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A couple of months earlier, when I was looking for launching an e-commerce store, I was really struggling hard to find the right products to promote. I spent hours and hours searching for the right products in vain. There was no clue as to which product will sell and which won?t. That is when; I decided to use e-commerce research tools to my advantage. One of the very 1st problems which I encountered was there are quite a few of them. After going through quite a few options, I was able to shortlist only a couple of tools which are actually worth trying. These are Pexda and Dropship?Spy. Again, it is not a feasible solution for each and every e-commerce market here to opt for both of these tools. That is why; today I will compare Pexda vs. Dropship Spy to help you understand which one is better.

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I am going to compare them based on different parameters to help you pick the right one.

Pexda vs Dropship Spy:

Product hunting:

Needless to say, when you?re using the e-commerce product, the 1st? and foremost function which is necessary to find the right kind of products. But the tools which we mentioned above that is Pexda as well as Dropship spy, allows you the option to harvest products which are working for other marketers. In that sense, both of them are equal.

However, Pexda has a huge advantage when you look at its additional feature. It allows you to detect products which have the potential to go viral or which are about to go viral. This ensures that you can get on the bandwagon of the upcoming trends in advance as compared to your competitors. This alone can help you increase your business by thousands of dollars. Dropship spy does not have this functionality. Owing to this very reason, it loses out in the in this regard.

Thus, if you need an e-commerce research tool with the best product hunting capability, Pexda is a no-brainer and Fresh viral product researh tool.


Pexda: 1

Dropship Spy: 0





Dropship spy products

Gaining Intelligence on Facebook Ads:

On the face of it, these two tools provide you with the details of the Facebook advertisements which have been running for a long period of time. However, in order to use this, it is important to organize the ads.

Pexda provides you with the option to organize the ads according to features like newest first, most orders first, likes first etc. it provides you with such options to organize the advertisements. Personally, for me, it is a no-brainer as I was able to organize the advertisements according to this metric. Moreover, there is a search option provided to search for a specific product as well.

On the other hand, the Dropship spy allows you to view the ads according to the product category. You can also search the product name. In highly competitive niches, you cannot organize the ads with the help of the filters which are present in drop ship spy.

Thus, in this regard as well Pexda has an advantage over Dropship spy.


Pexda: 2

Dropship Spy: 0

Pexda vs Dropship Spy


Gaining insights on audience and demographics:

You can only run a successful marketing campaign if you are able to gain insights into the demographics of the audience.

Pexda as well offers you insights into the audience which is being targeted by the current Facebook advertisers. This helps you in knowing the audience which is best suited for the advertisement. It also helps you know about the suppliers of the product. Thus, you get the entire data about running the campaign through Pexda.

Dropship spy offers you audience builder tool which helps you in choosing the right targeting options for running your ads. This will help you start your campaign in no time at all. Dropship spy also provides you with information regarding the suppliers of the product.

In this regard, both of them are more or less similar.


Pexda: 2

Dropship Spy: 2

Ease of use:

The interface of both of these tools is minimalistic. The learning curve is pretty limited as well. You will be able to start using the tool in no time at all. Thus, in terms of ease of use, there is no clear winner.


Pexda: 4

Dropship Spy: 2


Chrome extension:

This is where Pexda absolutely takes the cake. Pexda has a chrome extension which you can install on your chrome browser. You can set the filters which you want. Accordingly, you will be able to find the ads which meet those filters. This will enable you to hunt the ads in real time. As a result, you will not have to wait for a long period of time in order to find the ads which are working for others. You will not have to do any necessary work on your part. You have to just browse Facebook as you normally would.

When you look at Dropship spy, there is no such feature to use a chrome extension. You will have to stick to their dashboard in order to use the tool.


Pexda: 5

Dropship Spy: 2

pexda vs dropship spy



Pexda provides you the option of Facebook page support as well as email support. On the other hand, the Dropship spy provides you with the option of Facebook support as well as chat support. Thus, both of the tools provide you with the option of two support channels. During the working hours, they are pretty responsive which ensures that you are able to get your queries answered without any problem.


Pexda: 2

Dropship Spy: 3


Now that you are already aware that Pexda scores over Dropship spy in a couple of very important features, let us look at the pricing of other tools.

Pexda not only offers you a 14 day trial for just to $ 1.95 but also has coupons that offer you up to 50% off. Thus, when you’re starting out, you can easily save a significant amount of money when you go with Pexda. The basic plan of Pexda after the 14-day free trial is $ 14.95 per month. You can easily get a discount on that package using the coupons. When you combine this with a couple of additional features like hunting for viral products as well as using the chrome extension to hunt for the best Facebook ads, Pexda becomes a no-brainer.

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The main problem with Dropship spy is that it does not offer any coupons. Also, it does not offer a trial on the basic package. In case, you want to go for the trial you will have to opt for the premium package. The basic package starts at $ 15 per month. That is why, if you’re just looking to try it, there are very limited options available in Dropship spy.


Pexda: 7

Dropship Spy: 3

Final Verdict

pexda vs dropship spy

Pexda is the Winner!

So, if you really want to decimate your competition and stay ahead of the competition when it comes to launching an e-commerce store, Pexda is your best bet. It has numerous advantages over Dropship Spy like having a chrome extension, allowing you to organize the successful ads easily, having discount coupons to start out at a lower cost, ability to hunt for the viral products. All of these features combined, make Pexda the perfect choice when you’re starting your e-commerce business. With the help of Pexda, you will be able to kick-start your e-commerce journey with a bang. Click here to know more about Pexda discount coupons!

I hope you guys now have a clear idea regarding these two tools by going through the Pexda vs Dropship Spy comparison.

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