Before starting to make my Pexgle review, I would love to share my drop shipping experience with you guys.

At the beginning of my dropshipping business, I suffered a lot. My first challenge was getting my first sale. After hustling of for a few days, I got my first dropshipping sale. (I know that the majority of beginner-level dropshippers struggle months to get their first sale)

After making my first sale, I thought I am in the business. As I thought I got continues sales on the same products. On the other side; I was testing new products targeting different audiences. My store was a general dropshipping store and I had freedom of testing different products on various Facebook audiences.

After my first month after some trials and errors, I did my accounts of drop shipping business and I was on minus by 468$. But, I was happy at that time because I was getting more and more sales. So, I thought I can correct the errors and increase my sales in upcoming months and that will lead me to make big profits.

During the next few months; I was testing different products on various Facebook audiences. At the same time; sales were going on. Meanwhile; I was making profits. in that time; my minimum profit per piece was 8$ per item. Whenever I increased my Facebook ad spend I usually got more sales.

I realized that finding the winning product is the key to become successful in dropshipping. So I kept testing numerous products with different and sets. Whenever I found the winning product, I scaled the Facebook ads spend.

But, finding the winning product was not easy. People use numerous strategies for that. But, mine was a steady and powerful strategy. For a single product, it cost me around 100$ for Facebook ads. The reason was, I was running ads set for 03 days. In addition; I had many audiences to be tested. If PPC ad successful, I ran the add to cart ad for another 03 days. Then if add to cart converts, I ran purchased ads for more days. Moreover; I used 5$ per day for one ad set. This strategy was successful. Also, I got plenty of sales.

Pexgle Review

Facebook Audience Insight


But, at the end of the month, my accounts showed me that I am in a loss with my dropshipping business. It was very stressful. After numerous sleepless nights by doing product researches and spending thousands of money on ads I realized that my business is a loss. I could not tolerate it at all.

Then; I was looking for solutions by deep analysis. What I found is that finding winning products and testing them on various audiences had cost me lots of money on Facebook. Especially; it was killing my motivation for a greater extent.

After testing different techniques, methods, teaching I realized finding winning products can be found by spying other stores and ads. It was a quick and money-saving method. Also; I used few paid tools to spy on others’ stores for knowing about their winning products.

That success rate of that method was more than 75%. And; it cut down product testing cost up to 60% and that was good saving for the ongoing business. With this method; I did not spend money on any other product which is new to the market. But, I was promoting products which were already on trend and winning products.

Spying on others’ Shopify stores can be done by manually by keep eye on the Facebook ads. But, it was not easy and it took much more time and effort. So; I took service from a few paid spy tools. Today I am going to reveal one of my secret tool which is known as Pexgle.

Please keep reading my Pexgle review and I am going to describe to you how it helps you to scale your business to the next level.

Pexgle Review

What Is the Pexgle?

Pexgle is new software which was introduced to the e-commerce world by the Pexda team. Pexda is a great spy tool that I have used during my dropshipping journey. It helps the user to get brand new trending products data every day. Pexgle?released as an advance extension as a Pexda.?Pexda?is a product research tool which has specific features that no ever product research tool has in the market.

Here, I would like to mention that Pexgle is an advanced product researching tool as well as a spy tool.

What is a specialty in Pexgle?

Pexgle Review

I have used many product research tools in the market. Be honest with you only a few?product research tools are providing trending products that users can make money. The reason behind this matter is the other tools just depend on Ali Express order count only.

But Pexgle is completely different and it helps the user to play ahead of the game by using competitors data.Pexgle?Allow the user to enter their competitors’ stores into the software and it will give all the live data related to those stores. Not only store this tool will monitor competitors facebook campaigns as well.

With Pexgle?make your life easy and you can keep your self updated with leading stores activities. What you have to do is just follow the winning strategies.

How Pexgle works?

Pexgle is a very clean and simple platform that helps the user to get data. Starting of the sign up to Pexgle?you need to add your competitors or leading Shopify stores in your niche or industry.

As an example, I am going to add one of the popular drop shipping Shopify store, Sugar & Cotton


Winning products research

After I plug the URL to the Pexgle.I got a ton of data about that store.I filtered Highest traffic product pages on Sugar & Cotton.Look at the below screenshot.

