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sell the trend review
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Sell The Trend Review

Sell The trend is the latest product research tool that the user can find winning product data quickly and efficient way.

This post is all about? ‘sell the trend’. However, before I begin with the review, I would love to give your attention to ‘why do you need the product research tool for your business?’

Make money online is something that changed many people’s lives around the world in different dimensions and thousands of people are looking to set up online businesses and 99% of them are failing within their first attempt. The reason is, the reality of online business is different than what we see on youtube and on blogs.

That was my experience when I started my dropshipping business and it was completely at fail for months. I did everything manually including product research in AliExpress. Many days I lost my self within millions of product pages without knowing how to grab the correct data and how to analyze them properly. Welcome to sell the trend review.


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sell the trend review

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Use of Winning products tools

Today there are many tools and software to find what are the bestselling products and winning facebook ad copies. That make a lot of savings for the business owners. Not only that it cuts down the time that you are stuck within Ali express products, but also helps to find products that are trending on the market.

But the challenge is finding the best tool or software to use for your commerce or dropshipping business. There are many tools in the market but only a few are providing good value to the user.

What is Sell The Trend Review?

sell the trend review

This is a tool for finding trending products in the market. But not only that there are many features that you can find in this tool, but it is also extremely user-friendly. I would say that ‘sell the trend ‘ team has observed all of the tools in the market and designed this tool including all the special features that other tools has.


I have done many reviews belonging to many product research tools in the market and I can say features wise this tool is leading in the market.

sell the trend review

Who can use Sell the Trend? (Sell The Trend Review)

  • Amazon sellers can use to find trending products on Amazon.
  • Shopify drop shippers can find trending products in competitors Shopify stores.
  • Facebook marketers can find most engaging and viral facebook ads.
  • Ali express dropshippers can get daily trending data to analyze the market.
  • Marketers can use tools to develop their strategies by ads analyzing and using easy video making tool.

Sell The Trend? by using the tool

To bring a fair review to my readers I have gone through all the features one by one and also got a better understanding by going through the tutorials as well.

This review can be long, so I suggest you to get sell the trend free trial and observe the data according to my review.

Sell the trend has a sleek dashboard with all the options that you require. From the dashboard, you can easily find your required feature without any confusion.

Here are the features from the dashboard:

  • Tutorials
  • Nexus Hot Products.
  • Nexus Trending Products.
  • Nexus Hot Stores.
  • Ali Express Explorer.
  • Amazon Explorer.
  • Shopify Explorer.
  • Facebook Explorer.
  • Video ads creator.
  • Audience Builder.
  • Engagement Calculator.
  • Discovery Machine.
  • Success academy.

Keep reading this sell the trend review to understand all the features.


Tutorials.sell the trend review? ? ? ? ?

Tutorial section will guide you on how to use ‘Sell the trend’ in an efficient way in order to get more accurate data for your analysis.

In the tutorial, you can go through 9 Videos that help you to understand every feature in the Sell the trend.

Sell the trend has a Facebook group which you can join and learn more about e-commerce and share your knowledge within sell the trend community.

The tutorial section allows you to join Facebook with more than 800 members in it.

Niches and Categories

Select your niche or category and start your research. And that’s the fastest way to find winning products without any delay.

I will reveal all the categories and niches which are in the ‘Sell the trend’ and it helps you to have a clear understanding of how you can gather data from this tool.


  • Automobiles and motorcycles
  • Beauty and Health
  • Consumer electronics and accessories
  • General clothing and accessories
  • Hobbies and toys
  • Home and garden
  • Jewelry
  • Men’s clothing accessories
  • Mother and kids
  • Pet products
  • Seasonal
  • Sport and entertainment
  • Watches


Before I reveal the niche list I would like to explain the difference between category and niche.

The category is based on the products and the Niche is based on the audience with passionate people.

Example- Pet product is a category but Dogs is a niche (Passionate audience)

Niche list:

Air condition










DIY & Lifehacks












Baby feeding


Bathroom Accessories
















DIY & Lifehacks















Home decor




Kids toys



Luxury watches


Men’s fashion

Moto cycle






Phone accessories

Robot cleaners


School bags






Teeth whitening


Water bottles

Weight loss



Women sunglasses

Women wallets

According to the above categories and niches Nexus has collected data and has it in store for the user.

Hey If you are a lazy reader, Then watch my Youtube Video about sell the review, In there I explained every feature. Enjoy!


