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Product List Genie Review. Is it really a genie that you can get help from it?

E-commerce is overtaking the world and it opens many doorways to numerous people who are passionate about making money online. Other than that; it seems to shut down many physical stores without sales. The good thing with e-commerce is you can run a worldwide business from your bedroom. Interesting, huh!

Product List Genie Review

TRAFFIC has become a significant challenging factor in the online world. If you are lack of organic traffic, definitely you have to look for paid traffic sources. But, there is a painful dark side of gaining traffic via paid ads as it can kill your business right away.

That is terrible!

One of the most popular strategies which are widely used in e-commerce is finding out trending products and starting to sell them. Personally; I have experienced that it works very well and saves lots of money. But, it is difficult to find out a trending product as it requires lots of time and energy. You should have to spy on other stores, Facebook ads in order to find winning products.

During the last few years, software developers were able to provide practical as well as effective solutions for overcoming this barrier. Thanks to them, now we can filter the trending products. Though most of them are crappy; some of them are really helpful.

Today let me share my personal Product List Genie review regarding Software known as the best product research tool By referring to the following chapters, you will be able to conclude whether this is useful or else another crappy tool.

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What Is Product List Genie?

Basically; this is a product researching tool that helps you to discover trending products. Actually; this tool has been specially designed for Shopify store owners. If you plug your Shopify store into the Product List Genie you will be able to import the product to the Shopify store with one click.

In addition; this tool provides a bunch of training sessions related to t e-commerce platforms. Moreover; Product List Genie supports you in creating various social media ads.

Product List Genie Review

That is my invoice that I signup for the product list genie. I would say I’m trying to da o real review by observing the all the features in the product list genie.

Who Is the creator of the product list genie?

Product List Genie Review

Developer credits should go to the famous guru Giancarlo Barraza and his team on behalf of offering this worthy software to the e-commerce world. Giancarlo Barraza is popular in the tech field as Coach Giani?. He is a world-renowned affiliate marketer and a guru. Does he have an affiliate marketing training program which is known as The Millionaire Mastermind?. Through this program, he teaches how to get succeed via affiliate marketing.

Furthermore; he collaborates with numerous popular internet marketers in the world like Grant Cardon.

How much Product List Genie Cost?

This tool has two versions that are available in two different price ranges. Do not forget that it is a monthly subscription.

  • Basic-67$
  • Pro-99$

Product List Genie Review

****I got the price after converting into UAE dirham.

Because of the price ranges, It’s hard to recommend you to purchase this product researching tool if you are a beginner in the e-commerce world. For a beginner, it will be a risk as it is hard to reap the optimum harvest within a shorter period of time via using Product List Genie… There are some better tools that do the same job at good price ranges.

So far there is no product list genie coupon available for the discounts.

Here, I would like to share my experience with Product List Genie after I signed up.

  • First, there was a theme that came with special features that costing 97$. That is too expensive when compared with other product research tools that are available at this time.


  • Next up sell was e-commerce coaching training worth 700$ per month. They claim it is the regular price is 2000$ per month
Product List Genie Review
  • Last up-sell was one coaching call cost 297.97$.
Product List Genie Review

Products Research

Here is the bitter truth about product researching.

If you are unable to find out fresh product trends, of course, you are not going to make money at all. Sometimes; you might see that certain products are on-trend but the competition is really higher.

Have you ever thought why that is?

Here, I would like to mention the reason.

What happens here is that each and every marketer jumps into the same product and trying to sell. Consequently; the CPC [Cost Per Click] value gets increased. This parameter makes a significant impact on your profit.

Here is the most practical way to earn more and more profits!

  • It is important to find out a fresh trend.
  • Then start selling the product.
  • Stay with an alert on what is going on with the competition with time.
  • When the competition gets increased, just switch to another trend.

The majority of the product researching tools do not provide any fresh trend data. They just provide a product which is sold very well and the Google trend data.

Product List Genie has many products listed under a few categories. But, what I noticed there is that some of them are old products to the market. You might able to sell them well. As I mentioned earlier in this text, you won’t be able to make profits from them.

Let us consider an example. Just go through the following product.

This product list is under the trending category. But, this product is a bit old to the market. I have seen this product on Facebook ads from 2016. Since people have seen the ads for this product over and over this product won’t get much attention from the market.

Product List Genie Review

Look at the Facebook ads for the same product. I found out ads that have been published since 2016.

Product List Genie Review

Just have a look at the Google Trends related to the same product. By the way; Product List Genie provides Google Trends data as well.

Product List Genie Review

According to Google Trends, this product does not have any trend anymore. I am not sure about how does Product List Genie provides this product under the category, Trending now?.

