Scout and Cellar Pyramid Scheme Review

Scout and Cellar Pyramid Scheme Review

There are tens of thousands of pyramid schemes and MLM companies out there, but most of them are into cosmetics, healthcare products, and weight loss supplements. The Scout and Cellar pyramid scheme is a totally unique MLM company that instead focuses on wine distribution.

Because of the narrow wine market that this company focuses on, most distributors find it extremely hard to make a profit and to convince other people to get into their downline. Nevertheless, some people have experienced success with this interesting opportunity.

In this Scout and Cellar Pyramid Scheme Review, I want to take a closer look at the pros and cons of this MLM opportunity in order to help you decide if it?s a good way to earn a passive income for you and your family. In the end, I?m going to reveal to you a unique money-making opportunity that might be exactly what you are looking for.

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Without further ado, let?s dive straight in and see what actually Scout and Cellar is.

What is Scout and Cellar?

Scout and Cellar is a fairly new MLM company focused on wine distribution. Since it was founded back in 2017, the company has offered a unique opportunity to make money to tens of thousands of men and women from all over the United States.

This company stands out of the crowd by having a totally unique product line, which includes different assortments of wine. Even if wine is already widely available in many stores and wineries across the globe, Scout and Cellar come with a unique selling point. They are offering clean crafted wine that is free of sugars, added chemicals, sulfites, and pesticides.

Scout and Cellar Pyramid Scheme
Sarah Shadonix

This company is created by Sarah Shadonix, a lawyer by profession who turned into a wine expert. She has got her own certification from the Wine And Spirit Education Trust and has worked numerous years as a manager for the Wine Country Connect company.


A Short History of Scout and Cellar

This MLM company was born because of Sarah?s desire to put an end to the negative side effects she had with commercial wines. She began to investigate the ingredients companies put in modern wines, so she found out that wines contain a huge number of additives, color correction pesticides, sugar, sulphites, preservatives and a whole other number of chemicals.

She then decided to take matters into her own hands and create a natural, additive-free wine. Sarah started to ?scout? for vineyards, farmers and ?cellars? that never use pesticides or chemicals in their wines. This is how Scout and Cellar pyramid scheme was born in 2017 in Celina, Texas.

Scout and Cellar Pyramid Scheme Review

Main Scout and Cellar Products

This company is like a larger, modern winery that enables people to sell all-natural wines. Their product line includes only wines, such as white wine, rose, red and sparkling wine. Each wine comes with its own description, ingredients, elaboration methods and history. Moreover, each wine has its own unique taste, with a flavor that goes well beyond that standard dry, semi-dry or sweet.

The prices of Scout and Cellar products range from $25 to $48, depending on the wine quality, method of production and transport fees. The key selling point of these wines is the fact that they are ?Clean wines?, meaning they are made using only organic methods and no additives, sugars, preservatives or sulphites.

Scout and Cellar Complaints & Lawsuits

When it comes to MLM companies, they usually go well together with lawsuits. However, probably because this company is fairly new on the market, it has no lawsuits up to 2020. Probably in the near future, as more and more people will begin to use it, they might see some lawsuits coming their way.

In terms of complaints, people are obviously complaining about the high prices of the products and are questioning the high-quality, paraben-free quality of organic wines. Of course, there will also be people criticizing MLM companies and wonder why people invest their time, money and energy into these pyramid schemes.

Is Scout and Cellar a Good Business Opportunity?

Scout and Cellar Pyramid Scheme Review

This company comes with a unique selling point, which is clean wine. According to numerous studies, regular wine produced in bulk includes numerous chemicals, such as copper sulphate, ammonium phosphate, numerous pesticides, GMO ingredients, sugar or sweetener, mega purple corrector, and ferricyanide.

On the other hand, the wine from Scout and Cellar contains only grapes and a small concentration of sulfites. While you can make money by selling their products, the best business opportunity for you is to recruit people and enable them to recruit other people. The more people you recruit, the more you increase in rank.

You can earn around 3% commission from the sales of the people under you if you are a Level 2 seller. However, at level 3, you can earn around 8%. You can also earn retail commissions starting from 12% and going up to 25%

Scout and Cellar Success Rate

The success rate of this MLM comes with very low chances of success. Just like any other MLM opportunity, most people will lose money, while around 5% will earn profits and around 1% will get to advance and grow in ranks.

The Commission Plan in the Scout and Cellar Pyramid Scheme

This is a direct selling company that works just like any other network marketing business. Scout and Cellar allow you to earn money using three unique methods:

1. Direct sales: you can earn a commission for your effort to sell their products

2. Recruitment: you can also make revenue by inviting other people to join the business opportunity from Scout and Cellar. You?ll be paid a fraction of the amount they make each month by selling products.

3. Bonuses:? if you can hit certain milestones and pre-determined targets, you?ll be able to collect various bonuses and incentives to keep you and your team motivated.

