E-commerce was only a big boys game. But the world found the drop shipping and related services that every individual can start their own e-commerce business.

Drop shipping is a great way the start with e-commerce. But it is not easy and fast money making system as YouTube channels says. It needs certain skills that you need the development.

When it comes the drop shipping, Product Is #1! And that is true!

If you the find correct products the sell you have completed 60% of making money from drop shipping. But it is not as easy as everyone thinks. It needs time for research and needs a good amount of money for testing them. And that is a real hustle for all the drop shippers.

However, some smart people created product research tools which made drop shipping life easy. Those tools will find the most trending and best-selling products for you with many more other options.

Can these product research tools bring sales in reality?

There are few famous tools in the market but I’m going the talk about Pexda vs Ecom hunt. These tools are the most popular among drop shippers around the world.


pexda vs ecomhunt

What Is Pexda?

This is one of the leading product research tools. Their site has more than 400,000 visitors who are using their services every day and according the similar web, more than 24% visitors are from the United States. Pexda Genuine site has a good global ranking as well.

Pexda Offers free tools for their users the support their sales.

You can contact their customer service through the Facebook page or by dropping them by e-mail.

Payment can be done by PayPal only. If you have any issues with their service you can ask for a refund and they will refund it immediately.


pexda vs ecomhunt

What is Ecom Hunt?

This is another popular product research tool which has a huge number of users.17% users are from the United States. In a month, the site has more than 330,000 visitors from around the globe. This tool not only provide the Products research option, but also it is trying the educate the user by blogs and training courses if you buy their Premium package.

They have live chat on the site, but it is not live. They’re trying the capture your e-mail address through this option.

Payment can be done via PayPal and it makes easier for the user the refund the money.


pexda vs ecomhunt

Compared the Ecom Hunt, Pexda has more authority and users around the globe.


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This tool updates the products every day and they keep a good eye on the trends. You can find the fresh trends with Pexda with more accuracy. Even if the product has been introduced the market within a few hours, you will come the know from Pexda.

Even if you have not signed up, you can find some of the trending products on their home page. I did the same many times before I sign up.

Pexda has good eyes about product trends. And they are trying the catch product trends and allow the user the get the data.

Instead of promoting all the products via the Facebook ads, it makes easier the find fresh trends and promotes those products. Fresh trends give more capacity to the make the product as a winner.

Pexda provides a number of sales according to the all the products and it gives great insight into sales. They might be getting these data from Ali express order counts and it couldn’t be a fake order count.


pexda vs ecomhunt


pexda vs ecomhunt



Ecom Hunt-

This Tool gets updated daily with lots of products. Some products have the potential the be a winner. But I haven’t seen those products having a trending effect on them much.

Those regular products might bring good sales, but they might not be trending. So you need the think twice before you start promoting them and keep an eye on the campaigns.

The reason is, just a few sales of the products won’t make your business better but trending products can crush the market.

Until you get the paid subscription you won’t see any order count as in Pexda. But Ecom hunt provides the product description for free for all the users.


pexda vs ecomhunt


Note: When It comes the products, both the tools provide better options. But I see Pexda bringing special products which have a huge potential and can go viral. Also, these products that customer loves the experience in their life.




Pexda is designed the all the e-commerce businesses like shopify, amazon, e bay etc… Also, their customer base has a huge variety.

According to the that Pexda has different pricing plans that anyone can use. You can have a trial just paying 1.9$ and you can access most of their products data.

Except for the trial, Pexda has 03 plans for their users. But I found the Premium Package as most effective and it gives access the many fresh products. You can get the Premium Package only for 19.96$ with this Discount Code.


pexda vs ecomhunt


Also, Pexda Offer Coupon Code that put the price 30% down more.

30% Pexda Discount Code for all the packages – Click here



Ecom hunt-

This tool has only one paid plan which comes as 29$ and fixed discount code. Basically, you need the pay 20$ per month for their features.

If you are a free user they allow you the access two products per day. But it is not useful at all. You will get products description only.

Ecom hunt doesn’t offer any discount code

pexda vs ecomhunt



Pexda –

Niches-Pexda offers large products list according the the Niche list. Their Niche list is huge. You can have an idea about niches and sub niches.

Winning Products-They updates the winning products every day and every hour. Most of the products have a fresh viral trend that you can easily make sales. By looking at the Pexda products you can expand your product ideas and sales formats. I have noticed this tool bringing useful products the people and those products are trending well.


Facebook Ads-This tool will provide you with Facebook ads which have gone viral. You can learn and organize your Facebook ads campaigns according to the successful ads.

Fresh Trends- Pexda provides fresh trends before it goes viral. That’s the Gold!

Facebook Targeting-This tool suggest you about Facebook targeting according to the all the products. If you are new the Facebook marketing this will be a great support.

Videos- According to the all the products, Pexda provides you the nice and short video which you can use for your Facebook ad or sales page. Just download and use it.

Competitors- This tool will provide you all the links by which you can visit the store who sell the same product successfully. It can be a Shopify store, Amazon store or e-bay store.

Bonus-All the subscribers are provided with a Facebook ad hunt tool. It’s a Google Chrome extension that easily finds your ads on Facebook feed.


(This Is Pexda Video)


Ecom Hunt-

Niches- Same as pexda this tool provides Niche list. According the list you can search the products.

Winning Products-This tool updates every day with new products. But you cannot see them until you sign up for paid subscription. But this tool provides products that selling well but not fresh trends.

Facebook Ads- This tool also provides successful Facebook ads which the user can duplicate.

Fresh trends-Until you sign up for ecom hunt you will see one product page only. But most of the products are selling well. But you have the check are the products are on trend or not.

Videos-This tool also provide Videos that you can use it for Ad campaigns.

Product Description-E com hunt provides nice product description. This saves plenty of time of the user. Just need the copy and paste in your store.


Note- Both the tools provide Facebook targeting suggestions. But do not rely on only with that. Do your own research and try the find better audience in your niche.

pexda vs ecomhunt


When I was comparing Pexda and Ecom hunt I found the similarity of both the tools. Both of them are great product research tools that helps drop shippers the find the most trending products.

But comparing the fresh viral product trends, I would say Pexda is far ahead of the Ecom hunt. We use product research tools the know what are the trending products and Pexda does that job better than others.

But it is your choice the select the tool which is matching with your business and budget.

My suggestion is, even if you sign up for any of those tools do not just start promoting the product. Try the do your own research and be creative in the marketing.

To make money out of drop shipping, you need the best product and also a creative marketing campaign as well.


All the best With Your e-com journey!



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