I have observed many products that have been listed without any trend. But, I would like to mention that there are products that have the potential of going viral.

Comparing to Product list Genie I truly appreciate Pexda Product list and it has fresh trends.

My suggestion is to get the free trial and check out the product before you sign up for the paid version.

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I would like to describe how the Product List Genie supports advertising. Basically; this tool supports Facebook and Google ads.

Under Facebook ads, this tool provides the following aids so that you can get a clear figure regarding the advertising procedure.

  • Short video
  • Facebook targeting option
  • Ad copy
  • Campaign objective

When considering the provided short video, it is helpful for obtaining an idea about Facebook ads. This short video saves your time greatly.

I have downloaded the following video using this tool. It is good to use for the Facebook ad and product page as well.

With reference to the Facebook ad campaigning, the most important factor is the Facebook targeting option.

But I would like to emphasize to you all that the Facebook targeting option which is provided by the tool, Product List Genie is inadequate for launching successful Facebook ad campaigns. If you are a newbie to Facebook ads, it is not wiser to depend on the suggestions made by this tool only. I would like to advise you all thoroughly that it is pretty much important for researching by yourself before starting your ad campaigns via Facebook. Consequently; you will be able to come up with the most effective targeting.

By looking at the Facebook targeting for the rescue bracelet, it needs more research on Facebook targeting.

Product List Genie Review

I highly appreciate that the tool, Product List Genie has made an extra step when compared to the other ordinary tools in the market.

As mentioned earlier in this text, this tool guides you for reaping the maximum benefit via Google ads.

All the products which have been updated with Google ready badge can turn in to Google AdWords ads easily. But I would like to suggest to you all that it is wiser to learn about Google AdWords before jumping into Google ads.

Product List Genie Review

US Warehouse

If you have a deep look at the tool, Product List Genie, you will see that it provides USA suppliers product category as well. Those suppliers are only based in the USA but not in other countries. This is a worthy positive characteristic of this tool. The feature, US Warehouse is really helpful for fast shipping.

What I noted under the category, US Warehouse is that most of the products are related to sports teams. Just keep in mind that these sports teams are well-known brands. Therefore; there is a great risk of being violated the copyright infringement of an appropriate brand. Even there is a possibility of shutting down your advertisements by platforms like Facebook as it is illegal to sell branded stuff without having brand authority.

Product List Genie Review

The funny thing is a spy on similar video ads provides some baseball games on Facebook. No one selling the jerseys. (In this tool you have the option for spying on other Facebook ads)

Look at what I found when I use a spy on similar video ads.

All these are baseball game videos which have been uploaded on Facebook.

Product List Genie Review

High Ticket Products

Under the category, ?High Ticket Products? Product List Genie is ready to teach you how to do high ticket drop shipping perfectly. Basically; High Ticket Products are the products with considerably higher prices. Products which are above the 1000$ cost are the High Ticket Products. Most of the time; we can see that branded products are categorized under the category, High Ticket Products. Another important feature that I would like to mention here is that you have the chance to get a short training regarding the High Ticket Products.

Keep in your mind thoroughly that this is not a normal dropshipping methodology which is similar to AliExpress.com. This is a different drop shipping model that requires the approval from vendors or else you should have to have the dealership. Otherwise; this business model does not seem working most of the time.

Product List Genie Review

Other Features

There are a few more fantastic features in Product List Genie. Just check out the Settings? so that you will be able to come across them. I checked out almost all of the features. What I found was that there is a considerable number of features that do not function very well.

For example; I tried out the option Ad Spy? option several times. But, I came across through the error message as follows:

Product List Genie Review


The product list genie has many options that can help in the field of e-commerce. Though this is really effective software, the price range is slightly expensive for those who start at the beginner level.

If you have a quick look at the market, sooner you will come across a large number of product research tools that are available for relatively lower price ranges.

The other negative characteristic of this tool is that the incapability of finding out fresh trending products.? Depending on this point, the software, Pexda is at the top level of the game as Pexda has the capability of providing trending products within a few hours.

Actually; it is perfect if the Product list genie team could put their more effort in order to update the latest trending products on the market.

As I experienced, a considerable number of data in this tool seems misleading. I’m not pretty sure about how do they state a particular product is trending. I checked out a number of products through Google trends and I realized that those products do not have any trends.

Depending on my experience, I would like to make a suggestion for you guys. It is wiser to try out the 3-days trial period of Product List Genie. Then, of course, you can observe the available tool options on this software. At the end of the trial period, you will be able to decide whether it fits your business and the budget or not.

Thank you for reading my product list genie review.

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