Nexus has a huge product list with different filtering options.


You can filter the product as below

  • By product type,
  • By price,
  • By found date,
  • By last added date

Also, you can sort the products as below filter

  • By nexus rank (Nexus has its own ranking system depending on the algorithm)
  • By stores selling,
  • By total orders,
  • By found date
  • By last added date

Now I hope you might have an idea as to how sufficiently you are able to use this tool by using those filters. Definitely, you need to use the filters to collect the data as fast as possible. So it’s important to gain a good knowledge about filters and how it works.

Nexus is an extremely advanced algorithm compared to other tools. It became powerful because it pulls lots of data than other product research tools.

Nexus Hot Products

sell the trend review

Nexus is the holy grail of the winning product discovery.

As per my understanding Nexus is an algorithm in Sell the trend. This algorithm helps the user to find hot products from all the niches and all the categories.

One of the Nexus features is Nexus Hot products list.his feature This feature enables to clarify a product is really a hot product or not.

In this sell the trend review What does a hot product mean to you?

Hot product means a product which is selling massively in the market at any given time.

This tool has listed different Hot selling products with the data.

My observation is, most of the Hot products are listed as products which are sold more than 1000 pcs. Also, I have noticed some products have not even completed 500 order count.

But whenever I refresh the Nexus Hot product list I get a new set of hot selling products and it really blew my product ideas.

As an example, I found this hot product and it sold 4,119 pcs in Ali express.

sell the trend review


sell the trend review

let’s dig into more data to identify this product as a winner.

As per the above data you can analyze that’Sell the trend’ added this product more than 9 months ago. Within this time period, it has completed?4119 Orders. That is an impressive product sale but its not a trending product anymore.

When you click on product research you will get more attractive data like this

sell the trend review

By looking at the graph you will notice that the product started selling from last November 2018 and until today, it has completed 4,119 orders.

According this sell the trend review, this product is not the hot product as it says, the reason is, from June 20th to Aug 30th it sold 703pcs only. But there were other hot selling products listed there and you can test them. But I have chosen this product to teach you how to analyze the data from this tool.

Also from the right side of the product research screen, you can find out Shopify stores that are selling the same product. I have seen this option from Pexda tool but in the pexda, they provide only on competitive Shopify store. In this case, sell the trend is ahead of the pexda by providing more data.

To discover more features,Keep reading the sell the trend review…

Nexus Trending products

sell the trend review

I would say trending products are my favorite. The reason is if you find any fresh trending products you will make more money before other competitors enter into that product.In this sell the trend review,lets see how we can find winning products by using the trends.

But you should understand that trends won’t be lasting forever. The trend will die soon as it depends on the market. It can be weeks or months.

Most popular trending product was a Fidget spinner. It had a huge sale for months and the trend died.

Sell the trend review-This tool has listed their Nexus trending Products on the dashboard. After you click on that icon on the dashboard, it will lead you to the trending products page.

However, I have observed that some of the trending products are not new products, but they have been on the list for months. So I doubt if those products are still trending or not.

sell the trend review

I would say that Nexus trending product section provides a fairly good product idea about the trending products in different niches, hence that must be appreciated. There are more cool features with this tool.Keep reading the sell the trend review….

Nexus Hot Stores

sell the trend review

This feature allows you to visit competitors stores based on product sales. Here the products are listed with the Shopify store, as well as Ali express product store.

In this case, you can visit the Shopify store and see how the product is listed including the product description, design and etc.

Also, on the other hand, you can visit Ali express supplier page and do your own research about the product.


sell the trend review

Not only you can notice that the Nexus hot store is listed with the ranking of the store as well, but also I have observed that whenever I visit all high ranking stores, it gives me great product ideas. They are not just marked as ranks but it has a real value.

Sell The Trend Review-Ali Express Explorer.

sell the trend review

?What’s moving and shaking, Its all here?

This feature is one of my favorites in this tool. This helps you to monitor daily Ali express product movements. And this will really help you to find the trend before others jump into it.

In this feature, AI will monitor all the product sales happening within Ali express products. What you have to do is, using many filters you have to analyze the data and find fresh products to your store.

