“I have 1000 visitors on my Shopify store but not a single sale”

This is the most challenging point for newbies and many of them think that this is not working.

When I was a newbie I had the same issue. I burnt a lot of money on Facebook ads and made only two sales.

I was disappointed by the fact that why am I not making sales when others are highly successful in the business?

With time and with many failures I learned a lot about my mistakes and was able to improve myself to a successful business person.

If you are worried about sales and hoping to build a business, these tips will surely help you to survive in your hard time.

Lets roll-in…

shopify store no sales

1- Mind Set

I can understand your emotions after a few hundreds of dollars been burnt out without a single sale. Because I have been there.

What I want you to do is, stop your ads if you don’t get sales.

There will be something you need to fix before you move on.

When your mind is filled with negative thoughts and think about loss, it will not guide you to reach success in your business. With little success, you can create the winner’s mindset.

If you don’t get sales don’t force your self to put plenty of ads and increase ad budget. That will create the worst situations.

We will see how to fix your issues and bring in some sales.

But don’t ever think of giving up!

shopify store no sales

2- Site design

“No one will pull their credit card for a crappy website”

Yes! It’s true.

I won’t make any purchase from a website that I cannot trust.

Your store design should be nice and clean. I am aware that Shopify is using drag and drop designs. But if you are not a web designer I suggest you to visit a professional web signer and seek help to design your store. It might cost you some extra money but a good web design is a very important factor in this business model.

Also, give your attention to below points and try to improve on them.


A theme of your store is the main identity of your store.

Do not use complicated themes that distract customers attention. If you are using free Shopify themes I recommend you to use Brooklyn theme. They are clean and nice. Also, it can be customized easily as you want.


~ Images

Most of the newbies are using Ali express product images which are with Chinese names & logos on it. Also, their product images are not clear. This has a huge impact on your sales.

Always use clear images without watermarks. Try to add more images to give a better idea about products.

If you need to edit and design the images you can use canva and add more attraction to the images.


Create your product description more friendly with search engine optimization. With time your product page will start ranking on search engines. Look for the product keywords with low competition and put your product title, meta tags and descriptions according to this low competition keywords.

Don’t forget that SEO is super powerful if you use it correctly. And it can bring you completely free traffic from search engines.

You can use below tools for your keyword research

Ubersuggest – Free Tool

Jaxy– Advanced Tool

SEO Training -Sign up for free training in Keyword Research

~ Reviews

Most of the time e-commerce depends on trust. Reviews can bring great trust about the products and the store.

Go to Amazon and check how the product reviews are being placed. They have a huge impact on the next sales going to happen.

Amazon sellers have indeed put an extra effort to add more product reviews to their products.

Add a product review app in your store and add some product reviews to each product you sell.

Try to add reviewer image, Name, Country, and city.

Research proves that reviews can bring 400% higher sales.


~ Product description

As I mentioned earlier, creates an SEO friendly product description.

Do not copy and paste the same Ali express product description with grammar error.

Start with your product description with pain point of your audience. They are buying your product to solve their problems in their lives.

Tell your audience how the product going to solve the problem and how it works.

Use a different bolt and italic text, numbers, lists, colors to make product description more attractive.

Also, add power words to your descriptions. Power words have the potential to convert visitors into customers.

Here are some powerful words you can use:












Find a list of power words here.


shopify store no sales

3-Understand the audience

Your store failing because you don’t know about the audience that you are trying to sell the products.

As an example-Maybe, you are not a Yoga Lover. But you are trying to sell Yoga bracelet to Yoga audience but the same audience was a trend but not anymore.

According to the above example, you’re failing because you have no idea what’s trending now in the yoga community. Maybe they have problems about finding good yoga instructors and they are looking for more comfortable multi colors yoga mats.

Question is how do you know what the audience wants?

For that, you need to do an audience, niche research.

Use below free tools and hang around your audience and look for pain points they have.

I did research about ladies health and I came to know about most of the American ladies are suffering from a migraine. And I found daith piercing is one of the successful methods for that. So I launch a daith piercing campaign and it was so successful with lots of reviews

shopify store no sales


Use below free tools and hang around your audience and look for pain points they have.

Quora-Visit Quora and visit your niche related topics

Facebook Groups– Go to niche related Facebook groups and do your research

Forums-Type “Niche+Forums” On Google and join with niche related forums. Example- Dog+forums

Blogs-Find your niche related blogs and read them. Most of the time bloggers find the pain points to their audience and solving their problems.

shopify store no sales

4-Observe others

Competitors are the best teachers!

Before you launch your next campaign visit others and observe how they are doing. Observe how the store is set up and what products are listed.

Here how you check competitors in Shopify game

Go to Google and type as a


Example -Shopifysite: dogs

Now you get all Shopify site in your niche.

Now if you need deep observation about the competitor site go to similarweb.com and paste the competitor link in there. You will get more data about the site and traffic.

Try it now. You will be amazed

shopify store no sales


A product is the King!

One of the main reason you might fail in your store is, you don’t sell what the audience need.

To catch up with sales fast look for the trending products in your niche and sell them.

Do research about what is trending products in your niche and make a creative video ad.

Video ads more powerful than image ads. At least use an attractive image ad.

Always look for product trends and catch the fresh trends.

I use Pexda to get fresh products trends and it makes life easy.

If you catch fresh trends it makes things easy because you will start the campaign before the other marketers jump into the products.

Also, keep in mind products trends will die anytime sooner and you cannot sell the same products.

Example-Fidget spinners

Fidget spinners were crushing the market and now the trend is gone. You cannot sell fidget spinner and make profits anymore.


shopify store no sales

6-Learn Targeting

What is the targeting?

Targeting is showing the right products to the right audience.

You cannot sell fishing rods to the person who interested in baking. Because Baker is not interested in fishing. what you need to do is show the fishing rod to people who love to fishing.

Most of you are using Facebook for your campaigns.

Before you start your campaigns visit Facebook audience research and analyze all the data. It will show your audience size, nature of the audience, their financial power etc…

Then go to the campaign and use the correct targeting for the campaign.

If you have new Facebook ad account I suggest you to not do Lazor targeting. Select huge audience and run the ads. Above one or two million audience is better.

The reason is fresh Facebook pixel need data to observe. What your duty is to let the Facebook collect more data by targeting huge audiences.

Try to learn Facebook and Google Algorithms and how they are working. It’s important to know how the tool works before you use it.

shopify store no sales

7-Retargeting Ads

Do you know if someone sees any product more than 7 times there is a high possibility of buying that product?

Yes! that the human psychology.

By seen the same things more times it creates a trust and it becomes common to our minds.

By retargeting ads, you can use the above method.

By retargeting you can show the same product again and again to people who click on your ads or watch your ad.

This method is so much powerful and successful. Most of the big brands and successful drop shippers use retargeting to increase their sales.

You can do retargeting on Facebook and Google ads as well.

Learn retargeting on both the platforms and increase your sales



I hope above all the tips might help you to come out of the situation where you stuck for now. Important is not to give up when no sales on Shopify.

E-commerce is a huge platform that you can expand your potential. There is a lot to learn and improve your self. Be consistent with this business model and keep learning and updating your self.

It might take some time to overcome your mistakes and improve your marketing skills. Hold on and improve day by day.

don’t forget this :

Every Expert is once a beginner


All the Very Best!








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