Pexda Review

When I Started my drop shipping journey in 2014 I had no idea what exactly would happen next?

My niche was travel gadgets, just because I love traveling.

After setting up the shopify store I ran PPE Facebook ads for following Free Plus Shipping method.

The third day I got a sale for 7.95$ from the United States. That was a waist bag. I was very happy with my very first successful online sale.

And I thought my success has begun and it would change my life.

But I was wrong!

That was my first sale and also the last sale on that store.

I tried many Facebook ads methods and spent more than 1000$ on ads but I couldn’t sell a single traveling gadget.

The reason was most of the travel gadgets could be bought at any supermarket and there was no need for buying online.

To understand that I had to spend a lot of money and waste my valuable time.

Then I moved to a general store and started selling trending products and I found the missing link there.

“Product Is the King!’

So I was hunting for trending products with Pexda support.

Pexda coupon

What Is Pexda?

Pexda is a product research tool which has a great database about trending products on Shopify, Amazon and e-Bay.

Not only that pexda has Below data with them

  • -Facebook ads copies
  • -Product Videos
  • -Good product descriptions
  • -Facebook ads targeting
  • -Trending Niches
  • -Product Vendors
  • -Competitors Stores
  • -Price margins

Pexda team works really hard to find trending products every day and helping their clients all around the world. And it’s a genuine company and their website ranks at 28,046 In the United States.

Their clients base is from all around the world but most of them are from the United States. Its 27.2%.




Who Need Pexda?

Pexda is an amazing product hunt tool in the e-commerce world.

Anyone who has started their journey through any platform can leverage of this tool.

  • -Drop Shippers
  • -Amazon sellers
  • -e bay sellers
  • -Local online sellers
  • -Facebook sellers
  • -etsy sellers to get product ideas
  • -Affiliate marketers


I would highly recommend this product to drop shipping newbies. Because most of them suffer while hunting products and Facebook ads targeting for their business.

This tool provides trending products with successful Facebook ad copy with the video and a Facebook ad targets. The success of the Facebook ads campaign depends on the audience targeting.

According to pexda data, you can analyze the best audience to target in your Facebook ads.


Visit ?PEXDA

How To Use Pexda

Pexda is all in one product hunting service. It will provide all the data that you can use it for your marketing.

It has a list of updated niches and it keeps updating every day.




When you find any of your niche trending product from pexda you need to do start listing your site and start promoting them.

Before you start your promotions you can visit the competitors who are making good sales and analyze their product listing techniques and duplicate them. Isn’t it easy?

When it comes to Facebook ads, simply download the winning videos, ad copies and use them for your Facebook campaigns.

Facebook ad copies are proven with lots of likes and comments. That means audience has liked the product.

If pexda suggest you more than one Facebook audience to target, create the Facebook ad copies for all the audience and test them all. That can help you to find golden nuggets.

This Is one of the Facebook Video ad copy that i got from pexda.



Why I am Using Pexda

I believe in “Product Is the King!”

As s drop shipper, product research is highly important to me. I may take two or three days to catch one trending product. Because I have to go though other product research sites, Facebook ads, competitors stores. With my other projects, it’s difficult to spare that much time to my drop shipping business.

But from the beginning, I analyzed the pexda data I was getting. And I observed that pexda products are not only impressing customers but also useful for their lives.

Check this below product



This product can help someone to improve their lifestyle. And I love to sell something like this in my store that helps the community.

That helps me to engage a lot with my customers and sell them again by e-mail marketing. Also, my clients appreciate if I can help them by-products and educate them.

I love to see a long-term business instead of short-term business. Because it helps me to gain more profits with less marketing cost.


Best Of Pexda

This is why I love the pexda?and I’m writing this Pexda Review now….

In the e-commerce world, many trends appear in every hour. But it’s rare to find long-lasting trends. Every trend will die after some time. Maybe in weeks or months time.

Ex: fidget spinners.

The reason is when any product gets popular, everyone jumps in to sell the same. Then you will see the same product flooded in Facebook ads.

When I use Pexda I get the product idea at beginning of the trend. Then the product is fresh to the market. That gives me enough space to do my marketing towards to the trending products.

Check out this product. I came to know about this product when it was only one day old with only 170 sales. But now it has hit more than 1200 sales.


You can make money if you catch the trend at the beginning itself. In the middle of the trend, it’s a difficult task to make more sales because of the heavy competition.

Fresh trends make lots of money in the e-commerce world.Pexda does the same job and the update their database every hour with fresh trends.



  • They have focus is only on Facebook marketing. So they have all the data about Facebook marketing data related to the trending products. They can add Google ads, YouTube ads data as well.
  • They can focus on other platforms as well to find trending products. Ex: etsy. etsy has some interesting trending products.
  • Ultimate package is expensive for newbies to join and it 99$ per month.
  • They need to add more niches. Also, find untapped niches to the lists.(I can see niches are increasing)


According to my experience, pexda prices are reasonable comparing with other product hunt tools. Also, they are offering good service for their pricing.

For newbies, Pexda is offering 14 days trial only for 1.95$. And I think it’s very useful for newbies to start with.

As I told you earlier ultimate plan is quite expensive for some people. But for me, with just 3 fresh trending products, that cost will be covered. infact, it’s a great investment for me.


Here is the pexda payment plan.

Pexda coupon


As a bonus pexda offers a highly advance app to hunt Facebook ads.

You must setup this app as a google chrome extension. And it’s totally free.

Here’s how it works.


Final Word About Pexda

I would not like to make any hype about making a million dollars overnight by using pexda. You can use pexda with your creativity and catch plenty of sales and I have experienced it.

Pexda gives you first mover advantage. That means, pexda will provide you trending products data before other competitors have an eye on them. Hence, all you have to do is, start marketing them.

Sometimes all the pexda trending products will not work for you. If your Facebook pixel is new, it might take some time to catch up with sales data.

I suggest you to at least stay with it for 3 months and test the trending products before you discontinue with pexda.

As per my user experience, pexda is a great product hunt tool that will support you immensely in your e-commerce business. It can save a large amount of time and money.

No need to test hundreds of crappy products. Get the work done by pexda and sell winning products.


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