When considering Shopify dropshipping, it seems to be that it has become one of the most effective as well as practice for making money online. There is a considerable number of online businesses get into trouble when they start dropshipping. That is because it is necessary to have an adequate idea before starting your Shopify dropshipping online-based business before starting. If you have a close look at the online community, you will come across through several myths misguide you in Shopify dropshipping. So, the key purpose of making this post is just to give you clarifications.

For those who are going to start dropshipping mainly come across through the following top questions.

Does everybody make money from Shopify dropshipping??

How to start a dropshipping business?

If you make a quick search on online money making communities and groups on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, of course, you will see that these are the most frequently asked questions regarding dropshipping.?

Currently; people make money online via a number of business models such as Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, Fiverr, etc. Shopify dropshipping is one of the online money making a business model which is widely used for making money in the field of online money making.? There are plenty of people who have been become pretty much successful through dropshipping. At the same time; there are thousands of people who have lost in dropshipping.

There are many people who are looking for a way to learn about the online business model, Shopify dropshipping just depending on the success stories of dropshipping.? and are opting for different courses so that they are enrolled with them and start earning good money out of it.

But everybody knows making good money is not easy unless you have a good resource or extremely talented and is this course, there are many questions that keep on hovering the mind of the user’s let’s have a look on them:

7 Myths

  • Does everybody say that Shopify Dropshipping model is easy to go about as per the gurus?

  • Can we earn a six-figure income by investing just 5$ on Facebook ads?

  • Are you struggling for your first sale on your Shopify online store?

  • Is it hard to find a product with huge demand in the online market?

  • Why does the same product not able to make a single sale for me, while others are selling the same and earning good money out of it?

  • Where I have missed out in Shopify dropshipping business?

  • Should I leave Shopify dropshipping as an option for making money online?

Being a Shopify store owner, I would like to share my knowledge and experience. Actually; this is the bitter truth of my years in Shopify business. I gained all these experience by my own effort. The most important point I would like to highlight here is that this kind of stuff cannot be taught by any online gurus.

Just keep reading so that you will be able to have an idea about the various challenges that you have to pass for being a winner of Shopify dropshipping business.

Yep, that will help you to be a warrior in the market of making money online.

Here we go!

What is meant by dropshiping?

Dropshipping business is about supply chain management system in which the retailer doesn?t stock the goods, rather the owner of the store take the details from the client and passes the same to the dropshipping wholesaler to the clients directly.

In the Shopify drop shipping method the same implies as it considers to take the orders from the clients and then the same concept goes on with the business model as well.

Shopify dropshipping investment is quite low as the manufacturers or retailers maintain the stock, you just need to have a close look a the inventory and the marketing of your store. Once you receive an order you able to go forward and enter the manufacturer’s online store and place your order. ?

AliExpress, eBay and wish.com are a few of the dropshipping manufacturers.

This is quite a feasible stuff for the newbie?s to enter the market or have a penetration. As compared to having a physical store or warehouse that requires quite an investment from you, which can be a tough task at times? ?

Let us have a look at the physical store compulsions than will find that you need to have space, warehouse facilities, business registration, etc. ?

It will definitely be a tedious task rather than having just a drop shipping store on your Facebook account. There are issues with the products as well,

As you may look for storing them, then seasonal products are at a higher risk if they do not sell on time for you. And you end to wait for the other season for them to be up again, like, Xmas products, winter jackets etc.

Shopify Dropshipping Pros and Cons

  • Dropshipping is definitely one of the best for your start-up, as you will incur the lower operating cost.

  • There is no upfront cost involved in an investment. (Shopify plan and marketing expenses)

  • You do not need to have any inventory or warehouse.

  • You do not need to have a staff to have liability unless you make a healthy living and your business started growing up.

  • Low risk as you have an opportunity to close down your Shopify store anytime and can move on.

Despite these many advantages, there are few disadvantages too, that are attached to Shopify dropshipping business.

Let us have a look at them as well!

