Quit 9 to 5 Academy Review | Is this worth your $2,497?

I bet you have heard another program by Mark Ling that hit the market on March 12, 2019.

Offering an Online Marketing program for beginners and expert alike, together with another expert in online marketing.

However, it is worth it? Is it legit?

You don?t have to worry because I am here to review the program for you.

Although I am happy with the program that I am using and it?s giving me my 4 digits monthly passive income.

I want to make sure we always identify legitimate programs that will earn you money.

Let?s take a look at my Quit 9 to be Academy Review!

What is Quit 9 to 5 Academy?

Quit 9 to 5 Academy is a Marketing Online course that was recently launched on March 12, 2019. This online course is focused on affiliate marketing like this one of the main business model used online to earn money.

Mark Ling (others refer to him as Marketing Mastermind) and Nick Torson have created this online course which includes 50+ hours worth of video, 20+ hours content and 6 modules. These are all about Affiliate Marketing and how to promote niche products.

Both of them have been successful with Affiliate Marketing and have concocted their own online course using their tried and tested method for those who want to be successful online.

Aside from that Quit 9 to 5 Academy is focused on continuous learning and coaching. So. even if you are done with all the modules, Mark Ling and Nick Torson will be giving you updates and new things to learn from. Thus Making this program endless.

Let’s go see what’s inside Quit 9 to 5 Academy…

Inside Quit 9 to 5 Academy

Let?s first do a bit of a background about the main guys of the program:

Mark Ling

A self-made millionaire, co-founder of Salehoo and an internet sensation due to his successful recent marketing program called Profit Engine. The program broke the sales record last year.

He created a lot of the best marketing programs, aside from Profit Engine, Pathway to passive. Traffic Travis, Affilo Blueprint, Affilo Jetpack, Affilo Theme, Parallel Profits and many more.

Due to his achievements he has been mentoring a lot of aspiring people who want to follow his footsteps to success.

Nick Torson

From flooring installer to an avid fan of Internet Marketing. He is passionate about Internet Marketing and has created a full-time passive income from it.

Along with Mark, he also teaches aspiring people who want to earn thru Affiliate Marketing using his tried and tested methods and strategies.

He is part of the expert coaches on this program and will be providing support as well to Quit 9 to 5 Job Academy Students.

What you?ll get in Quit 9 to 5 Academy:

quit 9 to 5 academy review

Job Killer 1: The Innovator Blueprint

This will teach you all the basics and things that you need to learn about Affiliate Marketing. These are for beginners as this will also be a step by step module to make sure you’ll start on the correct foot.

Job Killer 2: The Brain Trust

This will be weekly coaching with Nick and Max together with their successful students to updated on the world of Internet Marketing. They will also discuss what’s IN right now and answer your questions about Affiliate Marketing.

Job Killer 3: Job-Killing Swipe File

This will give you those Done for You ad templates that are proven to work so that you will have an advantage to your business.

Job Killer 4: The Success Predictor

This is all about the ads that they are using. Apparently, they are using Facebook Ads, so these will include all you need to know about it and how to earn money from it.

Job Killer 5: Vendor VIP Club

All about Vendor Relationships. They claim this to be their “Black Book” as they will provide you all their secrets to surpass all the common struggles that affiliates encounter.

Job Killer 6: Untapped Offer Hunter

Different offers show up every day and of course, a number of those offers will be a good one. This one will provide you a heads up whenever there is a Hot New Offer so you can be the first one to promote it.

Job Killer 7: 7 Figure Mastermind

This will give you access to their Facebook community. This is to make sure that discussion and help will be provided to their members every time.

Job Killer 8: Expert Coaching

This is there so-called “Help Desk”. If you have questions you need to discuss you can connect directly to Max and Nick for help. Expert coaches is also around to help you out.


This is a usual hype video on Youtube about the program



Aside from the program, you will be able to have these bonuses:


quit 9 to 5 academy review

How Much Does it Cost?

Quit 9 to 5 Academy Cost $2991. There are 3 ways for you to pay for the Program:

  • 1-time payment of $2497 ($494 discount)
  • 3 payments of $997 (Total of $2991/ no discount)
  • Paypal Credit (Installment thru PayPal)

What I like about 9 to 5 Academy...

For beginners and experts

They made sure that all will be able to learn from their program that’s why they made this so easy that beginners will be able to understand it.

Their materials are in-depth and it comes with coaching from experts to make sure you are able to digest everything.

Support group

Struggles with the training will always be present. Not everything is in the book, sometimes discussions are needed for the lessons to understand fully.

Once a member you will be able to get access to their Facebook support group and their coaching directly with Mike and Nick.

Coaching directly from experts

Again, Mike and Nick already made their name a reliable source for their program. So, imagine talking directly with the people who created the program.

This shows that they really are willing to share their knowledge to you.

30 days risk-free

If you go to their sales page, you’ll be able to see that you can try the program for 30 days risk free and they can guarantee that you’ll be happy with their program. This is like their 30 days money back guarantee.


If you are not happy in 30 days they’ll be giving you money back.

200% money back

Now this a bold statement to make. They are so confident that their product is worth it and effective that instead of getting 100% money back guarantee, you’ll be receiving 200%!?

So apparently if you won’t be able to make a sale or make money after you’re done with this program then you can ask for a refund. Not only a full refund but they will double it for you. This is crazy!

Talk about confidence!


…What I don?t like about Quit 9 to 5 Academy

High Price

Now we know that Mike and Nick is an expert in Internet Marketing but the price is way too expensive.

Students are unable to pay for this program and not all can be approved on PayPal Credit.

This is program is all good but of course, we also need to consider our capacity to pay. If you want to earn money already to pay for this program you can try my #1 recommendation as this is already giving me my 4 digits passive monthly income and this will only cost you $49!

Hyped Advertisement on their website

When you go to their website you’ll notice this:

Apparently, they have a special edition of Quit 9 to 5 Academy and will be removed. So I waited and kept the website open while I am writing this review.

I was able to reach until this:

and guess what? I hit refresh and…

SURPRISE! It refreshes. There’s no special edition. You can always have it.

And also if you can remember on their pre-launch they told us that the coaching session and program will no longer be available after the launch period? Guess it?s another Marketing Scheme.

Lack of tools

This is pure training and coaching. You will not get tools, although they will be recommending you what you need to use that will help you in the long run.

Yes, they are also offering layouts for ads however with the price that they gave you they could have at least gave you a domain and web hosting? Guess it?s an additional cost for you.


Is Quit 9 to 5 Academy a Scam?

The big question is, Quit 9 to 5 Academy a scam? No. I am proud to say that Quit 9 to 5 Academy is not a scam. It is a legit program that is built by two Internet Marketing experts making sure that everyone will earn how much they are earning right now.

But is it worth it? Now, if you know my story, I have been finding products that can earn me money online. I have been scammed and lost a lot of money. Today because I am already earning I can already afford that type of program, but my old self won’t and may also be afraid to spend money on this.

I already have my own way of earning online and it is giving me my 4 digit passive monthly income. It’s an active community and an all-around platform that will not break you bank.

How I Make a Living Online?

I make money online thru Affiliate Marketing. With this website and my Quora account, I do honest reviews of products and get incentives whenever they earn because of me.

You don?t need to have a solid experience in affiliate marketing, nor do you need a degree for you to earn like me. Check out my story.

I am no longer chasing every paycheck. Now, aside from my day job, which I love, I have a stable passive income thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and you can be one too by clicking here.

And again?

Wishing you the best of luck with your HUSTLE!


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