Rich Dad Summit Review | Robert Kiyosaki goes online!

What can your $1 do?

Well, you can learn all the basics of online business and learn from the experts with that $1!

Ever heard of Rich Dad Summit? This is a 2-day webinar that will tell you all the things that you need to know about being financially free.

Robert Kiyosaki teamed up with Anik Singhal plus 7 other experts to create this 16 hrs webinar. All the experts in every field for online business will be there.

But is it worth it? Is it legit?

Do not worry I am here to answer your questions as always. I will make sure that everything will be covered so you will know if this is really for you.

I just want to make this clear that I am not in any way connected to Rich Dad Summit, but I did my research and I can guarantee that you’ll have everything that you need to know.

Currently, I am happy with where I am getting my knowledge of earning online. I have been earning my 4 digits passive monthly income thru affiliate marketing.

And I want you to earn too. So, let’s make sure we do the right decisions here.

Here is my Rich Dad Summit review!

What is Rich Dad Summit?

Rich Dad Summit is a 16 hrs online webinar that lasts for 2 days by Robert Kiyosaki.

Actually, this seminar was held on December 9 & 10, 2017 but the copy of the webinar is available in Clickbank.

So, if you want to watch the webinar you can just purchase it at Clickbank for only $1!

Yes. that’s right. Only for $1!

Now, you must know who Robert Kiyosaki. If not, here is his work to which you might already know:

That’s his famous work, Rich Dad Poor Dad. The best selling personal finance book by Rober Kiyosaki.

If you have read it already then you might have an idea about how he deals with personal finance. If not, then I suggest you read it, since a lot of people’s lives were changed positively by this book.

Now going back to the webinar. Rober together with Anik Singal, the founder for Lurn (FB Academy) and 7 other highly successful speakers. They will all be speaking in the webinar to teach their methods.

What’s inside Rich Dad Summit?

Since this is a two-day webinar here are the details of the ?event so you’ll have an idea:

Rich Dad Summit speakers:

In total there are 9 speakers that will provide their methods and experiences for two days.

Each of the speakers has their own expertise. I know that some of them are not applicable to you however you should also take note of their mindset.

There are a lot of things you can learn in the 16 hours webinar especially when the speakers well know and successful.

DAY 1: Ways to Create Your Own Passive Income

The first day is focused on introducing the different ways you can build your passive income streams. This will include Entrepreneurship, stocks and online marketing.

Again, since Robert is the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad expect that he will incorporate some parts of his books. Some topics are correlated with the book just like the difference between asset and liability.

They will incorporate some topics with the book as it is also about being financially free.

Here are the topics on Day 1:

  • Secrets to building long-term wealth (Robert Kiyosaki & Jeremy Bellotti)
  • Diving into the Cashflow Quadrant (Andy Tanner)
  • The difference between creating a job & being an entrepreneur (Jeremy Bellotti)
  • The best online and offline business opportunities (Andrew Lantz)
  • The fastest way to start a business – The X Factor (Jeremy Bellotti & Anik Singal)
  • Assets vs. Liabilities (Andrew Lantz)
  • Demystifying the stock market (Andy Tanner)
  • An Email list as an asset? (Anik Singal)
  • Building your success team (Jeremy Bellotti)

Day 2: Ways to make your money work for you

Since day 1 is all about getting your passive monthly income, this day is to level that up.

This is where you will invest the money that you earned to get more money. You will know how to make money work for you.

In this day you will learn more about investing thru stocks, real estate, and bitcoin. The good thing is they will also teach you how to pay fewer taxes legally.

Here are the topics for Day 2:

  • Success is Simple (Jeremy Bellotti)
  • Profit from Real Estate…The Rich Dad way! (Robert’s real estate investing coaches)
  • The opportunity in Bitcoin (Max Wright)
  • How to leverage the global economy to develop a business (Fred Lam)
  • The power of soft assets (Andrew Lantz)
  • The tax savings of becoming an investor & entrepreneur (Tom Wheelwright)
  • How to protect your assets (Garrett Sutton)
  • The power of contribution (Anik Singal)

Rich Dad Summit is for…

The main goal of the Rich Dad summit is for you to achieve financial freedom true online business. Now, this focuses on creating one and investing after.