What I really appreciate a lot is, there are many filters to find Ali express products and there is a tool only to find Ali Express USA Suppliers as well. This can be gold for someone who is trying to look for fast shipping options.

sell the trend review

By looking at above screenshots don’t be excited to sell the products. Click the product research button and do your research more about the products. Especially change some filters and try to get different data.

sell the trend review

Let’s take an example of the below product. It can ship from the USA, and so far it has made 53,000+ sales. Then I will change the filter to daily orders and it shows the product is selling well but it’s not a fresh trend. The chart has marked as a trend, however, it is not steady.

sell the trend review

Sell the trend review, look at the below product sample. You can keep an eye on this kind of product based on daily sales records and tests on your store.

You may notice that the daily sales of the above product have recorded an average of 300+ orders every day. It gives two signals to the dropshippers.

1-Product still selling well and it has an average trend

2-This product is useful for the customers. Otherwise, it won’t sell daily 300+ orders for months.

I have observed this type of AI in a tool called Ali Shark. But I would say in this sell the trend review this feature is better than that, mainly because we have lots of data filters on ‘sell the trend’.


Amazon Explorer

sell the trend review

This feature is very useful for amazon drop shippers and Amazon FBA sellers. This section provides immense data related to amazon sales records and trends.

By changing the filters you can get different data to use. Especially there is a filter that can help the user to find daily changes in the product. That means how the product daily rank has changed and how all the time ranking changed in the amazon.

Sell the trend review-Monitoring the product ranking change can give a lot of opportunities as an amazon seller. This tool is helping you with different data. Not only that it helps you to find the product sourced from Ali express, but also that’s a great help for the beginner to start with Amazon. Maybe you can dropship the products or you can start FBA.


Shopify Explorer-Sell The Trend Review

In this section, you have a chance to visit other Shopify stores and spy on them. Shopify stores that are listed here are based on the popularity and the traffic that is getting to the store.

Fo that they use 3 indicators




Another amazing thing I have observed here is the trend has recorded how much the store spends for the apps and another fixed cost per month except ads cost. If you notice any shop app cost is high, that means the store is making consistent sales.

In this section, you do not find many dropshipping stores, but you will mostly find branded stores. So, sell the trend is trying to help you to find the same product from the Ali express. However, don’t be surprised, you can’t get branded product from the Ali express. Therefore, try to search for Ali express by changing the keywords.

Value of this feature is that you have a chance to visit and observe the branded Shopify stores in the market and spy on them easily.In this sell the trend review I would thank the team for awesome features.



Facebook Explorer?

sell the trend review

In this sell the review I’m going to talk to you about Facebook explorer.This is a feature that enables you to find what is viral on Facebook. If any product shows that it is going viral it’s better to try in your store as well.

Not only that finding viral Facebook ads give you continues update about the market place and social media, but also it gives an idea of what products to sell on your store.

For me, by looking at engaging Facebook ad there are many things to learn. Eg: Design of the Facebook ad, text, color, etc?

By using the filters you can get the most engaging and viral Facebook ads. For the below result I have chosen the mentioned filters:

Published date/ Last 7 days

By engagement?as most comments

sell the trend review

Sell The Trend Review Note- Another impressive feature that I have seen in this section is, most of the ads are connected to bitly database. If you click on any ad, it will lead to new bitly metrics page which allows you to dig deeper into the facebook ad research.

Bitly data page will be like this

sell the trend review

Above image shows how many clicks this ad is getting and which country has it gained the most clicks. Based on the above data, you are able to decide which countries to start your advertising.

But unfortunately as per my sell the trend review, all the ads do not have the above metrics. I hope later they will improve and cover all the ads with click metrics.


?Video Creator

sell the trend review

Next feature that I’m going to talk about in the sell the trend review is, Videos.

Videos have become the game-changer in Facebook advertising. Even its an image slider or full video, it can really change your Facebook ad success. One of the main reasons is facebook love to promote the videos on their platform than text or image-based ads. As a benefit of that, your video ad can reach to more people than images or text ad.

In order to create a video, you need to spend time as well as money. Sell the trend has a video creator in which the users can make slide show images fast and easy just by copy past of the Product URL.

To make a video from this tool you need to paste any product URL you require and this tool will grab all the images that product URL has. Then you can customize the images with text, music, backgrounds, and timing. Finally, you can preview the video with your customization.

I have used the same option in the tool called Nichescrapper but I have not observed as many options as in sell the trend review.


Facebook Audience Builder

sell the trend review

If you are new to Facebook marketing this video can truly help you with your audience selection. Basically what this feature does is finding the Facebook audience based on niches. This section of a sell the trend review will help you with the Facebook Audience.