  • All the dropshipping suppliers are not from your country, so you need to trust them for the quality and especially the Chinese suppliers as you never know how the quality of the product delivered to your client will be.

  • Shipping time is also quite long, as big as 14 days at times. For the Chinese good to travel the United States you able to use the e-packet service while using AliExpress as it is one of the trusted services and gives you the tracking number as well.

  • You will definitely have lots of issues while you are running your own store based on Shopify dropshipping business. There can be damaged products, color issues. There are situations that clients are not ready to accept them as well.

I need to share two examples that I came across through during my Shopify operations. Once one of my clients ordered a red cap and he had received a blue cap from the supplier. In addition; one of my clients from the USA, ordered a leather pouch and he had received two leather pouches from us. There he emailed me regarding the issue and then asked how he can return the extra one.

There will be such kind of issues with the Shopify dropshipping business.

So, keep them thoroughly in your mind!

Not only that but also there are other challenges. as you will be successful if you are determined not to give up and look forward to making an effort to. But in all the other cases, if you think that you can be a star overnight, then it is quite rare to see and trusting you?re lucky charm in today?s hard working world is impossible too.

Why should you choose Shopify dropshipping?

Shopify dropshipping

Shopify is a?famous Canadian company which develops retail stores to the point of sales. At the same time; they have become quite successful as well. If you visit their active online store, then you will see that there are more than 300,000 active stores which have been hosted up to now.

The best part with the Shopify is that it is pretty much easy-to-use platform to go through and can include one of the reliable payment methods for you as well. Shopify kit for the online stores has everything for you including free applications, themes, and Paid applications for you to choose. I would like to suggest that it is wiser to go only the free application unless you become quite strong in what you do.

Here are the Shopify dropshipping app-?20 Most popular Shopify apps

Shopify Service

Depending on my experience, Shopify offers 24/7 customer service for the clients. You can call them anytime without thinking twice. Shopify supports you with great care. They will be there to help you anytime.

There are various ways to contact them such as call, chat or mail.?

The most important characteristic regarding Shopify services is that they are quite responsive and the Shopify team has been trained in order to help you while coping with many challenges on your journey to rock the business.

Here, I would like to share another one of the incidents I came across through when I? pretty stick to Shopify.

Once my banker blocked my account which was used for business as well as for the Shopify plan. That is because of the incapability of paying their weekly payout. There, I explained my situation to the Shopify agent through the chat. Moreover; I asked to schedule my payment again. Then there were no issues with them. Once I sorted out my security issue I made the payment to them. That was such a big relief for me at that time.

If you are a beginner for? dropshipping business, here is my top recommendation for you:

It is wider to take Shopify 14 day free plan first. There you can be familiar with the platform.


I cannot assure that you will be able to earn money within those 14 days trial.

No Need To HURRY!

I am quite sure that you will become quite eager to start your own venture or business on the respective Shopify dropshipping model after going through this post. But, my advise for you all is that it is not wiser to be in hurry in order to earn lots of money.

If you make a quick search on the web regarding Shopify dropshipping, you will come across through numerous courses. In addition; there are a number of gurus which promise you a quick and easy success. Moreover; those gurus will guarantee their courses emphasizing that it is possible to?earn a six-digit income which leads to a luxury life with your family, your own private jets.?

But, my honest advice regarding such training programs is that it is not wiser to go for them until you grow up with the Shopify Business. Probably; in a later stage, you may need training.

There are lots of blogs, YouTube channels which have been dedicated to Shopify dropshipping. Try to read them and watch them for grabbing knowledge. But never invest in such promising training.

Save your money while keep learning!

That is because later on, you will definitely require a lot of money for marketing.

I would like to recommend you to join various Shopify Facebook groups of like-minded people for those who are willing to?go ahead depending on my advise. There you will be able to get free advice from them as they share their experiences of the business. In addition; you can have a great idea about the trend through such Facebook groups.

There are lots of supportive people on these Facebook groups to help you out. Try to join any of the Facebook groups, but do have a hint that what they are about before only. Once you join do not try to spam as once identified. There they will definitely block you from the group.

