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Top 44 Shopify Stores 2020

Model The Success-Shopify Drop Shipping stores

I know that you are hustling for developing your Shopify dropshipping empire. One of the secrets to success is a model the successful people or worldwide brands.

Below Top 44 Shopify drop shipping? Stores will show you how they arrange the store, Quality of the store, eye-catching designs with bright colors, etc…. Look for their small secrets of success. Most of them are selling their own brand. But they must have started with drop shipping.I’m sure If you plan yourself with the vision you can list your store in this Top 20 List in future.

Take a look at the jaw-dropping Shopify stats given below:

Also If you are struggling to find winning dropshipping products, Keep your eye on Hot selling Shopify Drop Shipping Products. You can test them in your store.

Shopify Drop Shipping will be the start of your journey, but that is the best way to enter the e-commerce world. Focus more on products and find dropshipping suppliers that you can trust for long term eCommerce businesses.

Before starting your business there are a few points to take note. These are the ones that will make you more successful and popular among the rest.

It is better to be aware of how others had arranged their stores and done their marketing. Some sell their own brand while some just start with Shopify drop shipping stores.

So, I am pretty much certain that you will be able to find yourself the motivation and the guidance you need with this article.

And, maybe place yourself in the top 50 list for the year 2020 too?

Enjoy the list and grab the knowledge to get your shop done right.

Please Note: In this list, there are some Branded Shopify stores available and they are not dropshipping stores.

Enjoy and observe the top Shopify drop shipping stores.

List Of Shopify Drop shipping stores



Popularity-26,100 visitors per day

World site popularity -9421




They are a multi-million-dollar revenue company in the world with a million products.

They are a self ? made makeup brand and are popular for them out of the world products.

New launches take massive traffic flows in.

You never know, but they have limited the number of the same product available for a customer is two. They have blocked in order to allow others to enjoy the products too.

Popularity-24,500 visitors per day

World site popularity -10908

With reported annual revenue of 400+ million dollars, they are one of the most searched fashion sites in 2018 and 2019. They needed no fashion shows to bring them to their position while competing with the very high ? end fashion designers in the world.


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Popularity-22,600 visitors per day

World site popularity -15,709

Watch how the GymShark owner talks about his Journey.


With all the hardships they had to face due to the former platform they moved over to Shopify. And since then they have been able to keep up with their audience and be the best. Gym shark has an attractive e-commerce store in the market.

Their Black Fridays bring out about $128 million in revenue.


Popularity-22,300 visitors per day

World site popularity -16,400

A luxurious watch brand with a very affordable price range was the dream of the founders. And they have reached all they wanted with even more. They even grew from $1 million to $90 million within four months!



Popularity-21,900 visitors per day

World site popularity -17,467

A one-stop for all your electronic requirements. phones, tabloids, earphones, air pods, to whatever it is, literally everything you need is found here.

They are placed at 17,467 for their worldwide popularity and the store gets 21,900 visitors per day.



Popularity-20,800 visitors per day

World site popularity -19,968

Toys are heroes.

You can find everything you need when it comes to toys. This is literally the heaven for all the kids and some grownups too.

They get more than twenty thousand visitors per day and stand at 19.968 per worldwide popularity.



Popularity-20,800 visitors per day

World site popularity -20,129

They promote healthy living and is a Taiwanese company, founded in 2011.

Site popularity stands in 20,129 and gets more than twenty thousand visitors per day.




Popularity-20,000 visitors per day

World site popularity -21,926


All birds is an eco-friendly shoe brand who raised 119,000 dollars in the kick-starter launch. And that was within just five days!!

They provide the best in luxury and comfort while keeping environmental responsibility in mind. There is nothing that could make them more important.



Popularity-20,000 visitors per day

World site popularity -22075


The Morphe brushes were built to provide budget makeup items for professionals. They were focused on quality and price both. And until now they are true to their cause.

Professional makeup artists, self ? taught and student artists get plenty of benefits from them.

They have an annual revenue estimated for 5.6 million dollars.

Hey! before move ahead and find out what are the most successful Shopify store I want you to watch this video. Its all about 03 Shopify stores who are making millions.

