Quora for marketing! Tips For Not To Ban Your Quora Account.

I remember …

I started my first blog on blogger.com many years ago.

It was because someone told me that we can make money by blogging.

So I did a research and wrote an article about Facebook ads. It had around 1200 words.

After that I was expecting huge traffic to the blog from all around the world.

But I was wrong!

First day 3 views

One week 5 views

one month 7 views

Two months 7 views


After that I never checked the blog again and I thought it’s another a loss.


I know most of the newbies have the same issue with traffic to their blogs and sites. You may see great content but with less traffic.

Traffic helps to increase visitors to your site and it provides a rank in the Google and other search engines.

I have tested many ways to increase the traffic. Today I will show you one of my favorite and successful methods to get more traffic and how to do it.

It is Quora

Keep rolling….

What is Quora?

Quora is a social question and answer website.Members can ask the questions and others can answer them.

Quora was started in 2009 and it has more than 100 million active users.This company is based in California,United States.

According to Alexa ranking quora is on 100 world ranking.

Also, Quora has 92 Domain Authority in the Google.

Now let’s analyze the Quora visitors data.

According to Alexa 34% from United states and 18%from India.


Create Account With Quora

You can create quora account by using your Google or Facebook logins.

I highly recommend that you use your actual name with profile image. The reason is when you become popular in Quora, the moderator can ask you to prove your identification according to their policies.

If you fail to do so they can ban you from Quora.

Look this alert I received from Quora

While you are creating your profile add your website address. This will give you authority and it helps Quora users to visit your site.


Choosing Quora Topics

When you are creating Quora account you can choose the topics you’re interested in. I suggest you to select topics related to your business niche. According to topics, you can ask questions and answers as well.

Do you know Quora has more than 400,000 topics available

To find out all the topics go to Quora sitemaps. Here you will see a hundred topics related to different niches.

If you need to check all the niches according to alphabetical order please visit this sitemap.

Let me show you the top ten popular Quora topics.

  1. Technology -40.6 Million
  2. Science -37 Million
  3. Movies -34.8 Million
  4. Music -34.1 Million
  5. Health-32.5 Million
  6. Visiting and Travel -26.2 Million
  7. Psychology -22.6 Million
  8. History -21.6Million
  9. Cooking– 19.9 Million
  10. Design -16.8 Million

Quora for marketing-How to write?

This is a question and answer platform. However, as a marketer, you can use it to increase your traffic or sell your products. But this is not a marketplace.

Don’t dump the links

Don’t just try to put your site link on Quora and increase your traffic. And it will never happen that way. Always try to add value to the person who asked the questions or person who is reading it. Nobody likes lots of links on their reading. First, impress the reader by adding value and last you can offer your link for further reading.

Don’t Post Long Answers

When someone asks a question he doesn’t expect to read a blog post. He expects only an answer. So do not use very long posts and tell them all the things in the world before you give him the answer. My suggestion is 300-500 words is the ideal for an answer.

Use images

Images are a very powerful tool to impress the reader. Use attractive images related to your answer. Especially use a good image as your first image. Because Quora makes the first image in your answer as the widget for your answer. They might like your answer based with your default image.

Give Correct Answers

You will find questions that you may don’t know or you are not sure about. Do not answer any question that you are not sure about. If you have any doubt about your answer to an online research before you post it. If you are posting wrong answers users can report about you to Quora admin.


Use Bulletins

Try to use the points in your answers. That makes it more intelligible to the reader. Also, it makes your answer short and sweet. Remember Quora users are looking for answers and you need to provide them with short answers with more value.



If you have few points in your answer, use the most powerful points from the beginning. That will hook the reader to read the rest of the answer.

Be Personal

Keep your writing style as personal. The answer should look like that you are talking to your friend and explaining something to him. Use I and You. Sometimes ad your personal experience to your answer. That can add more attraction.


Story Telling

I know we are in the digital era and a lot of strategies are competing with each other. But human mind still likes to hear a story from someone else. They enjoy it and appreciate it.

Whenever you are writing In Quora try to add a related story to it and give the answer. And personally, I have tested by telling my personal stories and received a large number of upvotes.

Follow The Succesful Quora Writers

Sean Kernan is one of the successful guy in the Quora community. He has 156k followers, he answered 1604 Questions and 97.5m answer views.Let’s check out what he is talking about Quora writing.


Keep writing

You can’t get a high number of views on Quora from a single answer. Keep writing and add value to the communinty. After you write for sometime you will see the changes happening and increasing the views, upvotes and followers.


This is my statistics from one of my Quora account and I got 41k Views on last 03 months.


How To Use Quora Traffic

  • Promote your website

Personally Quora is a very powerful tool than other social media. Reason is you don’t have to have many followers to reach thousands. Without followers your answers will attract attention.

Before you start with Quora, build a niche related Blog or website. And let the visitors arrive your blog via Quora.

You may use your blog to sell your products or services. And never use any affiliate links on Quora answers.

Also Do not spam your blog link everywhere in the answer. Use your link just once per answer.

Quora traffic will help you to rank in search engines but make sure your blog also has something that is useful for visitors and he stays on your site. Otherwise, your bounce rate can go higher and it will affect your search engine rankings.

  • Promote Your Social Media Profile

If your intention is to get followers to your social media profile, then its possible with Quora. Create your profile with your Social media details. At the end of your answers mention as “Follow me on Instagram” and hyperlink your social media profile.

  • Get Views On your Youtube Video

Create a YouTube video and embedded it on quora. But from the beginning of your answer make sure to write something related to the question.If you are able to impress the reader with your writing he will watch your video.

  • Build a Personal brand

While you are writing consistently you will recognize millions of people around the world. They will know by your name and your profile image.Also, your readers will listen to you and respect your ideas.As an example. when you write a book without much effort people will buy from you.




Quora is a free question and answer platform that anyone can use conveniently. When you add good value, people will start following you. You may immediately start your Quora account and leverage your writing skill.

Remember, this platform is best for content marketing. Add more value to the community and as a return you will get tons of traffic from all around the world.

Most of the marketers focus only on Facebook and twitter to share their content. But they forget Quora which has 100 Million users.

Start Today !

Quora is waiting for you!


Read my article in WA Community about Advance Teqnichcs to increase Quora Upvotes and Followers.


If You Dont Build Your Dreams,

Someone Will Hire You To Build Theirs!





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