Do you want to create your website? Are you just getting started with digital marketing? If yes, it is apparent that you might have hundreds of questions and don?t know where to start. There are also chances that you might have a perception that it will cost hundreds of dollars to start your first website. Well, you can dispel all those notions by using Siterubix.

Siterubix is an online website builder which allows you to create a website. It claims that you don’t need to have any prior knowledge or experience to create such a site. The question is whether it is any good? We will today go into the details of Siterubix in our Siterubix review to help you gain this answer.

Siterubix review

What is Siterubix?

Siterubix has been around for quite some time. It was initially launched in 2007. At that time, it was a drag-and-drop editor. Over the years, it has evolved. Currently, it allows you to create your website for free. You can create up to 23 sites without any problem. It is supported by wealthy affiliate. Wealthy affiliate is an affiliate marketing training platform which provides you with step-by-step training to not just launch your first website but also gain visitors and make it successful. Thus, you are getting the entire package when you opt for Siterubix and wealthy affiliate.

Why?Siterubix Special?

Yes! Siterubix is special web builder comes with many features that no others offer. Basically, no one can Hack your website! 100% Security Guaranteed!

Check Below powerful Siterubix features

  • Database Monitor
  • Malware and virus monitor
  • File System monitor
  • Hacking and intrusion Monitor
  • Site Performance monitor.


How to set up your domain using SiteRubix?

The first thing about Siterubix is that you can create your website in 4 simple steps. You don’t need to worry about special coding or programming at all. Also, you don’t need to spend hours together to get your website online. We will highlight the four steps below.

1. Choosing the domain type:

You can create your website on a subdomain of SiteRubix, or you can redirect your domain to the posting on offer by Siterubix. The option to create your website on a subdomain is entirely free.

2. Choosing the name of the website:

Siterubix review

You have to select the name of your site. It can be the domain name, or it can be something else according to the type of website which you are creating. If you choose the domain name and purchase it will be the same price forever. Otherwise, every year domain price will vary.

Also, you can use the free domain without paying any.

3. Choose the right theme for your site:

There are hundreds of theme ideas available on Siterubix. You have to choose the site theme which matches not only your niche but also your website type.

Siterubix review

You will have 3925 Free themes to choose.

4. Build your website which makes the site look like the theme:

After you choose the site theme, you can start populating your websites with articles. You can upload the content precisely as per your requirement. It will allow you to create a site and make it go online in no time at all.

As you can see, in none of these four steps, you need to program or tweak any details. That is why; Siterubix is such a great tool to build your first website. There are hundreds of happy customers and Siterubix reviews online.

Watch Below video it explains how you can build a Siterubix web site within 60 seconds.


Does it offer themes and Plugins?

Siterubix uses the WordPress platform to help you create a website. The WordPress platform offers extensive functionality with the help of various themes and plug-ins. That is why it is essential to know whether it provides you different plug-in and theme options or not.

The total number of themes when you sign up for the free Siterubix account is 12. You can easily choose between these 12 themes or upgrade your account to access 3000 additional free items. The advantage is that you can create the website precisely as per your requirement. Moreover, when you upgrade your account, you will get access to the hosting and website builder on offer with wealthy affiliate training program, that is one heck of a deal. It will allow you to get your digital marketing business up and running in no time at all.

Siterubix also offers tile plug-ins which ensures that you can enhance the functionality of your website quite quickly. Most of the essential plug-ins which you might need are available. Hence, all you have to do is to install the plug-in with the help of a single click, and you can integrate various functionalities with your website like:

? Contact form

? Email signup form

? Live chat support

? SEO optimization

? And much more

Siterubix review


Once you upgrade your membership, you can access over 36,000 different plug-ins through Siterubix. It will allow you to create a website as per your requirement essentially.

Thus, even with the free version you can create and customize your website precisely as per your requirement. The customization level is the main advantage of Siterubix.

Siterubix vs.

When you compare Siterubix with, you will realize that Siterubix has a definite advantage. The reasons why Siterubix is beneficial are:

? Siterubix offers over 3000 free themes in total.

? Siterubix does not superimpose any ads on your website.

? Siterubix does not put any restrictions on affiliate links.

? Siterubix also comes along with wealthy affiliate training program which will help you gain visitors to your site.

Thus, if you?re serious about your affiliate marketing business, Siterubix is a much better option than

Additional features of Siterubix:

Additionally, there are quite a few other features of Siterubix which make it stand out. These features include:

? Ability to buy your domain:

If you want to control every aspect from Siterubix dashboard, you can buy your web domain through Siterubix. It will allow you to directly point the web domain to the Siterubix DNS and create your website.

? Hosting:

Siterubix offers you monitored hosting 24/7. As a result, in case of any problem, Siterubix notices it even before you find it. The level of security on offer is much higher as compared to any other platform. Monitored WordPress hosting can cost you up to $ 250 per month. However, with Siterubix, you can get the combo of Siterubix and wealthy affiliate at just $ 49 per month. It is a steal. You can even try out the hosting by creating two subdomain websites.

? SSL certificate:

Siterubix does not charge you for SSL certificates. It offers you SSL certificates for free. You can install them with the click of a single button.

check below my siterubix dashboard



? Wealthy affiliate training:

When you opt for Siterubix domain hosting, you also get access to wealthy affiliate training program. It will help you learn to gain visitors for your website. You can monetize your site the right way to start making money quickly.

Even when you opt for the Siterubix subdomain hosting, you gain access to the wealthy affiliate starter membership. It will provide you with access to 10 training lessons. The lessons revolve around creating your website and populating it. Thus, the training can come in pretty handy if you?re starting a new site.

The combo of wealthy affiliate and Siterubix can easily save you months of trial and error and kick start your online business. That is why wealthy affiliate training and Siterubix domain hosting is the perfect combo to make your website successful.

? Support:

Siterubix provides you with different support channels. You can create a ticket or email the support. In most of the cases, you can get an answer in just 15 minutes. When it comes to customer support channels, Siterubix is second to none.

Thus, when it comes to additional features of Siterubix, it makes it a stellar option when looking to create your website. We will now highlight some of the pros and cons of Siterubix.


? Comes along with wealthy affiliate combo

? Easy to use

? Access to over 3000 WordPress themes

? Provides numerous plug-ins

? Excellent support

? SSL certificates on offer

? Monitored hosting


? Free package only offers two websites


So, if you do not want to pay hundreds of dollars to a web designer to create your website, Siterubix is the perfect option for you. Since it also offers you wealthy affiliate membership, it becomes indispensable. There is no other alternative out there which is affordable and also provides you with proper training to not just create a website but also make it successful.Check Out my Wealthy Affiliate Case Study.

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