Popularity-19,700 visitors per day

World site popularity -22,791

This is another passion to come to business company. The world-class sunglass company provides the best fashions worldwide. They launch their own designs and are highly loved. They have sleek store design that helps a lot with the conversion rates.

They get more than 19,000 + visitors per day.

12- kyliecosmetics

Popularity-19,500 visitors per day

World site popularity -23,141

Kylie cosmetics came long before KKW came into the field. Found by none other than Kylie Jenner the products are beloved among fans.

If not for the ability of the platform to control traffic she would go insane with the instantaneous flow of traffic to the store. It took only minutes for her first stock to be completely sold out.

The cosmetic brand is said to be making $630+ million annually.




Popularity-19,400 visitors per day

World site popularity -23,475

A popular fashion and designer brand in the world.

Kith offers you footwear, men?s and women?s wear as well as kidswear. Even more, they have treated as well!!
With a Shopify visitors? rate of twenty thousand per day they stand in the top twenty – five thousand most visited sites worldwide.



14- spigen

Popularity-18,400 visitors per day

World site popularity -25,973

They create protective phone cases for any and all brands of phones. They are pushing technology and creativity off the boundaries to reach their limits. Due to this reason, they get a thousand of visitors per day and make about a million-dollar revenue annually.


15- ingeniamuebles

Popularity-18,400 visitors per day

World site popularity -25,973

They are a popular furniture product seller in Shopify. They prove that there is no limit to what you can sell over this platform. They too collect about a million dollars as revenue and have thousands of people visiting their page daily.



Popularity-17,200 visitors per day

World site popularity -28,896 or I love to shop gets more than 17200 visitors per day. They sell almost anything and everything in their site. This helps them earn a revenue of 1+ million dollars in a year.

17- cupshe

Popularity-16,900 visitors per day

World site popularity -29,616

A popular ladies bikini site in the platform, with 16,900 visitors daily.

Their new launches draw in a large traffic given that they are all high ? quality, affordable and set in the newest trends.


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18- romanatwood

Popularity-16,500 visitors per day

World site popularity -30,550

A popular shop for all the funky stuff that you would need to get over the internet. Has a daily traffic rate of 16,500 people.

You find like all the funky T-Shirts to toys and gadgets in their shop.

19- fleshlight

Popularity-15,900 visitors per day

World site popularity -32,041


If you are in the search for interactive sex toys this is the shop you have been looking for.

They have worldwide popularity of 15,900 visitors per day. And have a world site popularity of 32,041.


20- Radioshack

Popularity-15,600 visitors per day

World site popularity -32,880

Radio shack is a popular online radio and accessories store that brings in more than fifteen thousand visitors per day. They make a revenue of more than 1 million dollars, and has a bright red store!


Popularity-14,600 visitors per day

World site popularity -35,238



This healthy energy drink is using their online platform to share their product details and sell their products. The company is more based on providing energy drinks for sportsmen.

22. Negative Underwear

Year Founded- 2014

Global Rank-791,528

The underwear that fits you for life is Negative. They have a very strong customer base in Shopify. And are very popular among the ladies. Because, they have made many complicated things simple. They have a yearly revenue of about 2 million dollars per year.


Year Founded -2003

Global Rank-2,309,458

Personality and product photography mixed with a pure blend of white background. UNCONDITIONAL was founded in 2003. They are a luxurious yet affordable men?s wear brand with annual revenue estimated at 1+ million dollars.

24. SIR

This store is big and bold and beautiful and fashionable. It tries to make the fashion statement in their store as well as in their products. They make a revenue of 1+ million dollars per year.

25.The Candy Factory

Global Rank-1,529,540





They are famous for drawing in a more than a million people every month. Their website is a simple white background with funky photographs. The apparel company is loved by their users.



A jewelry brand for the experimenting, fearless and free souls. Modern nostalgia with some wild imaginations brings out the jewellery.


Global rank-513,013

Minaal is the bags and other gears brand that fits luxury with affordability.

They too get heavy traffic flow and make about 1.6 million dollars revenue as estimated per year.

