Pruvit Pyramid Scheme! Lets Find-out the Truth!

Pruvit Pyramid Scheme

Pruvit Pyramid Scheme

Pruvit is an MLM company that sells keto products. Here are many health-related MLM companies in the world and Pruvit has own products related to keto diets.

Thank you very much for researching the Pruvit and I would love to provide you many details about the company and their products.

It is always good to know about the company before jumping in. The reason is there are Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes run like an MLM business model.

I have a bad experience that I get caught with a Pyramid scheme a few years ago and I know how it feels when you lose the money. I have invested in One coin and I lost more than 1000 Euros. One coin is a Ponzi scheme and there is no way that I can take my money back.

Onecoin scam

Not only that but also I have more memories with Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid scams. But, later I found a way to make money in a legit way without involving in complicated MLM businesses. We will talk about that later.

Grab your coffee, This is going to be fun!

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What is Pruvit?

Pruvit means a “Prove it”

Pruvit selling products through the MLM business model. It has been started in 2015 in Texas, USA. The founder is Brian underwood.

Before he started the Pruvit he has involved with Zaggify and Rippln. Also, his former partner joined with the Pruvit. He is Terry LaCore.

Terry LaCore works as a director in Pruvit and he is also considered as one of the founders. Terry Has many MLM involvements in the recent history such as NHT Global,bHIP, Vapt, Direct sales software and more.

Pruvit focuses on different ketone supplements and sells them through the affiliates. The company runs pretty well at this time.

As per their Pruvit website,100Million servings in seven countries.

Enjoy the MLM promotions 🙂

Pruvit Pyramid Scheme

Is Provit Pyramid Scheme

In this world, it is hard to differentiate MLM and pyramid schemes. The reason is the majority of the pyramid schemes work as MLM companies and MLM companies have Pyramid scheme features.

Most of the pyramid schemes sell financial investments and it is not easy to get the money back. To make money with pyramid schemes, you need to keep recruiting the downline. Without setting up a downline, you cannot make any money. Basically your earning comes from your bottom line.

But, MLM is based on the products. There are popular companies that sell the products through their distributors and make a commission based on the sales volume.

Interesting? Huh!

Is the Pruvit Pyramid scheme?

No, it is not an outright pyramid. But, it has pyramid scheme features that you can recruit members and make commissions from their sales.

Members can make money from product sales as well as recruit people. To make more money you just need to recruit more and more people.

In order, to have at least a good income you need to have 300 members in your downline. But 73% of affiliates fail and lose their money in their MLM journey.

Yes, that is the bitter truth!

So, what you really need to do is keep recruiting new members. Pruvit pyramid scheme. Isn’t it?

Here, someone has found Pruvit pyramid scheme on his cereal bowl 🙂

Pruvit Pyramid Scheme

Pruvit Products

Pruvit products based on ketone.

What is Ketone?

Ketones are a kind of chemicals that are produced in the liver. Here is a WebMD explanation about Ketones.

Everyone has ketones, whether you have diabetes or not. Ketones are chemicals made in your liver.

You produce them when you don’t have enough insulin in your body to turn sugar (or glucose) into energy. You need another source, so your body uses fat instead.

Your liver turns this fat into ketones, a type of acid, and sends them into your bloodstream. Your muscles and other tissues can then use them for fuel.


Pruvit has flagship 06 products as a Keto OS Nat.

  • KETO//OS ? Orange Dream
  • KETO//OS ? Chocolate Swirl
  • KETO//OS MAX ? Maui Punch
  • KETO//OS MAX ? Raspberry Lemonade
  • KETO//OS MAX ? Swiss Cacao


pruvit products

Pruvit Disclaimer shows that the products are not tested with FDA (Food and drug administration). Also, these products are not intended to cure or treat any disease.

Ketones Pruvit Reviews

To find unbiased Feedbacks and Pruvit reviews, I had to spend some time and do online research. But my time is worth and found some interesting feedback about the product as well at Pruvit Multi-level marketing model as well.

First, I looked into the products and I have visited the Amazon to find some Pruvit real users.

pruvit review

According to Amazon reviews product, Pruvit does not have much five-star rating but I was able to find a review that a customer who had gone through a very tough time after consuming the Pruvit product. She has claimed that it caffein and it made her unwell.

amazon pruvit review

Now, let us look at the Pruvit business complaints.

There are 61 Pruvit complaints on BBB (Better Business Buerue).

Pruvit Pyramid Scheme


There is a considerable number of frustrated customer complaints are there. And Pruvit team trying to solve it. By looking at the following complaint, it seems to be that Pruvit does not answer the calls.:(

pruvit complains

It is very important to contact the company when it is required. Of course, it is a matter of trust.

Pruvit Business Opportunity

Pruvit pyramid scheme is another regular MLM company that you can make money by expanding team volume.

