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Still, doubt whether PayPal MONEY ADDER scam or legit? Here are all the answers you need!

If you have a PayPal account you should know how important it is. Most of the companies do their transactions via PayPal. If you love to do online shopping, you will never have enough money in your PayPal account. But have you ever encountered a site that states to offer money to your PayPal account? In fact, to be multiplying your account? But is PayPal MONEY ADDER scam?

First of all, you are one of the very few smart people in the world. You actually thought of looking up the legitimacy of a site that seems to be very intriguing!

It is important that when using the internet to earn money you start to think logically. PayPal money adder is the best example to prove that. If there were any legit site that actually gave you money for doing absolutely nothing, I will join before you!

Well, considering whether they are legit, it could be a whole different story.

This article will give you all the information you need to know about the sites that claim to be PayPal money adders.

What is PayPal MONEY ADDER scam?

A PayPal money adder is a software that claims to add money to the PayPal account that you have. It is almost always software to be downloaded or sometimes a web-based scheme.

They simply try to convince the people that they are adding money to the PayPal account. Simple as that. There is nothing to do at all.

When it comes to some sites they might ask you to enter the amount you need to be added daily.

There is not just one PayPal money adder on the internet. There are lots of sites with the same name. They come in different features as well as in different sizes. Keep in your mind that they could have different names too.

Some are called PayPal money generators. And some of them claim to add $999 to your account for free!!!

But their stories are always the same. They say that they will add money to your account.

These sites are promoted with very catchy slangs;

“Do you want to get free money to your PayPal?”

“Earn up to $500 per day to PayPal!”

“I earn free money to my PayPal; learn how I do this.”

They come with all sorts of convincing notes. There are even people that claim they have earned so much from these sites!

But, as mentioned earlier, nobody will ever want you to give you money for free. Never will anyone be so mad to put $500 to your account daily.

And where do they get the money anyway?

If by any chance you actually thought about this, then congratulations you are matured enough to use the internet!!

How does PayPal MONEY ADDER work?

No matter what software you are met with almost all the PayPal money adders ask the same details to get started.

  1. Your Email Address
  2. PayPal password
  3. And other personal details.

When telling you how these websites work, I think it is important that I tell you the truth which is, that these money adder software systems are never going to add money to your account.

They are going to trick you by almost offering the sun and the moon, to get your information and details.

But if you thought this true, you would know. If people were to add free money to your PayPal no one ever will be working. I could use some free money myself!

paypal money adder scam

Well, if they are not going to give you money or to give you anything of importance at all, what do they want? This is where the truth of these sites is revealed.

How to make money with PayPal MONEY ADDER?

This is going to be exclusively simple. PayPal money adders are not going to get you any money at all. Not even a cent.

There is not the teeniest tiniest possibility that you will get a chance to make free money with them.

They might help you spend a few bucks for nothing if they can get you tricked…

The ugly truths about PayPal MONEY ADDER scam

It is about time that you paid attention to what these scammers are really up to. That is important if you need to stay away from all possible scam sites. All of them have the same purpose and all share the same evil motive.

  1. They earn from you

Most probably; they are trying to take your money. Well, you might think that they cannot take your money unless you pay. But all these scam sites are after money and they tend to make money by cheating you one way or another.

A basic way that PayPal money adders make money is by asking you to download it. The software cost some money.

And another way that they make money from you is by making you fill various surveys and filling your information.

There are many companies that are willing to pay these scammers to get your information.

  1. They get a huge list of emails

Guess that a thousand people visited the PayPal money adder site daily and a hundred were curious. So, they enter the email addresses. At the end of a month, the admins will have an email list of at least 30,000 people.

You should probably know that selling email lists to marketers and other sites is a huge business. Imagine how much money they will be able to make per month!!

  1. Hijack your PayPal account

There are some PayPal money adders which ask you to insert your PayPal password! PayPal password! Seriously?

They get your email and your PayPal password, what else do they need to hijack your account?

It is absolutely important that you take note on what you enter in these sites. Because it is our own little mistakes that end us getting into trouble.

  1. They spread viruses

When downloading software from the internet we have been taught to use trusted sites for the purpose.

But are these sites trustable?

Are you completely sure that what you will be downloading is secure?

There is a fair possibility that these sites spread malicious software, and steal your data and other valuable information.

Is PayPal MONEY ADDER really a scam: The final opinion

The final opinion of this site is quite easy to come up with. They are a scam.

They are scarier than the affiliate marketing sites that you might have met. Or the sites that make you work hard for a very low pay rate.

These sites are totally up for stealing your personal information. To steal your money. And to make money from you by any means they find to be the easiest.

A lot of sites’ legitimacy could be understood by common sense. If you were able to see that there are no companies that pay you for nothing. Or that there would be about a million people following a site that pay you in three-digit amounts for doing nothing.

There are many ways that you could earn some good money from the internet. There are legitimate and easy methods. That actually pay you fairly to the amount of work you do. Hence it is important that you make use of reviews and feedbacks and also common sense and stay away from scammers.

I earn 4-digit income online monthly!-Wanna know my secret?

After starting to make money online, I tried out numerous various online business models. I failed a lot of times. But, I did not give up this game at all. Finally; what I did was not going ahead with multi-level marketing programs or MLMs. If you have a close look at on MLMs, the majority of MLMs promise that you can earn piles of dollars almost without doing any work. So, a lot of people get scammed via MLMs as they are looking for a way to make money online without making no effort or a very small effort.

What I did was, starting to study an online business model for a greater extent. First of all; I studied about dropshipping. Actually; I was able to make a lot of money via dropshipping but finally I decided that dropshipping is not the ideal business model for me. I make this online hassle while working as a full-time employee in Dubai. So, I am lack of time to go ahead with dropshipping. Without finding winning products by making numerous researchers, there is no way to earn big profits in the dropshipping business model.

Finally; I decided to go ahead with affiliate marketing after obtaining the guidance from the well-known affiliate marketing training program, Wealthy Affiliate. I earn a 4-figure income each month via affiliate marketing. The following is my affiliate income proof.

paypal money adder scam

There are numerous advantages to choosing affiliate marketing as your online business model.

  1. There is no need of investing for starting this online business. What you have to do is, just making a website which has the potential of drawing the precise traffic.
  2. You can even earn money while you are sleeping. Yes, this business model can make a passive income.
  3. There is no need for involving in the selling process. You just have to promote any chosen product.

That is it!

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