Audience builder collects the data according to below headings

  • Quick start
  • Interest
  • Website and pages
  • Brands
  • Magazines
  • JobsPublic Figures

To have a successful Facebook campaign its really important to have above ad groups and test them with different ad copies. Also, I appreciate the public figures data and that’s the place most of the fans are hanging around.

As the sell the trend review, I suggest you do not stop your audience research after this tool, you can keep researching your audience and it will bring more gold mines to your business.



Sell The Trend Review-Engagement Rating Calculator


sell the trend review

Most of the time Instagram influencer marketing get stuck with finding a good influencer, engagement, payment, etc? Due to the using of bots, Instagram shoutout became complicated. You might see insta accounts with millions of followers but the engagement rate can be very low. In this case, you might be paying highly on shout outs but your sales can be very less.

To avoid the above issue sell the trend has implemented new software to find Instagram engagements.

In order to avail the most of this tool, you need to enter a few details and run the calculator. That will provide an engagement level as a percentage. As per calculator above 50 is the good engagement level and below 50 is bad.

I’m not sure whether this will give you accurate engagement level, but you can start your research-based this engagement calculator results.

sell the trend review

You need to provide the below details to the calculator:

-Number of Instagram members

-Number of Selected post likes on the same insta account

-Number of the comments on the same selected post


Discovery machine

sell the trend review

Sell the Trend has vast products and ads database that sometimes I am also unable to explore. The only help is by filters I can narrow down to find what I am needed. Discovery machine is fun and just by spinning you can get random products or ads on your screen.

I kept spinning for five minutes and I found a few new product ideas that I can go through. Some products might not be interesting but to broaden your product ideas it’s useful to get different product angles.

Whenever you find yourself tired of going through niche products, come and have some fun with the products spinning.

Success Academy

sell the trend review

Sell the trend needs to build a community around the program. It’s the best way to stay on the market for a long time. Also, that will help the community to build their businesses as well. I have observed that through facebook group and success academy.

Success Academy is a simple drop shipping course that anyone can understand about the dropshipping process. It has 09 steps and all are described by videos. In this sell the trend Review I would appreciate it a lot.

I hope they will add more advanced videos to the success academy to educate the business community.

Contents of success academy

  • Mindset for success,
  • What is dropshipping?
  • Store setup,
  • Business setup,
  • Adding products,
  • FulfillmentInfluencer marketing,
  • Facebook ads setup,
  • Facebook ads creation

Sell the trend price

Most of the product research tools have different price structures and to get more features you need to pay more. Example Pexda, pexgle

But Sell the trend has only one plan and you can get all the options together and no upsells. That’s very cool!

Sell the trend is priced at $99.99 per month but now you can avail the tool at $39.97 as 60% launch discount. However, if you subscribe now, you will get the grandparent price and your price won’t go higher even after the launching period as well.

Another option is if you pay for annum you will be paying only $32.97 and also get an extra two months free. That will bring more savings to your business.

sell the trend reviewsell the trend review















But to get more discount use below discount code and sign up here


Pro and Cons-Sell The Trend Review


  • All in one tool that monitors all the platforms together.
  • It’s more than a product research tool.
  • The product list is refreshing every day than other tools in the market.
  • Real trend-charts help user to understand the product’s sales.
  • Huge database with tons of products but easy to manage by filters. T
  • he single plan gives access to all the features.


  • It can be pricey for beginners.
  • Winning products trends need to be developed.


As a conclusion of sell the trend review I would say,After using many product research tools, I would say sell the trend is a fair deal. The reason is with this, one can avail all the options at a cheaper price where other tools sell for a subscription of more than $120.

With the latest technology, it is not a big deal to keep all the data in one place. But to customize the data according to how we need is the important factor. Sell the trend is extremely good with customizing the?data and provide accurate data to understand more about the products.

A Product research tool is all about data and ‘sell the trend’ is a great product research tool that anyone can find their winning products trend. Get the free trial and test the tool to see how its work.

The tool has many options available in it. Hence, take your time and discover all the options within the free trial. If you are looking for paid subscription claim below coupon code and claim more discount on ‘sell the trend’.

Thank you for reading my ‘sell the trend’ review. And it became a long post because I had to explain all the features within the tool.

Hope this tool can add more value to your business and please comment below your questions and suggestions. I’m happy to help you with that.

Thank you for reading my long Sell The Trend Review!

Happy Selling!


Sell The Trend

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