I would like to mention that Pruvit is not a good business opportunity to get involved in. There are hundreds of MLM companies selling health-related products and it is not an easy task to expand your team.

To be honest with you, I would like to emphasize that without recruiting new members MLM will not give you anything. You can achieve your financial freedom only from product sales.

Next, the worst thing is as per the Pruvit income disclaimer, affiliates grom income can be $500-$2000 per year. And it will be a very little amount per month. But your workload won’t be very little. You have to get out of home and meet people, introduce the program, make convinced them…

This is not a home business model at all.

pruvit pyramid scheme

As per my MLM experience, You cannot just call someone and recruit them for your network. You should meet new people every day and make convinced them to join the business model. But unfortunately, most of the people will say it is a scam or illegal pyramid thing. So expect NO flat on your face. I experienced it a lot.

Lastly; if my downline not bringing the sales, I could not make much money. After all, the hustle of recruiting people I have to motivate them for sales will become a huge waste of valuable time. That is not easy and many people give up during the first month. Or else some are just idle not doing anything for the business. Do not expect the same motivation from everyone.

Instead of MLM businesses, there are business models that can run from home. Dropshipping, affiliate marketing, freelancing are a few of the business models that you can make money online. But, the best business opportunity is affiliate marketing because it is a passive income that brings you every day.

For engaging in the affiliate marketing business, it needs good training from the beginning that you can learn the basics. My recommended training is a wealthy affiliate for your to learn Affiliate marketing from the beginning. That is the place I developed the skills.

Join Pruvit

To Join Pruvit, it will cost $37 per year and need to purchase products as well. It will cost $350.

Any other charges?

Yes! there is a hidden cost!

To eligible for a commission, you need to keep buying products every month. It can be $76 to $133 per month. This looks like an affiliate push for buying products.

If someone stuck with the product lot, he will lose more than $1000 per year. It is a lot of money. Is it?

Pruvit Compensation plan

Here is the fun part!

All the MLM compensation plans only understand the CEO of the company.:)They are so complicated. Pruvit is also the same.

Retail Commission

This is the commission that affiliates can earn from direct sales to customers.

Residual commission

Here is where you might think that Pruvit as a pyramid scheme. The reason is you will get paid for your downline sales. When your downline grows you get higher income as residual income.

pruvit pyramid scheme

The following image shows that the income depends on sales and ranks.

pruvit income disclaimer

Didn’t I tell you that compensation plans are complicated stuff?

What I like about Pruvit!

Special Product

Pruvit products are targeted special audience that other health care sellers have not to target. This can make promotion easily.

What I don’t like about Pruvit!

Expensive to Join

Compared to the other MLM programs, Pruvit charges are higher. And They push affiliate to buy products every month for keeping eligibility for commission.

Competition is High

There are hundreds of MLM companies that sell health care products. It is not easy to sell health care products in the crowded market.

It’s an MLM!

It is an MLM business and some people think the Pruvit pyramid scheme. People who join the MLM business from the beginning will enjoy it. But if someone who joins later will suffer.

Negative Media Attention

Pruvit has negative media attention all over the internet. It has complained about more than complements. Not only that but also it is full of doubt about founders and leaderboard past MLM activities.

Less Chance to Success

73% of the MLM affiliates have lost their money. It is a high percentage for a business. Depending on many challenges it is not easy to find your financial freedom in this business model.

Is Pruvit a scam?

There is no way that I can say that Pruvit a scam or Pruvit pyramid scheme. There is no evidence that shows that Pruvit has scammed people and has been disappeared.

This business runs for years and expanded in seven countries. If it is a scam, the business won’t run for years.Isn’ it?


Final Thought- Pruvit Pyramid Scheme

Reading this post might give you an idea about how the Pruvit MLM works. Also, you might clear your doubts about the Pruvit pyramid scheme.

I am unable to recommend Pruvit as a business opportunity. In order to get a good gross income and clear your credit card debt, moving to financial freedom, you have to work for something better.

Instead of recruiting people to network and pushing for sales, there are plenty of good ways to make passive income. I realized it after I was caught up with many MLM scams.

Better Business Idea Than MLM


MLM is not the business model that everyone can start and get the benefits out of it. Recruiting people to own a team and motivate them is not an easy task. So many joiners failed and lose their money and time along the way.

If you are a person who is looking for side income or a business idea, I can highly recommend you to start with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing doesn’t require to grow a team or recruiting more people. It just requires a laptop and an internet connection only. And the best thing is its complete passive income.

To start with affiliate marketing you need proper basic training. Wealthy affiliate is a great affiliate marketing training that can recommend for beginners to start with. You can Sign up for a wealthy affiliate for free and upgrade it later for more training.

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