In 2014, before I started drop shipping with Shopify I did a whole lot of online experiments. I read blogs, watched videos, joined Facebook groups etc… However, everyone claimed that it will be profitable and they showed their proof of success. But I had many doubts and less confidence with regards to dropshipping.

My number one question was “Can I really make money with Shopify?” I was scared of failure so I was trying to calculate the risk that I’m going to get and was trying hard to reduce it.

Then I calculated the expenses that I’m going to have. One of the continues cost was Shopify payment, which was 29$ per month. Then I was searching for discounts, trials. discounts codes etc…

In Google, I found a Shopify 60 day Trial and Shopify 30Day Trial. But most of the links were heading to Shopify Basic Plan only.

Meanwhile, one of my friends sent me a link of a Shopify 30 Day Trial. So I signed up. But unfortunately, I could not complete the store with that trial. Reason being some of the options gone missing with that Trial version. ( I couldn’t recall what was missing, it was almost 4 years? ago)

Then I took the risk of 29$ and started paying for the Shopify Basic Plan.


shopify 60 days free trial



Shopify 60 days free Trial Is a Myth? What To Do Next?

For the last two years, I have been working as a Shopify partner. Promoting their services, managing my client’s sites etc….I received plenty of requests from my readers regarding this?Shopify 60 day Trial and Shopify 30Day Trial. I searched the web but I was unable to find any active link.

Last year, I decided to talk directly with Shopify team and ask for Shopify 60 Day trial for my readers. But my attempt was not successful.? I was informed that there are No Shopify 60 days free trial available.

Despite the earlier information, yesterday also I tried (never give up) and I finally received a sort of good news.


Chat With Shopify

Here is my online chat with Shopify support and the person’s name was Lebby.(My partnership account is Dollarsonyou)


Lebby L:??Hi there! This is Lebby and thanks for reaching out to Shopify 🙂 How can I help you today?

Dollarsonyou:??I have a blog related to Shopify and e-commerce. Would you arrange for me to have any discount code for my readers?

Dollarsonyou:??or else one month trial period?

Lebby L:??Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to Shopify! Hope you’re doing great! 🙂

Lebby L:??To be honest, we don’t have that kind of Discount as we can only have 14 days trial for the account. We can only take some considerations to make extensions but that can only be for another 7 days.

Dollarsonyou:??That would be great If you can do so.Thank you!

Dollarsonyou:??Can you please work on that?

Lebby L:??They should have an account first and it will be checked if it can be extended. We only do that as a courtesy but not for all as we will review the account.

Dollarsonyou:??cant you allow me to have extended days on my affiliate link? That will be easy for me to promote your service.

Lebby L:??We actually don’t have a way to do that on our end. the extension can be requested for approval.

Dollarsonyou:??Thank you very much. I will inform that to my readers.

Lebby L:??You’re welcome. Anything else at the moment?

Dollarsonyou:??that’s all. thank you! Have great Day!

Lebby L:??Thank you so much for your time today. You’ll receive a copy of our discussion at the end of our conversation today, you can use that to reply to me directly with anything else you may need support with



How To Get Shopify?Extended Trial

Later I had another question as to ” how exactly one can get the extended trial period and what do they consider when they review the merchant account?” So I had another chat with Shopify support team and this is what I came to know some of the very important details about the extended trial period.

Brian is from Shopify support team and a very helpful guy.

Brian K:??Hey there Indika. So in terms of the trial period, that is now 14 days across the board for all accounts. It was the case in the past that trials could be longer depending on, say, an affiliate link, but that’s no longer the case.

Dollarsonyou:??i had a chat with someone earlier in your team. That person said that it can be extended up to 7 days and that depend on request also your team need to review the account as well

Brian K:??Yes, that can be done as a courtesy.

Brian K:??If someone needs more time, but that is decided on a case by case basis. An extended trial period is not something that all merchants are necessarily entitled to.

Brian K:??You’ve chatted in about this before then?

Dollarsonyou:?My question is what do you consider when you review the account?

Brian K:??We consider the needs of the merchant, what stage of pre-launch they are at and what more they need to do.

Brian K:??
That would include whether they have their payment gateways set-up, their theme in order and things like that.

Dollarsonyou:??Thank you, Brian! I will inform this to my readers.

Brian K:??You’re very welcome Indika.

According to the above chat, they need a proper online store before you request for the extended trial period. If your store is not completed or pre-launch level I don’t think they will approve the extension for you. If you signup with my link, I’m able to help you with completing the store.

Otherwise, complete the below steps before you ask for the extended trial period.

Steps to Create a Pre-Launch store and Get Shopify 21 Days Trial

Select Theme

Try to get a clear theme that you can customize easier. Make sure the theme is friendly to your customers. I do not suggest you get a paid theme now.? There are good free themes available.

Update Legal Information

Update Privacy policy, return policy and GDPR on your store. These policies can be copied from other stores and customize as per your requirements.

Logo and Slogan

Upload an attractive logo and a nice slogan for your store. If you think you are able to design a logo yourself, you may check on my logo creation tools and slogan generators. They are FREE.

Set up a Payment gateway

Before you apply for Shopify 21day trial, make sure to set up any payment gateway. At least setup Paypal as a payment gateway (That’s Super Easy)

Upload Products

You can upload a few products with a splendid product description. Do not use only the Ali express product description and their images. Try to provide the customer with the right information regarding the products. Also, you can embed some Youtube videos on the product page.

If you plan to design the store by your own I recommend you?to follow the below tutorial. It might take days to design it if you don’t have guidance.


I’m sorry that I could not get you 60 days Shopify trial or 30 days Shopify trial as you all were waiting for. However, I’m confident that the 21 days Shopify trial will provide you enough time and opportunity for a pre-launch store and also after the launching.

My tip for you is -Shopify does not guarantee that everyone will get the Shopify extended trial but you can follow the above steps and build the prelaunch store in order to request them for the extended time to complete the store.

You can do your request through Shopify online support and they will soon take action on it. I highly appreciate and recommend their customer service. They are super quick and extremely helpful!

I’m sure this trial period can ease your tension about your brand new Shopify store. Please comment here if you have any other questions about Shopify Trial Period.




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