The links of the following Facebook groups will be a great help to you.

1– Does Shopify Dropshipping one of the easiest methods to earn money, according to the online gurus?


Shopify dropshipping


First of all; I need to mention here is that making money is not an easy?task. You have to do your groundwork at first. Consequently; you will be able to reap profits. No one can guarantee when you will be able to earn profits. It may be sooner or later.

One important fact that you should keep in your mind is that it requires sufficient time to make a lot of money. By allocating enough time, the store becomes capable of growing for a greater extent.?

You will come across through a large number of Shopify gurus who showcase their talents and their disciple’s wealth too. But, the reality is pretty much different. A person who knows how to operate HTML can easily edit the Shopify sales page and take a fancy car on rent to make big money by being a guru online.

Yep, that is the bitter truth behind the majority of Shopify gurus.

Actually; Shopify has made their own strategy that takes lots of time to go ahead. If you are going to go ahead with them, of course, you will not fail on a long-term basis.?Furthermore; there will an income and you will be delighted to know that it will be a stable one for you.

After starting your Shopify operation, you have to invest a considerable amount of money for marketing. Depending on loans or lending money from someone else for making investments for marketing is not a good idea at all.

If you work, you can invest money from your monthly salary. If you are unemployed,you can make money online by providing services through?Upwork.com or Fiverr.com??and then you can invest that money for your Shopify store.

2- ?In all the cases a six-figure income is possible to achieve by just investing 5$ on Facebook?

Undoubtedly, Facebook is an effective tool to count upon. You will find lots of advertisements that quotes that start earning through investing 5$ here,

But you should know that it is just their sales funnel. There you need to take care of that it is not to get allured with the kind of usage of the Shopify tools, rather you have to keep in your mind that it is a journey and a long one in order to reach the pinnacle.

Actually; their target is to sell you the course. But, if you go for the practical usage you will find out that testing one product with the mentioned audience consumes 5$.

Amazing! Huh!

The bitter truth is that you have to test on people[the audience] with different interests, countries, age groups, etc.

Testing continues until you realize the same as a winning product for you. If you calculate the total dollars you have spent in that particular period of time,? you will see that you have spent at least 20$ on a single product.

After identifying the winning product, you have to scale up the ads which usually have a big budget for you too. Actually; it can be 100$ to 5000$ and more.

So, always try to start with 5$ only!

That is my precious advice!

Shopify drop shipping

3-Are you waiting for your first sale to happen online?

There are hundreds of people who sign up on Shopify for making their own store with the dream of becoming big and handling one of the big stores.

But, you have to understand the fact that it takes time.

Let us take an example of a shopping mall that has hundreds of stores in it for selling branded products. Assume that you just have a counter which has been allocated for selling phone cases.

In such a situation, you have to understand that you should maintain uniqueness in your product. Otherwise; the masses might not attract towards them without giving a glance to you.

Remember that Shopify store is just like a small counter in a big shopping mall.

As they are giants in this business they have a trust factor attached to them. Though the clients need to pay a bit more they do not mind at all.

So, try to implement this example when you deal with the online world.

Uniqueness is very much important in the online world as people who purchase everything from the nearby supermarket will not going purchase the same product from you as they have a trust factor attached to them. Moreover; they do not need to worry about the quality and weeks of waiting until the delivery of the ordered product.

This is a big issue with newbie?s in the?identification?of the best product which is going to work for them.

So, try to get into the shoes of your customer!

You can also have a look at the following Ad copy which was used by me. Since I didn?t get any unique selling proposition I made a story to put up.

Have a look!!!

Shopify drop shipping

Check some of the trending products and their Facebook ad copies in 2018

4-Is it quite challenging to identify the right product to get maximum orders?

Not exactly!

But, yes!

If you do not use the precise strategies, it is pretty hard to identify a winning product. Like you can check online that which product is attracting many orders on the big stores or on various e-commerce websites as well?