Pexgle Review

Pexgle is not like any other tool. After you feed the competitors URL into the software user can monitor the trending products within competitors stores and the market. This is the most powerful feature in the tool and it helps to find fresh winning products that you can duplicate and promote. This tool closely monitors the Facebook ads, visitors and sales. You just plug the competitors URL?s and Enjoy the show.

Performance ads research

After I clicked on best Facebook ad column. I got all the winning facebook ads related to Sugar & cotton.


Pexgle Review

Even if someone has proven winning product with him it will be tough to make sales if he doesn?t know how to promote it. With the Pexgle you can monitor the competitor’s performance of the ads and methods.

This is my favorite feature of the Pexgle . That is because what I understand is finding the winning product can be quite easy but not the winning ads.

You might think this feature can be done by searching the keywords through the Facebook search bar. Yes! It can be done. But, you cannot do it by strategically as Pexgle does.

Pexgle will help you to monitor all the competitor?s Facebook ads and performances.


Top Stores

Pexgle?has a list of top Shopify stores around the world with live data. Facebook pages, Facebook ads, Winning products etc.. User has to do is get top Shopify store URL’s and plug it to Pexgle and grab more data.

Pexgle Review


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Why Pexgle?

If you are looking for ways to make your business automated, Pexgle will help you to automate finding the best selling products in the market and marketing methods as well. You can plug the competitors URL?s and wait for trending products or best campaign to come up then you can duplicate the same.

The best thing with Pexgle it helps users to monitor his niche leading products and ads from his unique dashboard. That is awesome!

This tool not only saving your time, but it will also cut ur product testing cost dramatically. Without testing yourself, you can promote?already selling items and fresh trending products?straight away. That is the best way to scale your business to the next level.


Pros and Cons


  • Pexgle has a different algorithm that no other tool has
  • Set and Relax method
  • Save the time of product research
  • Save lots of money from testing products
  • A simple tool that any beginner can use.
  • Can keep track of competitors winning products and facebook pages and ads


  • Pricing might be too high for the beginners.


Pexgle is a tool that can help 06 figure business to 07 figure business. With that concept, this tool pricing is kind of expensive for beginners. But, the features of the tools are worth who is in the business for a long time.

For the product analyzer, there is three type of packages are available. Guru, Business and Enterprise. With the support of Guru package, you can monitor 500 Shopify stores in your niche.

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If you need only facebook tracker then you have different packages for that. Business and enterprise plans have different features as well aa s number of pages that you can manage.


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Not only that you can increase your feature capacity by paying extra.

Can Pexgle will take your business to next level?

Pexgle Review

That is the question that everybody gets after seeing the high monthly payments. This tool has been created for business owners who want to take their business to 07 figure income.

Most of the businesses suffering because of Facebook and other ads platforms. They are continuously increasing chargers and bringing new advertising rules. To win this challenge what can help you is find exact proven winning products and start promoting them without testing extra thousands of products.

When its come to spy on competitors Shopify stores and selecting the winners, I would like to mention that Pexgle?on its peak.No other tools can help you with this kind of advanced algorithm other than Pexgle.

If you are a business owner who is looking for scaling the business, Pexgle can help you with that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Pexgle is expensive?

This tool has been designed for scaling the businesses to the next level and this tool has advanced features that no other tool has.

Any Hidden Fee?

No hidden fees.Only monthly subscription fee.

Does it have any other features?

Yes! Pexgle Team will continuously add more features that help for businesses.

Are any Discounts available?

If you pay annually you can get a discounted price and apply discount code as DOLLARSPEXGLE for more discounts on Pexgle.

Is a Custom Plan available?

Yes! Enterprise plan is 100% available for customization.

Final Words

Pexgle Review

Technology is overtaking all the business models in the world. It helps to grow the business and cut down the expenses. If you are a person who needs to beat the competition and take the business to next level, then you have to get support from the technology.

Pexgle is an amazing tool that saves your time and money without any doubt. When the online space getting crowded, you better look for smart ways to win the market with less effort.

Hope this review gives you an insight into the tool. My suggestion is?that it is wiser to get the FREE Trial and explore more about Pexgle.

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