As a marketer, you need to think your own action plan that would catch the attention of your audience, and that’s why targeting is so essential. Although this group of youngsters outnumbered the baby boomers today, it is indeed that marketers should not focus only on just one generation.

There are a lot of products targeting baby boomers nowadays and a lot of ways on how to market to them. We are now living in a modern world where people are now into their smartphones, surfing the net and chatting with their friends online.


Most of these people are the millennial. They are between the ages of 18-34 (born in the year 1981-2000). Baby boomers are the one who is born between 1946-1964. This is a group of people known to be traditional and loyal to the products what they’ve used to.

However, they are also willing to try another brand when it is good to their taste. Baby boomers also influenced by their friends and neighborhoods when they heard a good product suggested.


What Baby Boomers Can Also Do?

According to the statistics, around 70 percent of the spendable income in America comes from senior citizens or what we call baby boomers.

They have a penny unlike the millennial, who most of them don’t have a lot of money to spend. This ?hipsters? in the US spend around 3.2 trillion approximated annually.

Most people believed that they are boring and not a techy individual. These are the most common mistakes of some consumers. In fact, most of them today are on social sites specifically on Facebook. So, it is essential to know where you can exactly establish your products that targeting baby boomers.

Always remember that baby boomers always wanted to live in a comfortable community.

Baby Boomers as an Online Shoppers

They are also known as active online shoppers and always find ways to save their money. They also spend their time on the internet purchasing what they want.

It is estimated that 66 percent of these baby boomers in the United States today are not worried about buying online. Additionally, 96 percent of them are going online to check their emails and 92 percent are receiving promotional emails regarding on products that can be one click away to the website.

And most of them have their own gadgets as well. In order to get easy money for your business, advertising on mobile devices is the easiest way to promote your products that targeted baby boomers.

Here are the products targeted to baby boomers,

Baby boomers want to explore new things and also want to follow the latest trend. They will trust you when you say you have a good product and you will help them out.

They are patient when you show that you are patient too and willing to help. When you keep a promise that you will call them back or send them a message, they will wait for it. Identifying these traits of them is the key in your marketing strategies. But first, you should have to think what products that baby boomers would be interested in.

Beauty products:

The demand for beauty products anticipated expanding more. Based on a research, it is stated that 38 percent of women from the baby boomers were attracted to anti-aging products. Women with 60 percent from this society also look for moisturizing or hydrating products for their dry skin. The only reason for buying these products is to look them good and not that they are under the influence of beauty. Their previous experience has also an impact in purchasing beauty products and at a low cost.

Buying Jewelry:

as a previous sales representative for an online shopping account, I, myself receiving calls for baby boomers who are interested in buying jewelry online. It is usually a gift for themselves or a gift for their loved ones.

Home Improvement:

A lot of services for home improvement are also advertised online. And a lot of products can also offer that targeted baby boomers in this section.

Purchasing smartphones and other advanced technologies:

Just like millennial, they have also followed the latest trend. Baby boomers spend a lot of their money purchasing new gadgets. It is now the modern way to get in touch with their loved ones and to be informed through email or in social media sites.

Travel Advertisements:

They might be old but they don’t consider themselves as old. So, disregard the word ?old? when talking to them. They also want to experience new things, to travel the world, and going on adventures.


This 60 percent of baby boomers are interested in reading an article or blogs online and around 70 percent of them are attracted to watch about products and services videos.

Additionally, the products targeted baby boomers as well are more in toys or educational products for their grandchildren. Most of them take care of their grandchildren after their retirement. Advertisements like educational products and schoolchild-aged toys might catch their attention.

They also preferred to live alone after their retirement. They are willing to spend their money on their pets who they also considered part of the family. Aside from this, they are also fond of buying clothes which are on sale. Always tend to take advantage of a promotional coupon online to make a purchase.

Watch This Funny Clip from Ellen Show?that Ellen interviews two generation. It’s Super Fun. But you can see the difference between the two generations.



Baby boomers have a large population aside from the millennial that’s why don’t underestimate them. Just try some new effective strategies and always bear in mind that you have to understand why they are spending.

Focus only on your target audience, this generation. Marketers know the products what they’re going to market to the millennial. It is not difficult to determine what baby boomers also want.

They born where shopping centers and department stores were built but also willing to embrace the change in the society today. Find the best product that will work for them. Take the risk and see what happens.




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