As a distributor, you can grow up in ranks. You start at Consultant, but you can qualify for a Senior Consultant if you generate a minimum of $200 in sales and $500 from your combined team. Once you generate a minimum of $300 by yourself and another $800 from your downline team, you?ll become an executive consultant.

The next three ranks are Associate Manager, Senior Manager, and Executive Manager. To get to the sixth level, you need to generate at least $600 in sales and $3,000 from your team.

As you can notice, growing in rank is directly dependent on your downline, so if you want to succeed with your Scout and Cellar business, it is imperative to be focused on building a downline. Additionally, the more you sell, the higher the commission you get.

For example, if you sell under $499, you get 12% of the money back. However, if you get to $2,999, you?ll earn 25% of your sales back. These commissions are fairly good, compared to other MLM companies out there.

Is Scout and Cellar a Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid schemes are illegal, but it seems that this MLM business is legal in the United States. Of course, it resembles a pyramid scheme, because a few select people at the top make the most money, while the base of the pyramid make just enough to survive or even lose money.

With a low success rate, becoming truly successful in this business endeavor becomes just a nice dream for most people who enroll. Additionally, note that certain states, such as Utah, Rhode Island, Delaware, Mississippi or Arkansas have their own rules when it comes to wine, so they might prohibit the use of Scout and Cellar wines.

Is Scout and Cellar a Scam?

This is definitely not a scam, but a legit business opportunity. Even if it has tons of drawbacks and it?s extremely difficult to make a fortune with Scout and Cellar, you can rest assured that there is no such thing as Scout and Cellar scam.

How to Join Scout and Cellar?

In order to get started with this MLM company, you need to invest $249 for the initial pack. The starter pack, which is mandatory, includes several items, including wines, vacu vin wine saver, pouring spout, winemakers and wine carrier. Additionally, you get a website that you?ll use to advertise your business. You?ll then pay $99 a year to maintain your site after the initial period of one year has passed.

The website is a standard one that all distributors receive. While it looks fairly good and stands out from the crowd, the website is not SEO optimized and has no traffic whatsoever. You?ll have to deal with that all by yourself.

Scout and Cellar Pyramid Scheme Review

Why I Don?t Like Scout and Cellar?

– This MLM program is not available in all states. Additionally, you need to comply with other state laws, depending on your own state.

– Scout and Cellar has a low success rate, just like any other MLM out there

– You may bother your friends and family: being part of an MLM means that you?ll do your best to convince all your relatives to buy from you. You?ll have to organize wine tasting parties and invest a lot of time and money into offline and online marketing.

– You can only earn commissions when people buy on the original site: this is a huge drawback. Your buyers need to order the wines on the original website and need to list your name as a consultant. If they forget to list you there, you?ll lose your commissions.

Why do I like Scout and Cellar?

– This is not a scam or a pyramid scheme, so you can actually make a living doing it

– They have a good compensation plan and good products

– You can work just a few hours each day and still enjoy success

Final Thoughts

By now, you?ve probably realized that, even though Scout and Cellar is a legit business opportunity, it is way too risky and expensive for most people. This is a very flawed MLM business and it?s definitely hard to succeed with.

However, I have tried and succeeded in a legitimate way of making money online. This is called Wealthy Affiliate and is all about affiliate marketing. I made tons of money, plus I only work 10 hours a week, with Sunday and Monday off.

Wealthy Affiliate ? A Better Alternative to MLM

Affiliate marketing is a unique program that enables you to make money when your site visitors or friends make a purchase using your own link. This method is totally risk-free and normally requires minimal investment. With affiliate marketing, you can get to a point where you make money while sleeping. Best of all, you don?t have to sell anything. All you need to do is to guide people in the right direction.

Affiliate marketing helps you broaden your audience, teaches you true marketing, allows you to scale up and make a passive income, and also is very cost-effective. As an affiliate marketer, you can choose from tens of thousands of digital products and you can promote exactly what you like. Compared that with Scout and Cellar, which are only limited to wines.

The best affiliate program in 2020 is Wealthy Affiliate. This program literally teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing. Their strong and helpful community is always by your side, so your chances to succeed are almost guaranteed. While the success rate with an MLM opportunity such as Scout and Cellar are around 10%, with Wealthy Affiliates, your chances go up to 90%.

Wealthy Affiliates offers you top-of-the-line training, website builder, a huge community of people eager to help you succeed and numerous advanced tools to give you an edge over your competition. What?s truly amazing is that you can start your journey with Wealthy Affiliates without investing a penny. This program is totally free to try.

I invite you to check my Wealthy Affiliates review and try this astounding program for free. You?ll be able to achieve financial freedom in just a few years and you?ll be able to stay close to your friends without having to over-promote MLM products like wine bottles.

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