28.Beard Brand

Global Rank-139,538

Catagory-Beauty and cosmetics

Headquarters- Austin.TX, United States

Sometimes what you love takes you places. The founder of beard brand just loved grooming his beard, and he started this business. Their success is so incomparable that they were able to make sales of $120,000 per month.

And the entire community consists of people who love their beards!!!

I would love to mention you something about this store before I move ahead, I have seen many beards related products on Ali express. if you are looking for a dropshipping stores idea, This niche is great to start with.


Global rank-3,724,846

Skinny Teatox is a detox tea treatment that promises you weight loss. Whether they work or not, they are a very popular shop on the platform. And have annual revenue of a few million dollars.


Their background is pretty simple for a million-dollar company. they have an animated image of their products in action, which is pretty cute. The customers are undoubtedly drawn towards the site.


31.Tesla Inc.

There is not a single soul who does not know Tesla in this world. They are one of the top Shopify stores worldwide. The electric car company makes $11+ billion in annual revenue with their innovative products.

32.Pixi Beauty

With annual revenue estimated for 1.6 million dollars, they are focused in providing hustle ? free and flawless beauty products.


33.The 5th

Earning ten million dollars from sales in the very first year of business is not easy. But they were able to do it.

Their business was just a passion project at first but the success turned it to a career for the founders.


34.Green Little Trading Company

They are focused on providing parents with the high ? quality products they need for their children.

They have a beautiful and cute range of products for you to choose from. All of their products are stylish and into the latest trends. Because parenthood does not have to make your house look boring.

They are an award-winning retail company!



Where could you go with a pair of socks? If you asked me, I would say very high. Because that is exactly where Bombas went. For every pair you buy, they give a free pair for a homeless shelter. Their revenue was reported to be 50 million dollars for the year of 2018.



With the use of AI ? personalization the very traditional company was able to increase their sales by 12%. Their online store was able to bring out a larger market space for them. Most importantly in international terms.


37.Pura Vida

Because their brand ambassadors were not successful as expected they decided to move on with the technology. And finally, they were able to create a network with 110,282 ambassadors, who actually brings them good sales results.




38.Oreo Cookies

Who does not love Oreos?

A pretty successful multinational food manufacturer did a campaign in Shopify. It was built for the customers to customize their own cookies. The campaign went more than successful that the online Oreo store became permanent!



It only took them one year to increase their auto-renewal subscriptions from 0% to 20%. They are a science-based skincare product. They are not focused on the number of items they have but rather the quality of the one item they have. There is not much stuff to worry about. But it is the best quality items they have.


40.Frankie?s Bikinis

Ever seen a product that sells off within two minutes? Well, Frankie?s is definitely something. They provide high-quality apparel. Their new launches are the most crowded ones.

The designs and quality have drawn more customers than others. They have used a different manual functioning platform but since the stress is too high, they have moved here. And they are having the time of their lives right now with a yearly sales growth of 400%.



Age gives nothing but the taste of perfectionism. And that is what happened exactly with L?Occitane. They are a 40-year-old brand but draws them back. They are successful and challenging store in Shopify. One might think that they are this traditional, old ? fashioned company, but boy you are wrong!

They do more social experiments do reach their customers than any other company.

They have an annual revenue estimated for more than one billion euros.



Building one of your own empires within the Shopify glory is not easy. But the memo bottle did exactly that. They redesigned the classic water bottles into something that would easily fit into the lap bag. Giving anyone the opportunity to carry a water bottle with nothing but the lap bag on.

The reason I call them as successful is that they were able to raise $250,000 in their first campaign. And they found the money in no more than 36 hours!!



They are a sportswear brand that mainly focuses on the creation of active performance wear. They are famous for their odor-controlling and long-lasting gears. They are absolutely beloved among the sports communities and they have a sale of a stunning $9+ million dollars.


44.The Economist

They need no introductory speeches to tell you who they are. They are simply the best publishers in news, marketing, politics, and all the other news. They have annual revenue of more than 367 euros. Their Shopify store sells more than just printed and digital content, and they stand in the top of the list too.


Thanks for reading the list of Shopify drop shipping stores.And there are some branded stores as well on the list. There is a lot you can learn from the above sites and duplicate your Shopify drop shipping stores.

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