit might be less. It is not entirely online. A much better option will be to go for online-only techniques which allow you to create a business from any remote location. You can check our Wealthy Affiliate review to know more. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you affiliate marketing and digital marketing techniques which you can execute from anywhere.

Cost of Parallel Profits:

Parallel profits review


The total cost of Parallel Profits will be around $ 2497. You can even opt to pay in 3 installments of $ 997 each. It will launch on 29th January 2019. Considering the record, it might get sold out pretty soon. The founders have mentioned that it will only be available for nine days. Thus, if you want to enroll yourself for the course now, you have all the details.

At first glance, it might seem a great opportunity, but the cost is the real problem. You are paying approximately $ 2500 to gain access to the knowledge. You can easily invest your money into your actual online business to grow it multifold. There are affiliate marketing courses like Wealthy Affiliate which cost a little sum of this amount. Thus, when you have so much money to invest you can not only purchase these tried and tested courses like Wealthy Affiliate but also have the capital needed to execute their blueprint brilliantly. It is a better plan to choose Wealthy Affiliate instead and use a portion of the leftover money to implement their strategies.


? Reputed founders

? Franchise business model

? Founders have generated millions of dollars in sales in the past

? Selling high ticket items

? Selling to local businesses

? No face-to-face selling

? Access to the professional team


? High costs

? Execution risks

? Start-up cost

? Might not be possible to execute in every city

? Might require cold calling

Final Verdict:

The problem with Parallel Profits is that in spite of the stellar record of the founders, it might not be executable from every location. You might need some local support which is not possible for every individual. Moreover, at the exorbitant cost, it would be a good idea to give it a miss. You should check out our Wealthy Affiliate review instead of the Parallel Profits review if you want to increase your income without any execution risk.

Wealthy Affiliate membership costs you just $ 49 per month. Thus, at a much lesser price, you will not only get access to an active community of marketers but also get access to videos and techniques which are updated daily. You will be able to save a significant amount of money by not spending on Parallel Profits and going for Wealthy Affiliate instead. You can use a portion of the leftover funds to execute the techniques of Wealthy Affiliate.

We hope that now you guys have a clear idea regarding Parallel Profits by referring our informative Parallel Profits review.

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