Facebook advertisements are the best to bring traffic to your e-commerce store. You can optimize your campaigns to generate a positive ROI quite easily. It is quite suitable for the drop shipping business model. The only problem is that it is difficult to find ads and landing pages which work. It involves significant trial and error to set up the campaign the right way.

Now, however, shopgenius claims to offer a solution for all of those problems. It will allow you to spy on other Facebook campaigns to help you understand how you can create yours. The trial and error will be negligible as you will be able to take a glimpse into the other campaigns which are working for other online e-commerce stores. The question is whether shopgenius is effective. We will answer that question in our shopgenius review today.

Shopgenius review

What is Shopgenius?

Shopgenius is a Facebook ads research tool. It will enable you to spy on your competition in real time. You can go through the advertisements of your competitors right away to find out what is working for them and what is not working for them.

According to the company, it is a Facebook upload solution. If indeed that is the case, you can be sure that you can rely on it for a long time. In the past, many such ads buying tools have been shut down due to their non-compliance. It seems like shopgenius is a step ahead in this regard. Owing to this very reason, we decided to do a shopgenius review to help you understand more about this tool.

Shopgenius review

Shopgenius Features:

Some of the shopgenius features which make it highly useful include:

? Monitoring of all three types of devices:

Shopgenius allows you to monitor the ads on all three types of devices. You can monitor their ads on desktop, mobile as well as a tablet. Thus, you can monitor the entire campaign of your competitor.

? Ad monitoring in the US and UK markets:

It specifically allows you to track the US and UK campaigns. You can cater to the developed market quite easily.


? Reverse engineering the Ad:

Shopgenius will enable you to not just see the ads but also other features of the ads including the targeting. You can filter the ads as per the device which they target. Geographic targeting is also possible. Moreover, you can see the entire targeting including the frequency of the advertisement. Thus, reverse engineering the whole advertising campaign is possible.

? Landing page preview:

When you view an ad campaign, you can see the preview of the landing page. It will help you understand how the store is promoting the products. You can mimic the landing page to increase the ROI of your campaign.


? Ability to save the ads which you like:

When you come across a useful ad campaign, you can easily save it to your folder. The next time around, you want to access that data, you will need to look at the same campaigns, and you will be able to find it easily.

? Tag-based Ad search:

If you want to spy on the advertisements in your niche, this feature is pretty useful. That tag-based ad feature ensures that you can use tags like shoes, fashion to find out the other campaigns in the same niche. It will allow you to monitor the entire niche rather than just a particular store.

? Advanced filtering:

There are many filters available. You can choose between filters like media type, website type, gender and even the type of e-commerce platforms which the store is using. Hence, it will be easy to find the right campaigns.


? Complete ad image slider:

Shopgenius allows you to view the entire range of images used in the advertisement. You can view the entire slider. It will enable you to find the images that are converting the best. As a result, you will be able to place similar images in your campaign. It does not leave any step to trial and error.

These are just some of the features of the shopgenius which make it a useful tool. The only bit of problem is that it deals with a single side of the spectrum. It helps you only spy on Facebook advertisements. It does not work on the drop shipping site. It can be expensive and cumbersome to deal with another tool for the drop shipping site.

When it comes to a full spectrum tool, Pexda is a much better option. It allows you to find drop shipping products before they go viral and will enable you to research Facebook advertisements. Thus, Pexda offers you the complete package rather than information on Facebook advertisements.

Watch this video from ShopGenius Team:

What should you know about Shopgenius?

There are a few areas in which shopgenius faces a hindrance. These include:

1. Research only based on Facebook ads:

The tool allows you to spy only on stores which run Facebook Ad campaigns. You can find the products which are just working on FB ads. There is no scope to find products independent of Facebook ads. You can only spy on your competitors and find the products which they are promoting.

2. Better alternatives available:

The cost of shopgenius is $ 29 per month. The problem, however, is that there are better solutions available at a lower price. Pexda, for example, is available at $ 25. It provides you with product-based research rather than FB-based research. You can quickly view the products which are about to go viral. As a result, you can be ahead of the competition.

3. Limited features in the basic plan:

The basic plan of $ 29 per month does not allow you to follow the advertiser. It also does not allow you to view the mobile ads. If you want the full plan, you will have to shell out $ 39. The problem is that in the basic plan, various features are missing like you will not be able to spy on video ads or Carousel Slide ads. There is no landing page preview as well. That is why; you will have no other option but to go for the expensive plan. When you go for the expensive plan, Pexda becomes a much more affordable alternative covering the entire spectrum including finding the best products on Aliexpress,Amazon and e-bay. Not Only that Pexda provide Facebook ad hunt tool for their users for Free.

You have to keep in mind these few shortcomings of shopgenius before making your buying decision.

Shopgenius review


? Allows you to monitor ads across all 3 types of devices

? Allows you to use filters to find the right ads

? Allows you to follow the advertisers

? Landing page preview

? Real-time spying

? Enables you to save advertisements

? Allows you to monitor different types of ads


? Limited features in the basic plan

? Better alternatives available

? Research is based only on Facebook ads.


On a stand-alone basis, shopgenius might be pretty good. However, when you compare it with Pexda, Pexda certainly scores better over it. It allows you to research products based on their Aliexpress stats as well as e-commerce store stats. Thus, you can get the complete picture. You can find the product before any of your competition does. That is why; shopgenius is not that effective when you compare it with Pexda. Shopgenius limits several of its essential features in the basic plan. Pexda is a much better option as compared to shopgenius.

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