10 Shopify Dog Stores

shopify dog stores!

Are you thinking of starting a dog niche store in Shopify?

Dog niche is one of the competitive niches and the most profitable niches in the world. The reason being that most of the dog lovers are ready to spend on their dogs without thinking twice.

According to USA Today, Dog owners spend an average of 1285$ every year on their dogs.

And dog owners constantly search on dog-related products on google and trying to buy them. Have a look at the monthly Google search related to dog products.

Dog Food -201,000 Search per month

Pet Store -550,000 Search per month

Dog Clothes -60,500 searches per month

Dog Accessories-22,200 Searches per month

Dog Collar -32,000 searches per month

Dog Bed-246,000 Searches per month

Dog toys -110,000 searches per month

I hope the above search volumes will give you an insight into how eagerly dog owners search for products for their dogs.


What’s the? Size of the Dog market?

This is a Huge market that value 21.57 Billion Dollars spends only on dog food. According to Nichehacks 46,300,000 households own a dog and 74.8 Million Dollar dog owners are from the United States.

Which Products can you sell on Shopify Dog Niche Store?

That’s a good question!

There are so many options available for you to start selling with. If you are a drop shipper, there are plenty of dog-related products available for on Ali express.

You can list many dog related products in your store and start promoting them. But before you start promoting them I suggest you have look at your Shopify store again. Check how to optimize it for the sales and how attractive it is.

The reason is how trustworthy and attractive is your site can convert sales easily. Never ever underestimate your site look. You might have winning products but if your site has a poor look, Then it won’t bring any sales.

Maybe you can invest in a designer and design the store in an attractive manner including an eye-catching logo, color blending, trustworthy badges, etc….

Watch the below video that reveals recent winning product in Ali Express


I hope the above facts make you realize how massive the dog niche is. However, as the market grows the competition also arises.

Here are some Shopify dog Stores that you can observe and see how they have designed and the products they are selling.

10 Shopify Dog Stores


Shopify Dog Stores


2.Store for the dogs

Shopify Dog Stores

3.Dog Pawty

Shopify Dog Stores



Shopify Dog Stores


5.Club Dog Lovers

Shopify Dog Stores


6. Grummi Pets

Shopify Dog Stores


07. Keep Doggie Safe

Shopify Dog Stores


8.Diggity Dog

Shopify Dog Stores


9.Sparkles the Dog

Shopify Dog Stores

10.Dog Dog Cat

Shopify Dog Stores


Above all are Shopify dog stores that I have researched about. And there are many more other stores are available.

You might have noticed that they are selling different products with different price ranges. I suggest you browse more stores and look at their site designs and products. Try to build your site with winning products and trustworthy design.

Read my post about how to browse the Shopify store and find more dog-related Shopify store.


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