When you?re starting on your make money online journey, affiliate marketing will, of course, tempt you. It is one of the best ways to make money online. It frees you from creating a new product or a sales funnel. That is why; most of the beginners try to make money through affiliate marketing. Of course, there is a steep learning curve to understand the intricacies of affiliate marketing. There are a few courses which can help you out with the same.

The problem is that most of these courses are pretty shady. You will end up losing your money when you opt for such courses. You have to take whatever they say with a pinch of salt. One such product is Rapid profit system. If you?re reading this, chances are you might have come across it at least once. We will today share with you our Rapid profit system review to help you gain a proper perspective on this course.

Rapid profit system review

What is Rapid Profit System (RPS)?

Rapid profit system (RPS) is a video course. It revolves around the various concepts of affiliate marketing. It frequently uses JVZoo to demonstrate its techniques. It is a marketplace for digital affiliate products. The advantage of the course is that it is a video course. It is easy to understand a video rather than read any book or pages of text. Now let us look into the background of the creators.

About the creators:

The creators of RPS are Omar and Melinda Martin. They are a well-known name on JVZoo. They also visit various affiliate marketing events around the world. Omar has been a speaker at some of these events. They have launched over 12 products in the past. The most recent one is in My Unfair Advantage and Content Nitrous. When it comes to their experience, it is extensive. It does not get any better than that.

Rapid profit system review

What does RPS offer?

Let us now look at the type of content which RPS has on offer. As we stated above, it covers various topics in affiliate marketing. The course consists of three different phases. The type of content in these phases includes:

? Screen Shares

? Step-by-step tutorials

? Text Slides

Phase 1:

Rapid profit system review

The name of phase 1 is the market. The video in phase 1 covers the research which you need to do to find the right products as well as the niche. It is an instructional video which allows you to follow the steps to find the right niche to create your website. The topics covered in phase 1 are:

? How to find potential customers?

? How to increase the number of customers?

? How to plan product promotions?

? What are the mistakes to avoid when it comes to running an affiliate marketing campaigns?

With the help of phase 1, you can familiarize yourself with the affiliate marketing world. It will be possible for you to choose the right products. Choosing the wrong product can lead to the loss of not just money but also a lot of time. That is why it is essential to follow phase 1 in detail.

Phase 2:

Rapid profit system review

The name of phase 2 is the funnel. As the name itself suggests, this phase covers the art of creating a sales funnel. The Sales funnel is necessary to increase the revenue from each customer. It also includes topics like building a landing page and offering customers the incentive to buy. The topics covered in phase 2 are:

? How to get subscribers?

? How to increase the revenue from the customers?

? How to offer bonuses to your potential customers?

? How to set up follow up emails?

With the help of phase 2, it is easier for you to create a proper system with the help of which you can increase your revenue.

Phase 3:

Rapid profit system review

The final phase of the course is known as the campaign. It teaches you how to target the right buyers to increase your return on investment. It also covers topics like how to motivate the buyers to buy the products which you are promoting. The best thing about this model is that there are plenty of examples and campaign details available. It uses email marketing on Facebook ads to generate sales. Some of the topics in this phase are:

? Using Facebook ads to get sales

? Using various email marketing techniques

? Scaling up the audience to get more sales

On the face of it, it might seem like RPS covers every topic which you might need knowledge on to be a successful affiliate marketer. However, there are quite a few shortcomings of RPS which we will highlight below.

Bonuses offered by RPS:

Before we look into the shortcomings, let us look at the rewards which come along with RPS. Some of them include:

? Bonus offer sales funnels

? Email series for marketing affiliate products

? Access to 5 products by the creators which you can promote

? Free giveaways which you can give to your visitors

? PLR material

Rapid profit system review
How much does RPS cost?

Now that you are aware of the contents of RPS let us look at its cost. It will cost you a one-time fee of $ 19.95 to access all the content in RPS. While it might seem pretty affordable but wait till you look at the upsells.

Are there any upsells?

There are a couple of upsells which you have to deal with when you buy RPS. It can get pretty annoying when you try to buy RPS. The options include:

? RPS turbo for $ 27

? RPS powerhouse for $ 37


What should you know about RPS?

We will now go into the shortcomings of RPS to help you better understand why our Rapid profit system review is not positive.

1. Rudimentary knowledge:

One of the main problems with RPS is that it only offers you basic knowledge. If you?re starting in the world of affiliate marketing, it might be useful for you. However, if you already have basic knowledge and are familiar with affiliate marketing, it will not be helpful for you.

2. Outdated knowledge:

Another problem with RPS is that the knowledge/information which it has on offer is obsolete. Many of those techniques will not work if you implement them today. That is why; it is not a foolproof way to make money with affiliate marketing.

3. No testimonials from average consumers:

There are a few testimonials from celebrity marketers. The problem with these testimonials is that they do not individually decipher if they made money through RPS system or their other techniques. When you try to search for reviews from the average consumer, you will find almost none. That is why it is pretty shady that in spite of the product been around for some time there are no reviews from the average consumer.

You have to keep these factors in mind when you make your decision about RPS.

Below is ?example testomanial from marketer:

Rapid profit system review

Is RPS suitable for you?

The problem with RPS is that it provides you with basic knowledge. It also claims that it can help you earn a significant amount of money, but that is not true. If you?re starting in the world of affiliate marketing, you can opt for it. However, if you are looking for more than theoretical knowledge, wealthy affiliate is a much better option.


? Organized course

? Video course

? Campaign screenshots and proofs

? Experienced creators

? Affordable


? Rudimentary knowledge

? Outdated knowledge

? Not actionable

? Lot of upsells

? No testimonials from average consumers


If you?re looking to gain basic knowledge about affiliate marketing and do not need actionable information, you can go with the Rapid profit system. However, if you plan on actually utilizing the affiliate marketing techniques which you learn, RPS cannot help you much. It is a good idea to go with wealthy affiliate instead. It consists of a strong marketer?s community which allows you to learn from other marketers and know more about techniques which work. If at all, you want to choose RPS, it is at your peril. It is not the right decision to go with RPS.

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