It will help you in showing a way forward for you too. I have mentioned a few of the dropshipping websites as follows for your convenience. But, dropshipping AliExpress is the most famous. Nowadays; things have been changed with Facebook. They need solid products to sell. So if you are looking building good solid business it is better to move away from AliExpress.

Here, I would like to recommend Salehoo Services. They have plenty of quality products and great support for beginners.

Go to the List of Product research websites

You can also do your own product research through Facebook. Here, you just need to go on your search bar and start typing the phrase, “limited time only”. The Facebook ads have these keywords and then they will start appearing in front of you.


Here is one more trick which can be easily tried out!

You can start clicking on the ads which are appeared in your news feed. There you will realize that they have targeted you for their retargeting campaigns which notice the ads with good engagements. That is because they have already passed their testing stage and have good sales too. So, they can start with the retargeting campaigns and through this method, you can see various products which are winning huge crowds on Facebook and Instagram.

Once, it is in front of you, can start checking out the comments. If the number of comments is equal to or more than 500 in a number, you can assume that the product has a good demand in the market.

You can also have a look at the ads by typing the phrase, “free shipping” and you will get a chance to extract a considerable number of products. By following this product researching trick, you can track which product demand is huge in the market.

5-Why can’t I sell a single product on Shopify store while others making good money out of it??

For this question, there are a number of answers?that you have to be taken care of.

Yes, at a time you will be able to showcase a winning product but will not be able to attract the crowd.

Let us pay our attention to a few facts with reference to this issue:

Facebook Pixel:

First of all; I would like to emphasize to you all is that knowing about Facebook is inadequate for being successful in dropshipping.

, you need to spend time for the best conversion as per my theory when I spend 2000$ on Facebook ads then I get the best results. To earn the best results your Facebook pixel should be mature enough to earn it for you. If you are new, your ads can fail and we suggest you run an ad for at least 3 days in a continuous manner. It is not easy to run a Facebook ad rather it is quite complicated.

You have to get in touch with Facebook as much as possible.

By using the following link, you can visit the Facebook business page.



This is a pretty much important factor that you should pay much attention. Here, you should have to choose the best audience for you. But, do not go on the interest level only . Other than that; you should know how to target your audience for achieving your target.

Payment Method:

When considering the payment procedures, you should have a credible payment gateway. That is because the majority of people use credit cards for processing of payments. So, you must have the accessibility and acceptance of a global credit card on your platform.

Though Paypal.com is a good option, it is wiser to have an alternative payment method as well.

Shopify Dropshipping


6-What I have missed in my Shopify dropshipping business?

There is no magic in getting success in this business. You just need to keep going while avoid stepping back as in such?a situation almost all of your efforts will go away. Try to make your own successful pathway in order to reach the success point as you wished.

Do not lose energy on behalf of small failures. It is not wiser not only investing in Facebook ads, SEO, Google Ad words, Blog but also be a long-term player and try to build a big store.

No one can reach the success point within overnight at all!

So, you have to work hard, set your goals and go?ahead!

7-Should I leave my dream of getting on top with the Shopify dropshipping model?

Shopify drop shipping

This is totally your mindset. As there might be days which there are no earnings. At the same time; there will be days that you will be able to earn loads of profits.?

So, first of all, you have to think positively while being ready for learning.

Do not look forward the failures! Instead of that try to become a success story out of it. The big Shopify stores have reached the current stage by facing numerous failures.

So, this is your chance to make a change!

Winding Up…

I have also confronted the same when I use to borrow the money from my wife for the Facebook Ads and Shopify payments but we made it through you will also do it. Just have patience and dedicate your time, the SUCESS will be at your doorstep for you.

I hope that this post will be helpful for you in earning a go of living from your own Shopify dropshipping business model. Here, I have mentioned about a few of the tips which were used in my journey of dropshipping. If you have come across through any other tips, please do not forget to mention them here. It will be a great push for me as well as thousands of readers of my website.

You can share your thoughts and questions regarding Shopify dropshipping?by commenting in the following comment area. I would like to help you to reach your success point.

So, please do not forget to come up with your feedback and insights!


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