Meaning, these are for those who are just starting their own online business and someone who wants to have an idea about online business.

The target is to open the minds of beginners about earning online and be successful in it.

If you already have an idea about it or if you are already experienced then this will no longer be applicable for you. You can try, but you won?t get things that you don?t know already.

The Rich Dad Summit Funnel

You might have noticed that Rich Dad Summit is only $1. It’s pretty cheap for something that will involve a lot of people.

So, what’s the catch?

This is what marketer’s call “Tripwire”. We offer you something good for free or for something inexpensive in exchange for another thing.

In this case, Rich Dad Summit gave you a webinar for only $1 in exchange for your email address. After that, you’ll receive emails for upsells.

Here are their sales funnels:

Rich Dad Insider – Advanced course of Rich Dad Summit. Robert Kiyosaki will provide deeper information about the topics in Rich Dad Summit such as real estate, taxes, passive income, entrepreneurship and many more.

Money Rules – Robert Kiyosaki will provide in-depth information about money. The correct mindset on how to handle it correctly and effectively.

What do I like About Rich Dad Summit?

Best for Beginners

As I have told you a while ago, this webinar is for those who are just starting with their business.

And this is for those who want to know the basics of online marketing.

Wide range of topics

If you noticed on their line up, you’ll see different experts in different market or business.

This means that they can provide you different topics for a different expertise. You will be exposed to different types of online opportunities.


You don’t need to go anywhere. You’ll be able to watch it in the comfort of your home.

Although I wanted to see Robert in person, I really prefer these things to be available online instead.


Going back to the speakers, they are the experts in their field.

They are there because they have succeeded in their desired field. They have the correct mindset, proven methods, and real experiences.

…What I don’t like about Rich Dad Summit

Too basic

If you are already experienced and looking for something to level up your knowledge. If you’re someone who trusts Robert Kiyosaki’s ways but you already have a business.

Then, this is not for you. Don’t waste that dollar and don’t waste your 16 hours.

Too long

Speaking of hours, the webinar is for 16 hours by the way. That’s 8 hours per day.

Even if you are watching it at home. You really need to a lot 8 hrs of your day to be able to watch this.

You need to sit in front of your computer just to watch them.

Too cheap

There’s nothing wrong about the pricing, it’s about the effect of the price to the consumers.

Your commitment to participate and taking it seriously is based on how much you invested in something. You will notice that on regular things as well.

Imagine you have a $5 sneakers and a $250 sneakers. You value the expensive one, right? You take good care of it and you don’t take it for granted. Unlike the cheap sneakers.

This also applies to this program. Not even with all those experts to speak in that program.


Is Rich Dad Summit a Scam?

This is Robert Kiyosaki we’re talking about here. Of course, this is not a scam. This is a real webinar. This is a real program.

And it’s only worth $1 for a 2-day webinar.

The thing is you need to free your schedule for the 16 hrs webinar. So, if you’re a beginner then this is for you.

Is it worth it?

It depends. If you are just about to start your online venture then this will be worth your time. This will also be a steal for you since you’ll be learning the basics from experts for only $1. You just need to put the correct mindset for it.?

But if you want to step up your game, then you’ll just be wasting your 16 hours for this, you can just check my #1 recommendation instead. This is giving me my 4 digits passive monthly income.

How I Make a Living Online?

I make money online thru Affiliate Marketing. With this website and my Quora account, I do honest reviews of products and get incentives whenever they earn because of me.

You don?t need to have a solid experience in affiliate marketing, nor do you need a degree for you to earn like me.

I am no longer chasing every paycheck. Now, aside from my day job, which I love, I have a stable passive income thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and you can be one too by clicking here.

And again?

Wishing you the best of luck with your HUSTLE!


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