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Passive income businesses online may not be entirely passive in nature. The smart internet marketers around are always making new twists to maximize their earnings, they know how to make everything work in the right way.

However, for a newbie marketer, this isn’t so simple. A newbie needs to learn a lot of stuff, do extensive research, do some trial and errors and so forth!

Including multiple sources of passive income can help them a lot to get a better start. Unfortunately, most new internet marketers don’t have the skills or experiences to sync the sources on their platforms properly and hence fail to make the amount that a pro marketer would make from the same platform.

Here, you will discover more about different sources of passive money to sync and maximize the earnings on your platform!

Syncing multiple sources of passive income on your web platform: a guide

Sometimes it can be confusing as there are thousands of sources. At the same time, you may also find it challenging to sort the best programs to sign up with.

Reading the reviews and feedback from other users can be a good way to explore the potentials; however, you will need to decide yourself while signing up with a new program.

If you are a writer you have what it takes to make passive income. Writers have thousands of ways to monetize their skills, they can make a decent amount of money from the content they are producing.

Some writers work for others as ghost-writers and some successful writers found the other way round. They found a way to monetize their skills directly.

Here you will explore some websites that have been helping writers for a long time and have become the ultimate money making machines for the professional writers.

Even the novice writers have been trying to make money from these websites and many of them have become successful with their efforts.

Here, you will explore more about these amazing money generating websites that have been helping the online writers for a long time.

If you have signed up with any of these but could not get a hold of them, it’s time to rediscover the benefits of writing on such platforms; in case you have not – it’s time to get to know these amazing platforms right now!

Sources of passive income for a writer: the websites you should explore!

There are numerous passive income sources for the writers,

however, only a few of them seem to work as they should be and they are indeed making the livelihood for these writers online.

There are some other web platforms that are considered as a complete rip-off. Many new writers simply stop working there because they didn’t get what they actually deserved.

Let’s explore those reputed and respected ?passive income business opportunities that have been helping the writers since the beginning:



#1 hubpages.com

This is certainly one of the oldest websites that started sharing the revenues with their contributors. It has an amazing interface, very good and transparent rewarding system.

The platform has launched several reward system to encourage the writers and they are always inviting new people to join them. If you haven’t still joined them, you should join now.


#2 medium.com

If you have not heard about medium.com, it’s time to research and find out more about this amazing website. It’s also one of the old school writer’s guilds where anyone can join and start making money for contributing on the platform.

It also has a unique interface, however, the rating system is a bit different than other platforms and that’s why people don’t understand and avoid this.

But this one is certainly an advanced platform where you will be able to exponentially increase your earning potentials.


#3 teachable.com

Are you an expert in something? Do you want or prefer to train people? Well, then teachable.com can be your place to play and offer your expertise to everyone around.

If you really want to help others, there’s no better way than to join teachable.com as an expert contributor.

Within teachable, you can make online courses that sell and make money with every sale.

Not only you will be making a full-time income from the website, but you will also learn more about the topic and will be able to help yourself and others.



#4 Affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

First, you have to get down to basics. Affiliate marketing is actually a business strategy wherein you earn by simply promoting another person or another entity’s business, service, or product.

You promote their product through your blog, podcast, videos, or whatever online platform you have, link the same to their website and for every product, service or goods sold, you earn a commission.

But here’s the catch. You have to polish your own marketing efforts to be able to sell whatever they are selling.

Why is online affiliate marketing the best passive income making method?

The reason behind the success of affiliate online marketing as a top-earning strategy online is that it’s working smart!

You earn residual income just by simply polishing your marketing strategy, sell somebody else’s product, company, or service.

You really don’t need to break a sweat to be able to figure this one out. What you need to do first is to choose a platform.

But Building your own site is the most powerful and strong business model.

Many affiliate online marketers suggest blogging and submitting the articles to article directories and linking the same to the product’s site. It’s easy. But it has no future.

Next Question is, there is no skill about web designing? Sign up with Wealthy Affiliate community and get the free training for search engine optimization and web designing etc….

Refine your writing strategy and write in a very persuasive manner.

After choosing a platform and refining your writing prowess, you have to convince your audience that they are in for a great catch. And what better way to do this than to retell a personal experience?

Connect to them about an experience you have with the product and say how it worked for you well. With that, you can never go wrong

#5 Banner advertisements

This is another concept used by the pro marketers. They don’t offer such banner spaces to their direct competitors. Rather, they pick some related companies and services and offer them banner spaces.

These deals are lucrative and can help you build and manage your online reputation. Co-branding is a popular concept in internet marketing and has become extremely popular due to its success and outcomes.

However, you have to be a bit choosy about co-branding as it may harm your business too!

#6 Contextual link advertising

This is also a fairly easy option to monetize your content. The methods discussed here are focused towards the sellers and service providers online who own a platform and offer services on them.

If you’re not too picky about the monetizing methods, you can certainly try out contextual link advertising. There are several networks that will help you sign up for them in a few clicks. Once you have completed signing up, you simply need to embed the codes on your website and earn revenues from the clicks.

If you’re receiving a decent amount of traffic, this method can work for you pretty well.

As you can see there are diverse ways in which you can make some passive income that can be of much help to you. All these ways are legitimate ways and once you try them you realize the input they bring into your financial well being.


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